Sons of Anarchy Season 6: Who's Coming Back?

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The day after Sons of Anarchy Season 5 came to a shocking end, creator Kurt Sutter jumped on the phone with reporters and spilled some nuggets regarding Season 6.

To wit:

Donal Logue as Lee Toric
  • Donal Logue will return for 7-8 episodes as Lee Toric.
  • The status of Jimmy Smits and Drea de Matteo is unknown, but Sutter would love to have each back.
  • Future episodes will delve into the relationship of Jax and Bobby, as well as Jax and Chibs, who Sutter now sees as the new Opie, Jax's true right-hand man.
  • The bond between Jax and Gemma will be stronger than ever when the series returns.
  • Sutter is still weighing how much time will have gone by between seasons; it may be a couple weeks, it may be a few months.

Fans, of course, need to wait months for any of these developments to go down. Weigh in now and grade Season 5:

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-Sounds like "Toric" will get killed or go to jail for his "abusive" ways.
-"Jax/Gemma" getting closer is not unusual because after all, they do exist in a dysfunctional world.
-"Jax" didn't seem too emotional after "Tara's" arrest because he's probably somewhat relieved that he didn't have to deal with her impending departure and declaration of taking the "boys" and of course, "Jax" is a "calculator," so he wasn't about to react just yet. Just have to take it all in and figure on the next move.
-I don't believe "Gem" turned evidence against "Tara." This is the work of "Toric" and of course, he will pay - hence the 7-8 episodes per Sutter.
-Ithink the real tragedy will be when "Jax" discovers that "Gemma" was directly involved with "JT's" murder. All in all, a great show. I still find it hard to believe that they - Sutter - pulled off a show about an Outlaw Biker Gang. A soap opera for felons and wanna be Bikers :-0))


seriously? Jax closer to Gemma? How the hell will he NOT know that she was the one who sent Tara to prison??


Will Jax stay with Tara thats the question.......


Ugh. Gemma/Jax closer than ever. So I guess Jax is past the car accident Gemma caused.


Love SOA. Can't wait for it's return. Interested to see Lee Toric's revenge play out. and see how Jax and Gemma's relationship plays out without Tara in the way.

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