The Mentalist Review: High Times

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"Panama Red"  had a few high moments but this episode of The Mentalist left me shaking my head more than once.

Investigating Medical Marijuana

The most shocking moment was having Cho run into a very pregnant Summer during a raid with the Rapid Response Team.

I'd always liked Summer's quirkiness although I never believed she was a good long term match for show.  Bringing her back eight months pregnant with another man's baby just felt odd.

If her fiance Marshal had been a really great guy, maybe I would have felt differently but in the ten seconds that we had to meet him he came off as a bit of a jerk.  Then to find out he's the jealous type and that he doesn't know anything about Summer's past…well, let's just say I had been hoping for better for Summer.

I suppose they were looking for closure for Cho by bringing her back but in this instance, her return left me asking why they bothered.

Was the point to get Cho in trouble with the Rapid Response Team he's only been involved with for an episode or two?  When Agent Wade said she couldn't trust Cho all I could think was that she obviously didn't trust his judgement either.  He came to her first and told her Summer was his former CI and that he believed she wasn't involved yet Wade insisted on charging her anyway.  In my opinion, she didn't leave Cho a lot of choices but to go around her.

Rigsby was funny this week, even if he came off a little meaner than usual.  Apparently he's not a fan of any of the women in Cho's life.

I couldn't say he was wrong when he told Cho he dodged a bullet when he let Summer go but it came off more than a little snarky.  He also commented to Agent Wade in this The Mentalist quote

If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes? | permalink

Ouch!  Maybe he felt threatened that Wade was stealing his partner but he certainly made it clear he didn't want her hanging around.

The death of the botanist was mildly interesting. I found it amusing that Jeremy was so naive about his moonlighting work for big pharma.  When you cash their check (or in this case, several checks) they own your property and can do with it what they want. 

I enjoyed Jane's fascination with the puzzle box but I wished it had gone somewhere more interesting. 

My favorite part of the entire episode was Jane hiding Lisbon's keys in the box with the hope of watching her struggle to open it only to have her pull out a hammer and obliterate the thing in under ten seconds.

Jane: You keep a hammer in your desk?
Lisbon: You only think you know everything about me. | permalink

So very, very true.


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It is getting kind of hot in here. No need to attack others. Everyone has a right to their opinions. In regard to the loyality issue, I think you can be loyal to a show and still not like everything that you see on screen. I have been complaining to friends about a show (not mentalist) for years. I watched every week, but thought the writers and show had lost whatever made it "special". This season however it seems to have found that special "something" again and I am back to loving it. I watched it during the "bad times" (my opinion) and was loyal, but I still had problems with the show. I believe that some LOYAL viewers are tired of the Red John issue and would like to move on.....or at least have some movement in the storyline. It doesn't make them disloyal, just wanting "more" or getting back that "something" that drew them into the series in the first place. Peace.


Business is business! CBS moved The Mentalist to a slower time slot to make more money on the commericals they're hocking. The Mentalist had such a huge following that CBS assumed the follower would go to Sundays without a problem. Then they could put a knew show or a show with less followers into the old time slot, pull up those numbers and make more money. This is about MONEY!


RP, you are entitled to your opinion as well. I did'nt attack anyone but you sure attacked me. Why are you so ruffled up. Everything I saw so far is Spectulation! Loyalty has everything to do with it. I never said anyone was a bad person. You seem to be overstating what I said. The statement I made about Summer was in reference to the show only! You have to admit he is not the best looking guy! Summer is playing this guy and has not changed, you'll see! I'm not a shallow person and so what if I was! Me thinks you protests tooooo...... MUCH!?! Think outside the box, RP! I'm not here to discuss the personal beliefs of the viewer's. I'm here to discuss the series and nothing else. You are wearing your feelings on you sleeve, put on your game face cockroach for the sake of everybody else!


(continuing previous comment). Maybe he is very kind and treats her well. An ex-hooker might actually value and appreciate that. I'm sure she has been with lots of good looking men, so that may not matter as much to her as it clearly does to you. The point is you don;t know anything about the man or what summer thinks about him. I for one am happy that she found a nice guy, is about to have a child with him, and seems very happy.


Anitaward, I really like the show, but it is not the best show that has ever been on TV. But you are entitled to your opinion. And I don't feel that Red John was all the show was ever about. I started watching because I liked the humor, the clever plans Jane came up with, and the relationships within the team. Red John was never that important to me. Loyalty has nothing to do with this. It is a TV show. It is about entertainment. If somebody no longer finds it entertaining, they shouldn't watch. It doesn't make them disloyal or a bad person,and you shouldn't attack them because their opinion is different than yours. BTW, if I stopped watching everything on a network every time they cancelled a show I liked, I would have run out of networks a long time ago. I think you need to get a little perspective and relax. As to Summer, you are saying she wouldn't have a baby by that ugly man, she's just after his money? First of all, you are clearly very shallow. Maybe he is very kind and treats her like a lady and she appreciates that after being a prostitute all those years and most likely being treated like a commodity by others. The point is, you have no way of knowing what she thinks about it.


The website TV By the Numbers is the source of CBS tries to stay ahead of the ratings game by canceling shows early to try something new ... and they are the ones who are saying that CBS will cancel CSI:NY, The Good Wife, or The Mentalist. Of the 3, The Mentalist has seemed to me to have the best ratings (when they aren't pushed past prime time by football) -- always getting a 10 or better (by the TV Fanatic numbers), and always more than The Good Wife right before it. But NOTE!! At the website I mentioned there is an article with the headline "CBS: 'CSI:NY' Is Likely To Be Canceled."


I think everyone is right. LOL I think the Mentalist was moved into the Sunday slot for a slow end to the show. I think next years will be it's last. Not because of quality, but because CBS really doesn't respect the series any more. They are not making money on it and the ratings are low. As far as the fans, CBS canceled CSi Miami and they had lots of fans. It is all spectulation but I think some people are worried that their will not be a close to the Red John mystery or go beyond that in story telling. I think if they let the viewers know who he is/with Jane not knowing, it would bring back interest in the storyline its self and in the show. The writers do need to do something, as much as I like Red John shows...MOVE IT ALONG !!! and then show the aftermath.


Think about it, it's like you said, when you don't like something, you do something else. If they cancel the show I will change networks in a NEW YORK MINUTE!


I get that, but it is all spectulation! CBS cannot afford to loose The Mentalist fans because alot of these fans are also the fans of other CBS shows! To insult them in such a manner who not be a wise choice for them.


KV, you know what they say about things that are too good to be true!

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If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes?


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