The Vampire Diaries Midseason Report Card: C

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The long, cold winter hiatus season is upon us.

So with many TV Fanatic favorites on a break, we're looking back and evaluating their runs so far... report card style!

Click the links to read our Sons of Anarchy Season 5 report card, along with our Walking Dead report card, and then scroll down to see how we feel so far about The Vampire Diaries Season 4...

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Best Episode: "Memorial." One of my favorites in series history. It featured a tensely-filmed church showdown, he delved into the new Elena, every main character was given something important to do and that ending with Alaric... oh, that ending with Alaric. Tear.

Worst Episode: "O Come, All Ye Faithful." One of my least favorites in series history. A jumbled mess of two non-sensical storylines: 1. Tyler volunteering to case himself in concrete for some inexplicable reason; 2. Elena and Damon continuing to debate the absurd sire bond.

Best Character: Elena. Her transition has driven the season, with the character's changes affecting everyone around her in the especially intriguing early episodes. Nina Dobrev has been outstanding in her portrayal.

Worst Character: Bonnie. I'm sorry, but it's always Bonnie. She's putting every ounce of trust into this Professor Shane guy simply because... he took over teaching for her grandmother? NOTE: if Damon continues to be as irritating has he has been, when it comes to the sire bond and doing the "right thing" and all that nonsense, I may change my vote.

Best Storyline: Jeremy, his transformation into a hunter and the mark that can only grow when he kills vampires.

Worst Storyline: The sire bond. Need I explain why?

Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: Phoebe Tonkin. Perhaps we'll learn a lot more about her now that she's turned on Tyler, but Hayley just showed up out of nowhere; the audience was simply told of her connection to Tyler; she uttered a few snarky slams; and then proceeded to play a major role in the winter finale. In other words: she was nothing more than a plot device.

Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: Jeremy Gilbert.

Hopes for 2013: Get Elena and Damon together. Period. I'm not a Delena shipper, I'm only a storyline "shipper" and this sire bond is flat out ridiculous. It's totally contrived and plays like an excuse to extend the love triangle infinitely. Let's turn the focus back to the hunt for The Cure, the mystery of The Council death and how The Five plays into all this. I want mythology, not romance.

Overall Grade: C (NOTE: It would have been an A after the first four episodes.)

Your turn, TVD lovers. What grade would you give Season 4 so far?

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It's easy to see why Bonnie would trust shane. Her so called friends don't care about her. She's done everything for them, even when it meant losing her, grandma, her mom, and putting her own life in danger. And what have they done for her? Nothing. They couldn't even be bothered to vist her after she had lost all these people. Shane seems like he is the only one looking out for her physically and emotionally.


Babe not on this site, you are only going to be met with ignorant people. If you want to talk about how the show treats it's black characters in a meaningful way try television without pity or the av club


-I agree. Memorial was a delight. They FINALLY acknowledged death in a way that has been lacking for a while. That scene with Damon and Alaric was breathtaking.
-err hard to pick one. There were a couple that were lacking.
-Jeremy. The whole hunter thing has been interesting but prior to that he was slowly becoming a strong character. Probably one if the best. The others have been devolving or stagnant.
-Caroline. Its easy to say Bonnie because she's been poorly utilized etc but that's not new. She's been that way a while. Shes been practically non existent for most of the season and fairly tolerable. Caroline however has regressed as a character. She's season1 Caroline. The judgmental, annoying, hyypocrisy thing. She hasn't been pleasant to watch. Its a step back for her.
-hunter jeremy
-sire bond
-hoping for more of the originals.badass Stefan. Letting delena be. Evil bonnie.


Elena best character? Is that a joke. She continues to be the worst.


@Ann...don't play the race card. It's almost as lame as the sire bond story line. Don't come back and don't let the door hit you in the @ss as you leave.


This is a sad, pathetic site where Bonnie is always picked on by the administrators and so-called fans. I will not be returning to this racist, hateful site.


I think that a 'C' is a fear grade base on the way that this season is moving, As mentiuoned above. I normally go for an 'A' but the last epsiode made me feel like i had no idea what was going on...


This season was kind of a lackluster for me. It started with so much potential: Elena becoming a vampire and finally becoming an interesting character (and not a spineless whining little girl), the Cure, the Five but then it all got so BAD. I think that they are trying to hard and that there are too many storylines and too many cliffchangers and it all got so complicated and weird. I mean there is just too much happening too fast. And of course...the stupid sire bond... I thought that Bonnie is going to be some kick-ass witch but she is simply annoying as always. Also annoying- Caroline and Stefan (he just can't handle rejection...). Overall grade: C (or D as disapointment)


Best Episode: "Memorial."- Loved how every character was involved
Worst Episode: I can't decide either "My Brother's Keeper" or "O Come, All Ye Faithful", MBK because I thought all of the delena love at the end was completely fake and ruined the build up romance between them. OCAYF- It was too confusing, left too many questions unanswered and Damon doing the "right thing"
Best Character: If you discount the episodes with the ridiculous sire bond issues, it would be Damon, through all the episode it would be Elena
Worst Character: I agree that it's Bonnie because She's putting all of her trust into Professor Shane
Best Storyline: Usually I would Delena, but because of this stupid sire bond I would have to agree with it being Jeremy.
Worst Storyline: I agree with it being the sire bond
Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: I agree with it being Phoebe Tonkin, I liked her in the beginning then all of the sudden she just played this huge role in the mid season finale
Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: I agree that is Jeremy Gilbert.
Hopes for 2013: Delena needs to be together! I'm sick of this stupid sire bond! I hope they find the cure and more about the council's explosion
Overall Grade: B (NOTE: It would have been an A if weren't for the sire bond and the mid season finale.)


Best Episode: 4X02... ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!
Worst Episode: 4X03 awful, just awful and boring.
Best Character: Elena. I can finally like her. She's less whiny, more strong and confident, i like her.
Worst Character: Bonnie. I couldn't care less about her and she's getting on my nerves everytime i see her. She's too boring.
Worst Storyline: Sire Bond. Just stupid.
Biggest Waste of a Guest Star: Phoebe Tonkin. She's a great actress but i don't feel Haylye so much right now.
Most Impressive Wife-Beater-Wearing Physique: Jeremy Gilbert.
Hopes for 2013: Damon and Elena together, for god sake, just stop!then more action and more about Silas and Shane. I think the plot this year is really good. One thing i want to see is the group work together. The group scenes are the best, i want to see more of it.
Grade - B. Not the best, but good.

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