The Voice Results: Who Made the Final Four?

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After Monday night's Top 6 performed for America's vote, eliminations were in store for The Voice contestants once again on Tuesday.  With only the best of the best still around, two more competitors were told to hit the bricks.

Filled with five performances from the contestants, as well as special guests Ne-Yo and Matchbox 20, there wasn't THAT much time to get opinions from the coaches on how everything shaped up.

The Voice Top 6 Results

Carson did, however, find a moment to commend Cee Lo on having pushed his button back in the Blind Auditions for every single member of the Top 10.  Hold on a second.  Is that really the story?  Yes, he has finally put together a quality team this season, but let us not forget that he pushed his button for what seemed like everyone who came on stage back in September.

If we look back, Mr. Green turned around 44 times (that we saw), recording the lowest success rate of all four coaches (36%).  He may have turned around for all of the best contestants, but when you think about it, he pretty much turned for anyone who could hold a tune...and some who couldn't.

But Tuesday night is about the results, so let's find out who is moving on to next week's Top 4 Semifinals, and who is leaving us...

Safe - Terry McDermott!
Safe - Trevin Hunte!
Safe - Cassadee Pope!
Eliminated - Melanie Martinez
Safe - Nicholas David!
Eliminated - Amanda Brown

In what hast to be looked at as the most talented season of finalists The Voice has seen in its three installments, two quality performers had to leave this week, and that's exactly what happened.

Both Melanie and Amanda are extremely talented, but unfortunately, the other four did a little bit more to win America's love this time around.  I think Ms. Martinez was done in by those ridiculous props and staging, while Amanda played everything a bit too safe on Monday.

So there you have it.  In the Final Four is Nicholas and Trevin from Team Cee Lo vs. Terry and Cassadee from Team Blake.  I can't wait to see how it all plays out, but for now it's your turn to weight in.

What did you think of America's decisions?  Did we get it right?


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I really feel Adam will help Amanda get a record deal, even if it's with his own label, 222 Records, which he signed Tony Lucca to also, and that we haven't seen the last of her. I do not know what all the fuss is about with Cassadee having had been in a group. I've never even heard of Hey Monday before this. As far as I know, there is no rule on The Voice that is against having had been a part of a group, back up singer, etc. like there is on other competitions.......


Okay, if you're wondering how the top four got there, take a look at iTunes. All four of those artists made it in the top 10 on iTunes, thereby multiplying their votes by 10. As good as Amanda was, she couldn't overcome that big a deficit. I liked Amanda. She has the look and the talent to go far in the music industry.


@Amber H
I sorta agree. But I can see the appeal of nicholas as the underdog (remember beverly in season 1). Terry for me, a very good karaoke singer but credit to blake, his rock song selection helps him a lot (but it pains me to hear him butchered my favourite songs every week). Melanie is unique, but she is a one trick pony not enough versatility. Trevin is the obvious talent of the show but too many song selection mistakes. Amanda is the veteran knows exactly what she's doing but safe song selection hurts her bad. And then we got cassadee, her residual hey monday fans might be the reason she's on top but I really hope she wins as the voice really need a female champion. I still cant believe Brown got kicked out last night!


And WHY did ya'll have to put that FAKE ASS AIR BRUSHED picture of the QUEEN DIVA on this review?!?! She wishes she was that small......


I'm shocked that Amanda went home.........I'm NOT surprised Melanie did. She didn't connect with the audience at all in my view.......


@Donald I agree. Terry and Nicholas astound me that they even got this far. But Melanie and Amanda going home? Wrong call. Very wrong call. Now all I can hope for is Cassadee winning, but I have a feeling things are being rigged for Nicholas or Terry anyways.


HOW THE #$%& is terry is still in this competition?!!!

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