Teen Wolf Season Three: Behind the Scenes...

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With the news that Colton Haynes is out of Teen Wolf Season 3, fans of this MTV hit could use a few laughs.

Enter other cast members and the video below.

Released this week by the network, the following teaser takes viewers on to the set for the first day of filming. We aren't privy to any new footage and no Teen Wolf spoilers are revealed, but it's a fun look at one of the youngest, most fun casts on television. See for yourself:

Teen Wolf returns to MTV this summer with a super-sized season, as the network has doubled the episode order from 12 to 24. There's another reason to smile, TV Fanatics.

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The guys are so silly! Can't wait for s3.


I love this show. I was a fan of the original movie in all its cheesy 80s, B-Movie glory and I'm a fan of the TV remake. I'm hoping, though, that the added episodes will make the story lines more coherent. I love the fast-paced nature of the story-telling, but sometimes it can get so convoluted that I end up having to view a few episodes a couple of times before I get the gist of the story. Hopefully, the extended season will allow for the writers to take their time with the story.

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