The X Factor Semifinals Review: Hey Dudes

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The final four fought it out for a spot in the The X Factor finals Wednesday night. Who did enough to earn their position? Who will be left out? Let's recap what all went down...

Fifth Harmony in Action

Tate Stevens - "Bon Fire"
Unlike much of Tate's past performances, this felt authentic.  It still didn't blow anybody out of the water, but he was comfortable, and his tone sounded better than it ever has.  He still lacks vocal power, but he's done enough to keep all the fans he already has.
Grade: B

Carly Rose Sonenclar - "Your Song"
There's something so interesting about what Carly did with that performance. Her vocals were earth-shattering, we all understand that. The amazing part was what she did stylistically. It's one thing to change an iconic song drastically, it's completely another thing to mix it up so slightly and still have it sound completely different.  That's what Carly did with this Elton hit, which really made it fantastic.
Grade: A-

Emblem3 - "Baby I Love Your Way"
I couldn't agree with the judges more on this one. They all thought it was Emblem3's best since the audition, and so do I. It sounded like THEM, and the track was perfect for the main dude's voice. Even the thing that I would normally complain about - repeating the chorus over and over for much of the performance - was still extremely entertaining because the three kids were having so much fun while doing it.
Grade: A

Fifth Harmony - "Anything Can Happen"
I can't believe L.A. left me out on an island as the lone Fifth Harmony hater! He thought this was their best vocal performance ever, but I just thought it was another boring game of pass the mic down the line. The outfits and scenery didn't help much either.
Grade: C

Tate Stevens - "Fall"
This guy talks about his wife so much that it's difficult not think about the emotion he should be pouring out in his performances. When comparing an outing like this to what Nicholas David did for his wife on The Voice the other night, Tate looked like he has a heart of stone. The vocal was very nice once again, but we need more than that big guy.
Grade: B

Carly Rose Sonenclar - "Imagine"
What Simon called overcomplicated, I would call a confusing mess. She began the first third of it in an extremely boring manner, and then out of nowhere she belted out a huge note that didn't fit with the song at all. All the changes that worked so well in her first performance were exactly what killed her here.
Grade: C+

Emblem3 - "Hey Jude"
Oh Demi, you don't think they're the Beatles yet? What a comment. We all understand that Emblem3 is not the Beatles, but that performance right there, that was something kind of special. The build that they used, especially when they jumped onto the stage and kicked it up a notch, was fantastic. I was worried that the riffing at the end was going to ruin it, but Wesley taking one of them off of Keaton's hands made it work. That kid can turn anything into gold. If I'm one of the other two, I would just be worried about still having a band when this show is over.
Grade: A+

Fifth Harmony - "Impossible"
If you're going to do a song that you've already done - especially as a group - you have to really make it different. Their original performance of this track was when I knew that they weren't going to be all that special, because they just took turns with solos. That's basically what they did this time around as well. Adding Spanish to some of those solos did come across as inventive as much as it did forced.
Grade: C-

Weekly Rankings
1. Emblem3 A/A+
2. Carly Rose Sonenclar A-/C+
2. Tate Stevens B/B
4. Fifth Harmony C/C-

And that's it! Only three out of the four can make it to next week's finale. Who is getting your vote?


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Aaaaand E3 is out! Not a surprise to anyone, except for Dan Forcella :))


@tomas: hahahahah, couln't have said it better!
they weren't all bad but they're just another boy band. enough with the swooning over 3 very average boys!
fifth harmony didn't do so well on impossible but they absolutely nailed anything can happen. that was awesome... as was Imagine by carly. i think we're watching a different show!


Didn't know Dan Forcella is a teen girl ^^ Giving E3 two A's, what a joke of a review!


Bye Fifth Harmony.


Emblem 3's "Hey Jude" is really awesome. They are clearly more superior than their peer, "Zero Harmony". I agree with Carly's "weird glory note" and Tate is smooth as ever. And Demi's attitude to Emblem 3 is kinda rude.
Fifth Harmony out!


With Tate Stevens in the death spot this week, I'm concerned he may go. I did like BOTH of his performances and thought both we very solid. Carly Rose did not do well on "Imagine". That song has NO PLACE for the huge note she threw in there. She's only 13 and I don't think she can even really grasp the meaning of that song....... I think Fifth Harmony's first performance was over produced. That's one of the main problems with this show. A lot of the numbers are WAY over produced. I think they will be going home this week. Emblem 3 did well last night, but I don't believe they can top Carly Rose and Tate. I believe they'll be in the finals against Carly Rose and Tate with the final two being Carly Rose and Tate.


This review is horrible. I refuse to believe u can give two A for emble 3. They suck. I stopped reading when I saw the first one. I can t have any respect for whatever you said next. Perhaps someone who actuallu understands music should write this review.


Lol @ the A+ for emblem3 on "hey jude" They made a complete vocal mess out of it. Let's be honest here: their talent is super limited, as well as their look and charisma. I really don't see what's the deal with them. I think the show is pushing them down our throat and that if they say over and over again that emblem3 is basically the best act that came out of the show ever, that maybe people will start to believe it too.


I don't know what you were watching but E3 was terrible!


A+ for Emblem 3? HAHAHAHAHA!

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