The Amazing Race Winners: Crowned!

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The Amazing Race has crowned its 21st pair of winners.

Following a two-hour season finale that features a trio of teams - Lexi and Try, James and Jaymes, Josh and Brent - venturing from Europe to New York, the finalists ended up at the United Nations.

Once there, the tandems paired up the words for "hello" and "goodbye" from the nine nations they visited throughout their travels.

The Amazing Race 21 Winners

And who came out on top of this memory challenge? Josh and Brent!

“We never, ever thought we would hear you say those words to us,” Brent admitted just after Phil Keoghan announced them as champions. We have a feeling many viewers felt the same way, as Josh concluded:

“We were underdogs, and what I hope this proves to people - whether they’re a minority or they’re out of work or they’re losing their house or whatever - if they just keep going and keep working as hard as they can, people will help, and at some point you will win.”

Nice guys really can finish first apparently.

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Fixed; rigged. There were innuendos throughout the series that this pair would pull it off, but how it played out was just a bit incredulous since they didn't have the skills needed through most of the race. Maybe the producers thought we needed a bullying/homophobic exorcism during the holiday season. I like this show for many reasons but a win should be legit.


. Worst Amazing Race ever. The crew that "wins" finishes near the rear in every segment but the last.
At one time almost a day and a half behind. Their speed bump was eat an ice cream cone! The next to last leg just "happend" to be in France and one of the guys spoke French. Then to top it off these dudes that couldn't find their way out of a paper bag get to finish on their home turf. The fix was in on this one!


Yay for the them! I was rooting for them the entire time And def didn't think that the twins or the texans deserved it especially after intentionally stealing money from the rockers, they should have been disqualified! Sad to see chipandales not win but hey we got to see their pretty abs all season long!


Wow...really enjoyed this finale. I was SO happy to see the "twinnies" end their run at the end of the first hour. The constant chatter and the screeching and the outright was all just too much to take. My daughter and I have been hoping to see Sri Lanka gone for several weeks now and we certainly didn't want to see them in the final three.
My only quibble might be with the Race producers and their foreshadowing. They are telling a story, I understand that, and they like to structure the comments in the interview segments so that they not only discuss what just happened, but also provide some suspense regarding what is about to happen. But...with Josh and Brent...they were just a little heavy handed with all of the "underdogs can sometimes win" and "don't count us out" and even the comments from the other teams saying "you never want to underestimate the Fabulous Beekman boys...". When they DID wind up winning...I almost had the sense of "well, yeah...of course..."
Josh and Brent, and all of the final three teams, were very entertaining and likable. Great finale to another great season of "AR"!!


@Matt - Where is the Homeland review? Did you like the episode? For an episode with such massive developments to the story-line, it was kinda boring and slow-paced? Does anyone agree?

Sue ann

I was really delighted to see these guys win, although I'd have been equally happy had it been James and Jaymes. Their goals to help their parents were admirable. I was hoping it would be no one who had taken part in stealing from James and Abba. I'll probably remember little of their tasks and obstacles, but it was nice to finally see a lady laced into a corset. I have always wondered about that....

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