The X Factor Winner: Announced!

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Following a frustrating season of over-production and way too much Khloe Kardashian, The X Factor wrapped up its second season run tonight.

Would Tate Stevens prove that country music rules all? Would Fifth Harmony shock the viewing world and prove that groups can actually win these singing competitions? Or would Carly Rose Sonenclar become a very young multi-millionaire?

After two hours of anticipation, the Season 2 winner was announced as...

Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens and Fifth Harmony


Yes, the cowboy who was considered the front-runner all season long took it home in the end.

Deservedly so? Did America make the right choice?

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Why does carly age matter anyway if she is too young then Tate is too old he suck and I don't see a career for him anyway.


Now to the show....... I'm thrilled Tate won. He deserved it. Carly is too young. And besides, she will be fine. It is funny how Britney immediately whispered in her ear when Tate was announced the winner. I'm certain all three finalist(and for that matter a couple of the others) will be fine and will be in the music business. IMO what did Carly in was that HORRENDOUS DUET she did with LeeAnn Rimes.....A lot of people are now extremely critical of LeeAnn and do not like her at all.


TVFanatic.....You also need to do something about "Rachel" nobody gives a rat's ass about her shameless promotion of Dish Network.......


TVFanatic.....If you can't get your writers to write better reviews than the above.....maybe you should consider closing down your site......TERRIBLE REVIEW.......


Tate Suck he should not have won he shouldnt even been in the finale carly is so much better then him this season sucked.


tate totally deserved to win! he is 37 years old... carly is 13, who the hell would buy her music? she isn't going to get anywhere. tate had the best voice and needed that money way more than the other acts. anyone who says tate isn't good and that he didn't deserve to win.. stfu! get over the fact that country music is in.. carly has a good voice but she is too blah and boring. fifth harmony i did like and i can see them becoming popular. but carly definitely not! maybe in a couple of years when she grows up.. but tate had the best voice out of all the other contestants (that is my opinion) CONGRATS TATE!!!


Well, say bye to Tate Stevens. We won't be hearing from him soon.. I mean..his music doesn't really get a lot of people excited as Carly's would.


PS: I do find it strange, that yesterday I browsed a few websites that had articles about the XFactor included in the articles were poll's; one would select which artist we would vote for, and Carly was a clear cut winner,in fact one poll had all the final acts of the XFactor and the Voice...Cassedee Pope had about 33%, Carly 27% and no one including Tate was over 10%. I am not sure how this equates to Tate winning here. Another WGWG. White Guy With Guitar which is the trend on these reality music TV shows.


Don't worry about Rachel's (insert fictitious name here)shameless plug about Doush network, not when only 7 people (comments)will see it..Good reviews spawn a buzz of comments, not a two sentence (lazy) Recap....Tate was the only consistent vocalist all year (in my opinion). Looking back, out of the final 10 they arrived at the best three acts. 5H, Carly, Tate. 5H will have a pop career, Tate will have a great country career, and Carly, well...not sure. Carly has a distinct tone that is all hers, her run's can get a little sloppy but she has the gift. I heard she has written a lot of originals so we will see. Good Luck to all three. Next year, please say NO to Chloe and Brit Brit.


Well Simon has already signed Fifth Harmony to SYCO (his label). The official website launched before they were eliminated with the SYCO label as well as © 2012 Sony Music Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.