The Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale: Who Will Die?

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The Vampire Diaries traveled to 1942 this week, explaining the sire bond and giving us another HOT scene between Damon and Elena.

What will now go down on next week's midseason finale? Simply put: someone will die. More specifically put: someone we've known since The Vampire Diaries Season 1 will die.

Who could it be? Watch the official CW teaser for "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and let the guessing games begin!

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What if they follow the books and they kill off Damon for a while???????? Nahhhh they couldn't possibly do that... They can't!!!!


I'm sorry, has Tyler forgotten all about this little insignificant thing where killing an original vampire means killing that entire bloodline that comes with it, as in himself? How are they planning to "take out" Klaus exactly?


My hopes would be for it to be Bonnie because she's the most boring character on tv, but I stopped wishing on that a long time ago. I could see it being Tyler, especially if they really wanna pursue Caroline and klaus. Tyler's mom makes sense but I doubt klaus would kill sheriff Forbes. Caroline would hate him. I don't think it'll be Jer. They're not gonna kill Elena's last standing family member.


That Delena scene... based on the clothes they're wearing it looks like a continuation of last episodes final moments. Yay basically :)


I think it'll be either Tyler or Carol Lockwood who will die!!!!!!


Oh I wish it would be Bonny, but I fear that is too much to ask for.


if klause die it will be fucking boring, i wish not 2 die :)


Vampire Diaries always kills the parents/parental figure. I say its either Tyler's mom (very likely if Klaus finds out about his hybrids) or Caroline's mom since their the only ones with parents since season one.


i cant see them killing of Jeremy with the story line they have given him, am going to say his story is going to be part of the second season what with the teacher been shady


So IF the Mayor dies we're supposed to care because......? Mothers Lockwood and Forbes weren't involved in any storyline the last episodes, Matt was more the good guy just hanging around, so there would be no shocking effect imo. And I guess the writers WANT an effect for the midseason finale. So my money is on Tyler and/or Jeremy. (Damon, Stefan and Elena are pretty safe, just as Caroline and Bonnie at this point)

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