The Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale: Who Will Die?

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The Vampire Diaries traveled to 1942 this week, explaining the sire bond and giving us another HOT scene between Damon and Elena.

What will now go down on next week's midseason finale? Simply put: someone will die. More specifically put: someone we've known since The Vampire Diaries Season 1 will die.

Who could it be? Watch the official CW teaser for "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and let the guessing games begin!

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It won't be Damon or Elena because if they die and come back to life it will most likely break the sire bond and they won't do that just yet, not after all the trouble and drama setting it up. I mean, its only been a plot line for two episodes!


D:"i wanna throw u back in my bed and never leave again" E:"so do it".


I'l cry a river if damon dies.plec plz if so then,kill him then back to life coz without him.i cant dare to think how the show looks hallo 2 delena shippers.


I'l cry a river if damon dies.plec plz if so then,kill him then back to life coz without him.i cant dare to think how the show looks like.


Hopefully it's Hayley. Or one of the hybrids.


Oh my goodness guys, chill out. This is the MIDseason finale, they'd save a death as big as Jeremy or Damon or even Matt for the END of the season. Given context of what we already know, I think it'll be either Liz Forbes or Carol Lockwood, that's all. I mean really? Damon? He's one of the main three cast members. They'd save his "death" for the season finale...or his ACTUAL death for the SERIES finale.


My fantasy midseason finale: I think Damon will 'die' sacrificing himself for Elena. I think Jeremy will start hunting vampires again and when nearly killing Elena, Damon runs in front and takes a stake for her. As he 'dies', Elena admits she loves him and Stefan watches from the distance, all emo sad, realizing her love is real. Elena then turns to Bonnie to bring him back from the dead. She does, tapping into a 12 hybrid sacrifice, only she brings back everyone who has EVER died on the show, making it very interesting.


uh here is actually some good stuff, if elena dies and come back then the sire bond may be broken...but i want her to be with Damon.. i havent read the books and i dont hope they follow them, because then she goes back to stefan.. but when they write that someone dies doesnt they mean someone will be off the show, and therefore it cannot be elena damon or stefan.. its gonna be exiting to see.. :)


Most likely


I hope it's one of the main characters. Change things up. Make things interesting. And by main I mean Stefan, Damon, Elena.

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