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The Vampire Diaries Midseason Finale: Who Will Die?

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The Vampire Diaries traveled to 1942 this week, explaining the sire bond and giving us another HOT scene between Damon and Elena.

What will now go down on next week's midseason finale? Simply put: someone will die. More specifically put: someone we've known since The Vampire Diaries Season 1 will die.

Who could it be? Watch the official CW teaser for "O Come, All Ye Faithful" and let the guessing games begin!

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i think katherine is going to die. we've known her since season 1 and she's not a main character, so its very likely to be her.


Grams will probably die again in her after life! Lol.
Question- how long is the winter break for? Can't handle too long


Well I am going with either Matt, Sheriff, or Tyler's Mother. Either one of them. It would suck for any of the major characters to die like Tyler, Caroline, Bonnie, Elena, Damon, Stephen, or Jeremy. No way can any of them die.


Agreeing with Steve! Probably gone be Hayley or she's gonna turn! I would love a main one to die so they step out of their end of season dying streak! I would love Jer to die! So that the group goes mad and goes against Klaus!
Tyler could die also so we go on Catephan mission!


Tyler/Matt or Hayley ........... my money is on Hayley :(


How do we know this?! Where did it say that someone from season 1 will die??
At least it's not Klaus!!!
Matt, Jeremy, I fear for you..
No way in hell are they Killing Tyler..


tyler I think. Klaus will not forgive him this time.


tyler please. wishful thinking. lol