Supernatural Spoilers: A Choice for Sam

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On January 16, Supernatural Season 8 will resume with "Torn and Frayed."

What can fans look forward to on the opening installment of 2013? The CW has released an official episode synopsis that teases trouble for one angel and a major decision that must be made by one hunter.

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Read the description below and then check out our Supernatural Report Card. What grade would you give the first nine episodes?

Naomi (guest star Amanda Tapping) tells Castiel that Crowley is holding an angel captive and Castiel must rescue him before Crowley finds out their secrets. Castiel turns to Dean for help. 

Meanwhile, Sam meets with Amelia who asks him to make a choice: stay with her or leave and never contact her again.

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I am not the only one who is still going at it, but because I am the only one speaking negatively at Destiel you want me to leave. I won't leave. That's how others left because they can't take the heat that they receive from you guys, but you guys are not a threat to me.


I have honestly really enjoyed the show so far! I've seen a lot of people complaining about how it doesn't flow with the rest of the series, and I'll give you that- but, think about it like this; Sam and Dean lives are bound to be unstable. They aren't going to get anything consistent at this point. And to all the shipping shit going on in the comments..
Guys, shipping is for fun, right? You don't have to bite each others heads off, just 'cause you don't like it. Leave it be, walk off. It doesn't have to be a big deal, y'know!I get that you all want to defend yourselves, and your ships, but it's not as if this is life or death. Fandoms and shipping, and everything in between is something we all choose do for the fun of it. Why not leave it at that?


No, Natleia I am not frustrated because I think Desitel is the shit now. It's not. J2 don't speak like that. The only ones who create controversy and popularity with Cas and Dean is the fans who like them. J2 are the only ones who are in the mainstream media who get the coverage and are constantly talking about because shocker they are the main characters. I am just concerned with Sam and Dean right now so I am frustrated with that, but I am sure Carver will right them again. Get off your high horse and go back to tumblr (crazy town)


What kind of a loser are you? I've just gone through a few pages and you're bitching and bashing everything Castiel/Destiel. You have no life to be here just arguing with people. You keep on defending Wincest, J2 tin hats, and SPN gossip. How does that make sense? You have this really narrow minded view of the fandom that is very sad! Not every Destiel fan is bad. Not every Wincest fan is good. This is humanity 101! Don't stereotype and generalize!


@wow your comment makes no sense. Tagging cockles pictures is not the same as going to Jensen and proclaiming how much he loves Misha. Or tweeting to Danneel about her breasts and how fake she is or whatever. Shipping Cockles and tinhatting it are two different thing and most Cockles shippers actually stay in their world of fanfiction instead of creating gossip sites and stalking the actors in hopes to get evidence that there is some great romance going on. So yes. J2 tinhats are way more overboard and disrespectful when it comes to that. And you just argued that Destiel shippers feel like they own the show. Maybe it's just your own frustration showing, since this ship is becoming more and more popular regardless of the fact that people interpret them in a romantic or platonic way. It's everywhere, because cast/crew/fans like to talk about it. It creates controversy, excitement for good storylines for both Cas and Dean fans and it's progressive. What you're feeling is simply a side effect of that popularity. Because I don't see Destiel shippers going to every single fanboard and saying how Destiel is now Supneratural. No one ever acted like that. At least no one I know. So you're just grasping at straws and assuming things without actually presenting facts. That makes your entire post invalid again. Have a good day. I'm out :)


Let's see what the tin hat J2 Shippers have done: 1. Sent death threats to Danneel to the point where she had to fight back legally
2. Harass Gen to the point where she felt unwelcomed to attend conventions until this year
3. Slander Jensen and Jared by constantly accusing them of being gay and in love
4. Take photographic porn and fanfiction to conventions and on more than one occasion ask J2 to sign their J2 manips
5. Fill up the J2 tags on sites like twitter, tumblr with pornographic images of J2 in all sorts of sexual positions
6. Insult J2 wives every chance they get
7. Hate on Misha because he threatens J2
8. Hate on Castiel, Destiel, and anything that threatens Wincest
9. Create an entire community known as SPN_Gossip that for 8 straight years has done nothing but pollute the SPN fandom with hate and wank
10. Rinse, repeat


@Anja In my comments here I never spoke once about being a tinhat, because I am not. I just love this show and it's characters and to see fans want to turn the show in to something that it isn't is where I will come and defend. But I also have to defend myself when fans come at the attack and call me a tinhat or a wincest shipper like that is all I can and could be just because I am defending the show. Shame on the fans who do what they do, but it's not be, so stop assuming.


Natalie you are not respecting JEnsen and Misha's friendship because on their tag on tumblr it's like really bad. You read in to their every video and picture together. You are just as bad as J2 shippers, but those J2 shippers who see beyond friendship between does not seem like they are going away and many actors had to deal with those shippers because of them being crazy and loud. and ok. I don't deny it. But I am not one of them. I am just calling out extreme Destiel shippers who have become so self-entitled. That's all. You fans should stop acting as you are the ones who are holding this show together. And guys are going to do what wincest shippers did. You are going to give a Destiel book to the actors. How is that different then what you just namecalled wincest shippers doing?


@WOW I never stated anything when it comes to Jensen being or not being okay with Destiel, I speculated about it, because I don't know Jensen personally and he never said anything concrete enough about it. And no, saying the show isn't about Destiel doesn't count, considering no one is saying the show is about Destiel in the first place. Before you say he didn't say anything concrete because he doesn't want to go against the fans, he stated his opinion on Wincest pretty clearly years ago. I also said I don't really care if he likes it or not, because my opinion isn't based on his.


Uhm, being a shipper is a lot different than being a tinhat. I admit I ship Cockles, and I like to read fanfictions about them. But to believe that they are secretly in love with eachother and have their wives as beards, is just wrong. But whatever, you can do what you want in your online J2 communities, AS LONG AS you don't send life threats to their wives via twitter, that's just immoral and you could seriously go to jail fr that, i'm not kidding. Posting from fake twitter accounts doesn't make you untouchable. I can assure you I've never seen a Cockles fan doing that.

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