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The Mentalist Review: High Times

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"Panama Red"  had a few high moments but this episode of The Mentalist left me shaking my head more than once.

Investigating Medical Marijuana

The most shocking moment was having Cho run into a very pregnant Summer during a raid with the Rapid Response Team.

I'd always liked Summer's quirkiness although I never believed she was a good long term match for show.  Bringing her back eight months pregnant with another man's baby just felt odd.

If her fiance Marshal had been a really great guy, maybe I would have felt differently but in the ten seconds that we had to meet him he came off as a bit of a jerk.  Then to find out he's the jealous type and that he doesn't know anything about Summer's past…well, let's just say I had been hoping for better for Summer.

I suppose they were looking for closure for Cho by bringing her back but in this instance, her return left me asking why they bothered.

Was the point to get Cho in trouble with the Rapid Response Team he's only been involved with for an episode or two?  When Agent Wade said she couldn't trust Cho all I could think was that she obviously didn't trust his judgement either.  He came to her first and told her Summer was his former CI and that he believed she wasn't involved yet Wade insisted on charging her anyway.  In my opinion, she didn't leave Cho a lot of choices but to go around her.

Rigsby was funny this week, even if he came off a little meaner than usual.  Apparently he's not a fan of any of the women in Cho's life.

I couldn't say he was wrong when he told Cho he dodged a bullet when he let Summer go but it came off more than a little snarky.  He also commented to Agent Wade in this The Mentalist quote

If you're with the Rapid Response Team shouldn't you be sliding down fire poles, not hanging around here for 30 minutes? | permalink

Ouch!  Maybe he felt threatened that Wade was stealing his partner but he certainly made it clear he didn't want her hanging around.

The death of the botanist was mildly interesting. I found it amusing that Jeremy was so naive about his moonlighting work for big pharma.  When you cash their check (or in this case, several checks) they own your property and can do with it what they want. 

I enjoyed Jane's fascination with the puzzle box but I wished it had gone somewhere more interesting. 

My favorite part of the entire episode was Jane hiding Lisbon's keys in the box with the hope of watching her struggle to open it only to have her pull out a hammer and obliterate the thing in under ten seconds.

Jane: You keep a hammer in your desk?
Lisbon: You only think you know everything about me. | permalink

So very, very true.


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If Summer gets into any kind of trouble, she'll call Cho. That means they can bring her back anytime it suits the show's creative direction. It's also a pretty standard story line that a "female" character who's not so smart who thinks she's pulling one over on a "male" she thinks she's smarter than ... usually is wrong. With her "nerdish" husband being jealous of keeping what's fallen into his lap, not believing his good luck(?), I think they are building to bringing her back -- and what better way than the baby being Cho's!?


I think as loyal viewers, we have already earned the right to know who Red John is and with all of this talk about cancellation......they better pick up the story lines fast.


This episode was a complete sleeper. I'm positive that summer is carring Cho's baby! We will see Summer again. She had to of been pregnant before she left. She was not gone long enough to be eight months pregnant on her return. She's using that guy to cover it up. You know how slick she is! They will show the new born and Summer will tell her husband, oh, he looks just like you and we be scratching heads going... no, he looks just like CHO! I saw a inteview with Simon Baker (yes! Another one!) and he said the viewer's are really going to have to earn the right to know who Red John is. So it's not going to be easy!


A few good moments but the series should move the RJ storyline along each episode or just finish it up all ready.


The writers seem to have worked part of the plot around the actress who plays Summer's own pregnancy but I wish they hadn't. As nice as it is to see the character again, I think the idea that her and Cho might still have a shot someday is quite a nice thing to cling on to.


finishing up my thoughts from the comment right below:
the rest of the non-r.j., non-jane backstory are pretty much empty calories. jane among the botanists, chefs, bikers, bankers, fashion people, transvestites, vintners, horse racers, doctors, high schoolers, fisherman, footballers. what's next? butchers, bakers and candlestick makers? my opinion, we need red john as much as jane.


my take on this. summer and cho, cho and rapid response, rigsby and doobie -- boring filler. they had to pedal hard to get emotional traction with the summer stuff. jane is the core of this show. and lisbon, but only as she relates to jane.
i think the episode illustrated that without a substantial red john thread or some juicy jane backstory, you've eviscerated the show. it's the rare non-red john or non- jane backstory episode that holds up over time. red-handed, code red, red badge, red bulls, ladies in red, the red mile, every rose has its thorn, war of the roses, his thoughts were red thoughts, the blood on his hands, red line, red hair and silver tape, rose colored glasses, paint it red. these i've watched again (and again actually). those are my votes. but that's fourteen out of more than a hundred. the rest of the non-r.j., non-jane backstory are pretty much empty calories. jane among the botanists, chefs, bikers, bankers, fashion people, transvestites, vintners, horse racers, doctors, high schoolers, fisherman, footballers. what's next? butchers, bakers and candlestick makers? my opinion, we need red john as much as jane.


Red John is the fat police men from the flashback episode


If we're supposed to see clues to finding Red John in this season, I'm tempted to see the message that we should not over-think it but look for the simplest solution. So here we have Lisbon simply smashing the puzzle box instead of obsessing with it as Jane did. Earlier when Jane did that big leap over the fence, thinking the gate was locked, Lisbon simply walked over and opened it. In a previous season when Jane spent a whole episode trying to keep his persoal burgler from being charged, as soon as he told Lisbon his situation, she simply went to the jail and punched the guy out, thus getting his charges dismissed. So will Lisbon tire of Jane's obsession with connecting RJ with handshaking and simply tell him to just focus on who he has met whose speech is just like RJ's? Looks like she will ID Red John before Jane does, simply and quickly.


See, they can produce a quality show with out the dreary Red John mess.