Travis Van Winkle to Create Conflict on Hart of Dixie

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Look out, Wade. Travis Van Winkle has landed a key role on Hart of Dixie Season 2.

The actor (guest spots on Happy Endings, 2 Broke Girls) will recur in 2013 as Jonah, Lemon and Brick’s cousin

"He is a really fun character - a conceited, arrogant Southern boy,” executive producer Leila Gerstein previews to TV Line. “You can think of him as a young Brick Breeland. He gets in Zoe’s face, and there’s conflict ahead.”

Travis Van Winkle Pic

But is there romance as well? Possibly... just a lot further ahead.

“There won’t be anything like that, certainly, for awhile," Gerstein tells the site.

Where do you stand right now on The CW drama? Give the first set of Hart of Dixie Season 2 episodes a grade:

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Zoey and Jonah new hot fling! Let s get Jonah's shirt off, I sure bet he will give wade a run for his No money. Lol! George can rekindle his love with Jamie what ever her name is?? I am ready for Oct 7. Whooooo!


Iam not feeling Lavon/Lemon either.


I totally agree that Wade and Zoe should stay a couple and then break up (kinda like the Big Bang Theory) with them being the end game, they have great chemistry and Wade is really growing as well as Zoe... I hope Lemon and George maybe find their way back to each other???? I am not really a Lemon/Lavon fan, even when he was still in love with her... I couldn't see that. Also the George/Tansy I am not buying AT ALL.. they are just trying to keep Georgie occupied so he won't distract Zoe. I think we need to find someone for Lavon.. Ruby totally blew.


God what's up with love triangle???Can't there be any tv couples who stick and stay together and face challenges and grow together as a couple?Just let and Zoe and Wade be!


Not good and I understand this guy is for plot purposes...but Zoe is an UNLIKEABLE character...her attitude alone is HORRIBLE. She is only excepted because people like the character Wade. The writers should have addressed her issues before adding a new love interest for her. If she does not change she is going to PISS people further off. She is TOO self centered. She does have to be perfect but... Shelley....................


yeah!! Leave them group as cuple.


Ah Leave Zoe and Wade alone! They are finally actually together and they should stay that way!

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