The Good Wife Review: One Murder, Two Convictions

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I have to ask: were the trials happening in "Battle Of The Proxies" actually permitted in real life?

Can two separate people be on trial for the same murder in neighboring counties? It seems most places can barely eek out one suspect, but Illinois somehow managed to find two with enough evidence to put on trial. There should be a law against that. I'm not kidding. There should be one. 

Keeping a suspect on the list is just groovy, but arresting two people for the same crime seems silly, especially trying them at the same time and then inter-evidencing within their trials. I just made that word up, but it fits, right? Inter-evidence. Evidence used at two trials, at one to claim guilt and the other to prove innocence. Inter-evidence. 

Cary Asks For Help

Generally, the trials seemed like a three-ring circus. I didn't like the defense attorney in the case outside of Cook County and I've come to the conclusion that I do not like Laura Hellinger, who was the prosecutor in the Cook County case. She is being utilized so much that I'm starting to wonder if she is going to get married so Juliana Margulies can leave the show and Amanda Peet can take on the role of The Good Wife. I daresay I liked Mamie Gummer's Nancy Crozier a lot more.

The kicker here is, and this is only speculation, but I am thinking they're ramping up the witty repartee between Laura and Will because they will engage in a romance. If someone thinks we are interested in such a thing, I can only hope they read this and take heed. We do not want Will dating Laura Hellinger. She was interesting when first introduced, but has become a pain in the arse since joining the State's Attorney's office.  

With every case, Will and Laura get a little closer. It's something to keep an eye on.

With the addition of Laura, we also got a loss for Lockhart/Gardner. It was convenient that Alicia was working with the secondary case and learned that man was innocent and Will's client was guilty so viewers wouldn't feel cheated when the almighty Lockhart/Gardner went down. The most confusing part of the episode and the greatest miscarriage of justice? Both suspects were found guilty. Of the same murder. Someone please tell me that can't happen. If Will and Laura being friendly helps the innocent guy in his appeal, then everything about their friendship isn't bad.

Thank you, Alicia, for finally telling Nick that Lockhart/Gardner can no longer represent him. Of course the idiot would threaten her. The State's Attorney's wife. He was such a sleaze bag and I was cheering out loud when Kalinda took matters into her own hands, ran down Nick's partner and found drugs in the trunk of the cars, just where Cary said they would be.

It was a pity that Kalinda felt she had to pay Nick off to leave her. The question is: did he take the money and run? Or did Kalinda have to bury something else in the walls that will come back to haunt her? Would you put it past her to kill someone, especially someone like Nick who was an imminent threat to her and all of those around her? I wouldn't. While I hope that wasn't her last resort, I do have to say: welcome back, Kalinda.

A few things of note:

  • I had the same phones they used at Lockhart/Gardner at my office, and I can tell you they were not plugged in. The lights on the console were amber, indicating there was no power. Details are important!
  • I thought that Grace's continued to use ChumHum to research her sex life indicated to me that she was definitely too young to be participating in the act. Except for the fact it was JACKIE searching for condoms. Um...yuck!
  • I guess we learned who was being investigated, and it wasn't Kalinda. It's Eli? For offering discount crisis management services in return for political donations? I tried to think of him doing that, and either he never did it on screen or he's innocent.

What did everyone else think of the midseason finale?


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To me this episode seemed more like a boring filler episode not a mid-season finale. Despite the odd, inexplicable relationship between Kalinda and Nick I personally found it interesting to see that actor play against the type he played on either "Doctor Who" or "State of Play" (it did take me a while to not be reminded of his characters in those shows). Kalinda must have killed Nick - it wouldn't make sense for him to go quietly. Has the death of the co-executive producer had a negative effect on the show? Is there any precedent to have 2 people convicted of the same murder? The Eli storyline was bizarre. Cary's assault should have had a better follow-up. How did he get home after that? Did he go to the hospital? I hope the show comes back stronger after the holiday break!


Every criminal defense lawyer television series ever broadcast has repeatedly shown that it is perfectly proper to raise reasonable doubt by suggesting that someone else is guilty. Even if the Judge on TGW was correct to say that it was too prejudical to present evidence that someone else was being prosecuted, it was clearly an error to hold that evidence that someone else was guilty was inadmissible. This was just a bit too much literary license to create some drama where none could ever exist.


The Laura character has NOT stepped up too quickly. Recall that when Peter hired her, she was told that they were short-staffed and she'd be thrown into the lion's den right away. Secondly, she was a good lawyer in military court so it's not rocket science to find her bearings quickly. Any good lawyer should be able to do this. Didn't Will and Alicia perform creditably in military court (even though they lost a few)? Shouldn't Laura be able to do the opposite? I too want to see the tension build between Will and Laura, so he'd better keep his pants zipped. It will be good to see Alicia's reaction to their attraction.


Lets relax folks the next episode is on 01/06/2013 so all have a Happy Holiday.


I enjoyed parts of the show. I am so over Laura, she is such a smart a##, and if Will really is trying to make time with her at the detriment of his own clients then he is worse than I thought. I wanted to smack her every time she swished back to the table and made one of her snotty remarks. Enough already. Lets see Cary, someone else from the DA office. Also I am so sick of Grace and the "are you a good girl", yes, I am a good girl. My gosh, these kids aren't needed. I don't care if Kalinda killed Nick, just hope he's gone. I like Eli and he always plays a good part, and I loved him bringing Diane into help him. She's one of my favorite people. I wish they would bring back her love interest, the ballistics guy.
I enjoyed the show I just really want Laura to disappear.


I too think Laura is being used too much too soon. She just joined the SA's office and was a Military attorney not really trained in civilian court proceedings yet she is being given almost every case the SA's office is prosecuting. Shouldn't Mataan(not sure of the spelling) or Geneva Pine be prosecuting these cases with Laura perhaps as as second chair shouldn't she still be in training? Apparently she is being brought in as a potential love interest for Will. too bad they messed things up with Will and Giada I kind of liked them. Why couldn't they have possibly paired will with Geneva a character already on the show/ I did not like the Nick/Kalinda story but in what might be a misguided attempt to please those of us who did not like the story I believe the conclusion of Nick/kalinda was rushed to the detriment of Cary. No way he would have recovered from that beating so quickly and with nothing more than a black eye. It was not believable.


I breathed a sigh of relief when Kalinda finally got rid of Nick. I really don't care how she got rid of him I am just glad she did, now we can get back to the real Kalinda who we love. I agree with you I am not keen on Laura, she has had more scenes than Cary this season which I don't think is fair. I thought she was only a guest star appearing, but she seems to be carrying on like she is one of the main characters. Jackie search engine condoms that was a little too much detailed information for me which I don't really need (smile), but overall this episode was not bad. Let's hope the rest of the episodes can really WOW! us.


Actually.. I want Will and Laura to happen!


Yeah, Nick is gone alright, his form of transportation being river. Obviously Kalinda killed him mark my words Lockhart/Gardner, season finale, Kalinda on trial.


the double trial was confusing.kalinda paying a visit to her husbands business and how she handled it was great!1giving nick a payoff and getting out of the country,nick might resort to dirty tactics!! grandma jackie looking into condoms here comes big trouble&a major headache for the family!!jackie ought to be committed to an institution!!! as for eli,all of this isdreamed up crap for sure!! eileenkimmey

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