Two and a Half Men Review: Christmas Lies

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Well, I did not expect that.

I thought that Walden’s lies were going to catch up to him on "Give Santa a Tail-Hole," but perhaps they will soon, as his double life is most certainly going to take a major toll on him, most likely destroying the relationship he has with Kate.

Walden's Dual Christmas

But I have to give the billionaire props, he's sticking to his guns and living up to the fibs: he now has a job selling Christmas trees and he now shops at the 99 Cent store. There's simply no way this ends well.

That aside, this holiday episode was not up to par with the recent Two and a Half Men episodes; it fell flat in numerous places. There was little fresh overall, as Alan has been returned back to his status as comedic fodder along with Berta and Jake.

The writers seem to focus on just one storyline, placing all other characters on hold until a certain arc runs its course, which isn't necessarily a bad thing - but when you give some characters much do, and others far less, it comes across as a bit cumbersome.

All it took was a couple scenes for me to stop caring about the sale of Walden’s company. It came across as forced, although I do admit, he is a master negotiator, which means he's now richer than before.

I just want to see more out of the supporting characters. Remember Judith, Evelyn, even Bridget? As head into the annual hiatus, let's hope those individuals are awoken from their winter slumber.


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I've tried to "get into" this show with Kutcher at the helm; however, he falls short of Sheen. There is nothing Kutcher can do to make me's just going thru the movements with him. Charlie Sheen was one of a kind and he made this show what it was. Now, it has lost it's charm. At least Alan remains the same and is very funny but rating the show on a whole....I'd give it an "F". Hopefully, it won't be renewed next season.


I agree that the supporting characters should be used more.
I thought that the episode where Walden visits Berta's house was the best since Charlie departed. Finally, some real character development!

Sue ann

I found the sight of the gorgeous Mr. Kutcher in those antlers to be a giggle-inducing delight. I don't really care what he does. But I also liked this episode. I did find Berta's kindness somewhat surprising. She has seemed to me in the episodes I have seen (not too many during the Charlie Sheen era, most during the Ashton Kutcher era) to be a heartless bitch. I would never expect Berta to do a nice thing for anyone without compensation.


i like last night show. i even like alen

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I am spending Christmas with Tammy Sue and her three children, and I get to play Santa and also their various fathers.


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