The Big Bang Theory Review: Vaporub, Bath or Spanking?

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Sheldon and Amy's wacky relationship and Howard's aversion to worms and gutting fish took the spotlight in "The Fish Guts Displacement." 

With the exception of the opening montage, Sheldon was off on his own being a good boyfriend to Amy, while the others attempted to help Howard prepare for a fishing trip. The lack of connection between the two situations was noticeable, but overall the episode was funny. Though, a few moments out-shined the rest.

Sheldon the Caretaker

Sheldon's sudden uneasiness over the Spider-Man theme song was typical Sheldon, which also means it was hilarious. When he broke out singing the theme songs, I cracked up. For a man of his intelligence, it's amazing what he comes up with. Here's the exchange:

Sheldon: Is anyone else troubled by the Spider-Man theme song?
Leonard: Why would it trouble you? It's like your third favorite cartoon theme song.
Sheldon: It is, right behind [Sheldon sings "Inspector Gadget" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" theme songs]
Sheldon: However, the Spider-Man lyrics posit that Spider-Man's Spider-Man does whatever a spider can.
Howard: Yeah, so?
Sheldon: I can think of many things that Spider-Man can't do that a spider can. One crawl in your ear and die, two legally leave Guatemala without a passport, and three have sex with a spider. | permalink

Seriously, sex with a spider? Maybe Sheldon does know something about sex after all. While he is a high level thinker, Amy got him with her "extended" sickness. Though, I have to give him some credit, he did eventually catch on. "Liar liar pants on fire," anyone?

While Sheldon has started demonstrating his affection (love?) for Amy, she has learned how to manipulate him into any physical contact she can get. Vaporub?

Sheldon: No. I need to get you down for a nap. For some reason that Vaporub gets you all fired up. | permalink  

Amy kept her sickness thing going to keep her love close. Though, her "help" in choosing the punishment for lying perhaps was even more epic. Spanking?

Amy: Are you saying you want to spank me?
Sheldon: I don't want to. But, it looks like you have left me no choice.
Amy: That's true. I've been a very bad girl. | permalink

Each of their interactions was hilarious. As much as I'd love to see Sheldon just give in, pull her into a kiss and seduce her, I'd miss the humor from their awkward relationship.

It's intriguing how sometimes awkward works, while other times it doesn't. Howard's visit to Bernadette's parents was not very funny. If anything, I felt terribly uncomfortable for Howard. Though, as a set-up it succeeded. 

For a group of men, it's telling that the manliest of their friends is also the most feminine of the group -- Penny. Howard's interactions with the worm and fish were ridiculously amusing. First, he put the worm over the hook? Seriously? "Jam a hook into his face!" He did do better pulling out the fish innards ... until Penny's comment about the eggs. Those guys are super queasy! I shouldn't talk, though, I can and have hooked worms, but gutting a fish, no thank you!

The lesson was good for all of them. It was nice to see Penny be able to show off her knowledge about something. So often, it's her doing the learning, so the change of pace was appreciated and provided for some good fodder.

Howard should feel much more at home at a casino table, then he would out fishing or hunting. The men's bonding over their wives at the end was a nice conclusion.

Howard: Boy, we're married to a couple of ball busters, huh, Mike?
Bernadette's Dad: That's my wife and daughter you're talking about.
Howard: Great couple of gals.
Bernadette's Dad: I wouldn't go that far. | permalink

While they may not talk much, they definitely have something in common with their wives.

Overall, the only scene that didn't really work for me was dinner at the parents. The episode has some great one-liners, as well as, extended funny scenes. For more of the best lines, check out The Big Bang Theory quotes section.

What scene did you find the funniest? Did you enjoy Amy's antics? Or, Howard's cheerleaders?


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Shamy was freakin hilarious. Normally it Amy is just creepy and irritating but this ep was omg funny.


By far, this episode was one of the funniest this season. I laughed till I cried with the interactions between Sheldon and Amy . And for those who thought the spanking was abuse. You need lighten up . a lot! It's only abuse if the other person isn't into it.


Wow! I can't believe how many folks were so upset by the spanking. It was never going to be abuse. I think it sad that so many people seem to have suffered abuse to the extent that this really troubled them. I thought the episode was quite funny and enjoyed Amy more in this episode than any within recent memory. Tricking Sheldon into turning her on was really funny. I agree that the dinner sequence was awkward and uncomfortable to watch but the kind of reconciliation between Howard and Mike was a good result. I too commented to my wife that the "manliest" of the group is Penny. It is fun when they defer to her for her real world smarts.


I'm with Lisa on this. You people who have issues with being battered, sexually abused etc keep forcing your vision of things everywhere. It's like you don't even realize that your perceptions were warped by your experience and want everyone to share that. Because Sheldon is a man, he's the abuser? No one was abusing anyone but if that label could be applied to anyone wouldn't it go to Amy who tricked someone much more naive into sexually gratifying her? But it's not even that because there's nothing Amy did that will hurt him and he could learn a lot more just by watching the afternoon soaps. He isn't some ordinary boyfriend beating on his girlfriend. He's treating Amy like a child because he doesn't know any better than to refer to his childhood when confronted by a person who's been making him take care of her as if she was a sick toddler for days.


Oops - Sheldon was NOT trying to beat Amy!! (Lol, that kind of messed up my whole rant!)


OMG people!!! Sheldon was trying to BEAT Amy, he was raised (and so were a lot of other people) by a Mother who when you did wrong, you received a spank on the Behind! Not Tortured, Not Beat, Not Whipped - a spank or smack behind. And you know what, all of us who had this done, are now respectful, responsible, law abiding Citizens!! Yes, I understand some parents do / did beat their children, this was not about beating, this was a clueless man trying to figure out how to discipline someone and a swat on the behind is how he was disciplined growing up!
I am sorry some people were abused as children, this has nothing to do with that!!!
I think if more parents still disciplined their children (and were less worried about being their friend) the World would not be full of cry babies who Sue and/or Throw Temper Tantrums whenever someone looks at them funny, they get fired, lose a Game, or someone calls them a name!!!!
Good Grief, quit being such whiny babies!!!


sheldon giving amy an bath too was so uncalled for and ooc too he dose not like touch people and being touch. what are they ding to this poor guy


i did nit like the fact that they are changing sheldon i want the cold uncaring sheldon back. sheldon would neaver take care of amy he hates grems and being around any one who is sick!!!!!!!!!! he hates touching anyone he hates the rub it makes his hands smell funny. why would he spank amy again he hates touching people they naeed to break up sheldon and amy and get of amy for good. so glad they he did not sing soft kitty that would of be some thing i would forgive. love peeny teaching the guys to gut an fish


Hitting your partner for _punishment_ is not ok. It does not matter what Amy "liked," the show sent and endorsed a message that it is ok to physically hurt your partner for a perceived slight (Sheldon hit Amy as an act of punishment; not respect, not love, nor sexual intimacy). It was a creepy scene that changed my feelings about this show which has been my top favorite comedy, and Sheldon, my favorite character. This is a major disappointment.


absolutely loved this episode!!!!! Amy was really funny!

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