TV Ratings Report: CSI, Arrow Fall to Lows

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A slow Wednesday night across the television dial saw CSI and Arrow fall to demographic season lows, while CBS garnered the most total viewers on the evening...

Stephen Amell as Arrow

8 p.m.
Survivor: 10.2 million viewers
The X Factor: 7.7 million
The Middle: 7.4 million/The Neighbors: 5.4 million
Whitney: 3.7 million/Guys with Kids rerun: 2.7 million
Arrow: 3.1 million

9 p.m.
Modern Family: 10.8 million/Barbara Walters 10 Most Fascinating People: 7.6 million
Criminal Minds: 11.9 million
Take It All: 3.4 million
Victoria's Secret Fashion Show rerun: 1.6 million

10 p.m.
CSI: 9.5 million
Chicago Fire: 4.7 million

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I love Arrow , I look forward to Wednesday. Don't even think about taking it off, the rating isn't correct.


My sister, husband and I love Arrow. The acting is fine, the story is fast paced and exciting. I hope it is picked up again for a second season.


I really like Arrow! I like the concept and back story as well. Am just "normal weekly viewer" and I know what I enjoy. These actors are good. Don't know what people want if it's supposed to be taken after a comic book to begin with. Hope it makes it-it's one of my "pre-set" shows. Thank you.


Arrow is just a terrible show... on top of all else it's nothing like the comic. Get better writers and better actors if you want a show to succeed. ..duh.


Besides 91210 everything on CW sucks.

Sarah silva

That is not good about Arrow but 3.1 million or a show on the CW is still very good. Chicago Fire did well and as always so did Modern Family.
I think alot of people may be thinking shows are already done for the year as some are but some are ending this week and a handful are ending next week.


Arrow will most likely adjust up. So I wouldn't worry. It'll be back in January with high numbers.


Arrow slightly drop is because of the cw screw up, by off setting some of the mid shows. Since it was the mid-season finale for supernatural, some thought it was also for Arrow. Which suck because that was actually a good finale, (not to spoil it, but a great confirmation.)