The Mentalist Midseason Report Card: B+

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As we wait for The Mentalist to return on January 6 with "Days of Wine and Roses," we're using our down time to relive some of our favorite - and not so favorite - moments of the season so far.

We've already set fingers to keyboard for our Once Upon a Time midseason report and Sons of Anarchy Season 5 report card. Now take a look as we take a look at what Patrick Jane and company have been up to...

Back to His Old Life

Best Episode: I'm so very torn over this one. In the end it's a tie between "Devil's Cherry" and "Red Sails in Sunset." The first dove right into Jane's tortured psyche as he spoke with his deceased daughter while in a drug induced haze.  It was poignant, funny, sad, and hopeful all at once.

But "Red Sails in Sunset" brought Jane's obsession with Lorelei to a head as we learned why this intriguing character became the psychopath's mistress. The best twist was finding out how much Red John had taken away from Lorelei, and whether or not she'd ever believe Jane's theory as he let her go off to find her own truth. 

Then there was that whole issue about a handshake as Lorelei told Jane: I only wonder why the two of you didn't become life long friends the moment you shook hands. | permalink

Now that will surely have repercussions throughout 2013.

Worst Episode:  Perhaps it's simply because Wayne Rigsby has never been one of my favorite characters but I didn't find much to love in "Blood Feud." Rigsby's father was a despicable man and Wayne has never really known when to walk away.  Heck, in the past he'd even dragged Cho down into his mess.  So the only upside I saw in this episode was that dear old Dad won't be returning.

Most Improved Character: I'm not sure you can call Patrick Jane improved as he continues to carry this show but my love for the tortured ex-psychic continues to grow.

From the intimate look into his tortured heart that we glimpsed as he spoke with his deceased daughter to his obsession with the serial killer that took her and his wife away, somehow Patrick Jane just gets better with age. 

Most Disappointing Character: Almost all of the secondary characters have been disappointing this season for one reason or another but I've really missed these two...

Kimball Cho because we really haven't seen enough of him. I've been craving more of Cho's deadpan one liners and observations all season but they've been few and far between.

Grace Van Pelt has been stuck behind a desk most of the season, not that it's her fault.  Amanda Righetti is very pregnant which explains the large purses, plants and boxes that continue to jump in her path but I've missed the bad ass Grace we got glimpses of in The Mentalist season 4. Hopefully once the actress' beautiful bundle of joy is born we can get back to the sweet but snarky Van Pelt I've grown to love.

Most Intriguing Character Return:  Lorelei Martins. When we first met Red John's newest minion in The Mentalist season 4 finale she was certainly sexy and alluring but this season gave her a new twist.  Whether she realizes it or not, Lorelei is a victim of Red John. Will she survive the tug of war between Patrick Jane and the infamous serial killer?  I hope so. Watching this intriguing beauty's blood spill would be tragedy.

Most Disappointing Character Return:  Summer Edgecombe. I never thought she was a good match for Cho but Summer was smart and fun and funny. Upon Summer's return this season she was dumbed down and boring. Apparently they brought the former hooker / criminal informant back just to knock her up, marry her off to some dim witted guy and send her on her way. What a lousy way to close out a once interesting character.

Hopes for 2013:

  • More character development for Teresa Lisbon. I feel as though we only get glimpses into Lisbon and after five season's we should know her better.
  • I know this will probably never happen but I'd like to see the show decide whether Jane and Lisbon are headed towards a possible romantic future or if this is more of a brother / sister partnership. Surprisingly, I'm good with either scenario but wondering which way this duo is leaning can get confusing.
  • As much as I'm loving the slow build of tracking Red John, I hope the appearance of increased momentum isn't a fluke.  Perhaps we can have the answer to Red John's identity at the end of this season without having Jane and company catch him just yet.

Overall Grade: B+

Okay, fans. What grade would you give The Mentalist season 5 so far.

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This is why I love this site! Great Fans! I watched Sex and Death 101 last night. It's still funny! Have you seen Simon Baker in The Ring Two and Land of the Dead. I have seen all his movies, own most of them. I also own the Guardian series! I do own Affair of the Necklace too! Simon could act in anything! What really surprises me is that he was not recognized long before this. What I think will happen is that he will end up with a cult following. If you don't own his movies yet you better go get them now while you still can. I would watch him read the phone book! As Jane would say it's good for mnemonic's! It's also good for my eye's, he makes me see better!


rationalgal, you are happy new year. agree. simon could play anything. he could play don draper from mad men but john hamm couldn't play patrick jane. he could play dexter but michael c hall couldn't play patrick. when he's around those cable guys, they look down on him because his show is a network show. glad he gets $435k an ep. suck on that, cable snobs. he's really the cary grant of our time. he should have a big movie career. i also loved him in the devil wears prada. he eats up the camera when he's on screen. he could probably get the french (canal plus) to invest in anything he did as he's the biggest star in france right now. he should be the joker in the next batman film and although i haven't read it, the lead in fifty shades of grey.


I agree with huisclothes, anitraward1 and any and all others who understand that this series is all about the Patrick Jane character. Simon Baker was born for this role! I have watched him in most other films he's been in and this is the first one where the character just totally entranced me. All the nuances, the facial expressions that say everything, the creativity, the totally believable acting, the story line, and, yes, holy buckets, but this guy is SO good to look at! I could watch him watch paint dry. I hate whoever is responsible for giving us plots out of the wastebasket for season fillers. Simon Baker deserves nothing but Emmy and Oscar material. He is so versatile he could play any role. Check him out in Affair of the Necklace if you don't think this is true. Also Book of Love. Also The Lodger. He totally becomes the character he plays. I hope there are great movies in his future.


panama red? what the hell kind of mid-season finale was that? over the past years, the mid-season eps were bloodshot, jolly red elf, red moon and blinking red light. substantive and memorable and exciting. episodes that left you with your mouth hanging open. this was less than ok. something had to have gone wrong with production or the good writers were in comas for them to run that turkey. now they have the long winter break to further erode their audience. if they want to get more than just the diehards tuning in, they can't go black with an episode that doesn't make you die to find out what's coming next. crummy episodes always make me scared for the series and embarrassed for simon. he knows good material. they ought to give it to him.


anitraward1, you rule. patrick carries the whole show. i even love his flaws. keeping the focus on one of the most beguiling characters ever created played by a fine actor and the most beautiful piece of protoplasm ever to walk the earth? i vote for that. every week. every other character exists as a satellite revolving around him. lisbon is a fantastic second banana. i hope sex, if not love, is somewhere in their future. cho is fun for jane to bounce off of. moving on. hated blood feud. who cares? rigsby is a zero. summer return, a nothing. and i liked her. gave the series an A in case some d--khead from the network is counting. this scheduling thing is infuriating. a series killer. may they never have a day's luck with the two zeros they have in elementary on thursday at ten.


my favorite episode, red sails in the sunset. second, a tie between red dawn and devil's cherry. i love the red john thread. it raises the show to the level of shakespearean tragedy. it's why the network bought the show in the first place. solving the mystery and moving on would be like hamlet avenging the murder of his father and going on to clean up the mean streets of denmark. without it, we have patrick and the real estate people, chefs, transvestites, bikers, etc. Feh. red dawn showed lisbon help patrick reclaim his self-respect -- backstory that gives more resonance to every episode since. in devil's cherry it was great to get inside this private and fascinating man's brain. so poignant.


I agree with BWM that they should focus more on the ensemble cast again. Simon Baker is not enough to carry the show by himself. This focus on Red John is very tedious. Red Sails in the Sunset was the WORST episode in my opinion for that reason...all Jane/Red John and ignored most of the team. I've decided to skip any future RJ episodes. I really liked If it Bleeds it Leads and Blood Feud. It's nice to see other team members get more screen time. Devil's Cherry, even though Jane focused, was good because it was unique.


I miss Van Pelt (I totally get the accomodating of the actresses pregnancy). I hope she has some SL soon!


This show deserves an A+ if only in comparison with the other lame and tiresome stuff that TV subjects us to. The cases are interesting and cleverly resolved, and the acting is exceptional. Ever notice how both Simon Baker and Robin Tunney are able to express complex emotions without saying a word? Great talent! But I do think the Red John arc is due to run its course. The series can easily go on without out it because there are so many directions it could go. And Jane and Lisbon will definitely wind up admitting they love each other. It is SO obvious, but the Red John thing has set up a barrier that needs to be removed. Jane especially needs a family again to get his life back together. And who else but Lisbon? No one else knows or cares about him as much, and Lisbon is just waiting for the RJ thing to wind up so they can deal with what they have come to mean to each other.


The CBS network is killing the show in its Sunday night slot. Football delays all shaws and the Mentalist often airs too late.

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