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Thanks to its shortened one-hour length, the Semifinals of The Voice felt like it moved at light speed Monday night.

Michael Buble and Blake Shelton both showcased their holiday singing talents, the latter with the help of his entire 16-person roster, but the important matters of the evening were how each one of the remaining contestants did in their last chance at the finals.

Only three will move on to next week's finale. Who did enough to make it through one last round? Who will fall just short? Let's recap how everyone did...

Nicholas David Semifinals

Trevin Hunte - Team Cee Lo - "Wind Beneath My Wings"
Most likely thanks to his coach, Trevin always seems to be performing the lamest songs, and this week wasn't any different. Sometimes he has taken those poor choices and made them work with great vocals. That wasn't the case this time around. The whole thing felt a bit off, and a few really sharp notes, were enough to give Trevin the early lead in the race to go home.
Grade: C

Nicholas David - Team Cee Lo - "You Are So Beautiful"
I think I got whiplash going from Trevin to Nick in back-to-back performances. All of the emotion that Trevin wanted to have in his song, Nick had and then some with that.  I don't even care that he has an amazing voice – and is as unique as they come in these competitions – I want Nick to move on simply because of his ability to pour his heart out on stage. That's not to say that others don't feel as much as he does; he's just better at showing it. I think we all need to sit down in a rocking chair after that one.
Grade: A

Cassadee Pope - Team Blake - "Stupid Boy"
Everything that Nicholas had in passion tonight, Cassadee had in technical skill. Her tone, her range, and how long she held that one gigantic note had me in awe of her vocals. This performance made me wonder why she has been a pop rock front woman. Her most impressive weeks have been those when she puts on a pretty dress, slows things down, and belts out a country ballad.  Don't get me wrong, her upbeat tracks have also been great, but weeks like tonight make her a star.
Grade: A

Terry McDermott - Team Blake - "Let It Be"
Oh. My. Goodness. It was the return of Terry's son, the cutest kid in singing competition family history, and he didn't let us down with that one line. Mr. McDermott didn't let his fans down either with that solid performance of the famous Beatles track. Other than an extra-long note or two, Terry didn't really go off book, which means he had no room to really mess up. The guy who I thought was the frontrunner after episode one, Terry looks like he will be there when it all ends. I just don't think he has the best chance of taking home the crown.
Grade: B

So there you have people. The final four will be cut down to three Tuesday night. What are you predictions for results night? And who was your favorite performance on Monday?


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Well, if iTunes is an accurate barometer, then you will have been correct, and Trevin will be heading home, seeing as he is the only one that didn't chart on the top singles list. The order, thus far, is:
Nicholas I think no matter what happens next, this is not the last we have seen of these three. With each of them in a different genre, it should be interesting.


I, too, am glad Christine will be gone next cycle. I get tired of her making everything about her. Trevin had the worst spot and the worst song. CeeLo is to blame for that. I, too, do not understand why they can't seem to pick something modern. Cassadee was great. Terry was great. Nicholas was great. Sorry to say I still don't see Nicholas winning, but, you never know.


Oh yeah, and it's not an episode of The Voice if Christina doesn't tell us a story about herself and turn her comments that are supposed to be about one of the performers into a chance to talk about herself, lol. Glad she's not going to be around for the next season....let's just hope that becomes a permanent vacation from the show.


Cassadee has to be the front-runner. Trevin's performance was definitely off. Nicholas should be in the finals...would love to hear him do something like Criminal from last week...that may have been the best he's sounded this season so he could definitely mix it up from his usual song selections. Terry has a great voice but he just doesn't convey any emotion when he sings...seems more like just a veteran performer with a very good technical performance. I'd probably leave out Terry for the finals if it was up to me.


You're right about Trevin, he was sharp throughout most of his performance tonight, he really sounded off key, which was disappointing. Also, I am really tired of hearing all of these old songs from the '80’s. I liked him best when he sang "Listen" a song that was written especially for the Dreamgirls movie. It would be nice if Cee Lo could think of current music that fits his voice. Terry has a similar problem, I don't think he has sung a song that has been from the current century at all. I don't know if the problem is Terry or Blake, but based on all the old songs that last year's winner kept being given to perform, I tend to think the blame has to fall on Blake. I predict that both Terry and Trevin will face the same problem when/if they make an album after The Voice - no has heard them perform any contemporary material and thus their fans will be uncomfortable hearing original songs from them. Despite the box Cee Lo keeps putting him in with his lame song choices, Nick is odd / interesting enough and has shown his jazz roots that he could get away with being diverse with the post-Voice album he releases. Cassadee also has shown a lot of diversity. She has ranged from her initial edginess to a softer side, so she too will not be shackled by preconceived notions.

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