Year in Review: Best Episode of 2012

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The TV Fanatic staff with another year-end Round Table discussion.

Having already debated the Best Male Performance of 2012, along with Best FemaleBest Couple to Best Villain, Best Feud and Best New Show... it's now time to focus on the Best Episode of the past 12 months.

Browse through our takes and then weigh in with your own...

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Matt Richenthal: Game of Thrones, "Blackwater." An incredible display of action that I never thought I'd see on the small screen, capped off by an inspiring speech from Tyrion.

Miranda Wicker: The Vampire Diaries, "My Brother's Keeper." Three words: Hot Delena Sex.

Kate Brooks: The Revenge Season 1 finale, "Reckoning." Emily Vancamp's acting was at its best here. This finale left me speechless and in complete anticipation for Revenge Season 2. The final scenes were set to Florence + the Machine's song "Seven Devils." Talk about perfection! Can you tell I am obsessed with this show?

Carissa Pavlica: Fringe Season 4, "Worlds Apart." The last time we saw the alterverse, when the Walters finally sat down and had an amazing - but all too brief - talk on the floor in a hallway. Tears were shed and memories made.

Nick McHatton: The Awake series premiere.

Battle of Blackwater

Leigh Raines: Scandal, "Blown Away." I seriously held my breath the entire episode. Everything with Huck had me flipping out and those flashbacks - particularly the one in the rose garden - were amazing. Best I've ever seen Liv and Fitz.

Carla Day: Homeland's "Q&A" was a riveting, suspenseful and shocking hour of television. The acting, writing and set were all so perfectly aligned. It was the outing that Brody, the Marine, truly realized he was Brody, the terrorist, and Carrie's theory was validated.

Dan Forcella: Wilfred Season 2 pushed the series into the top tier of comedies, but "Honesty" was even a notch above the rest. Between the creation of the cat killer video, Wilfred's rant and his eventual snuggle with the tortured animals, this was the funniest episode of the year.

Steve Marsi: Split vote between New Girl's "Menzies" and Parks & Recreation's "Bus Tour."

Gabrielle Moss: Bob's Burgers, "Full Bars," the Halloween episode. I had to wait til October to hear a Queen Latifah joke on network TV this year, but it was worth it!

Christine Orlando: As a Castle fan, "Always" was a fantastic season finale. It moved Beckett's mother's murder forward and coupled it with a frightening fight scene that left her dangling from a rooftop. But the best moments were Castle finally telling Kate exactly how he felt about her, Kate showing up on his doorstep and an incredibly steamy, romantic kiss up against his front door that led to what fans had been begging for since the show's inception.

Lisa Palmer: Mad Men's "The Other Woman." One hour of television opened up an entire dialogue about whether Joan's choice was regressive or progressive for the women's movement. And I'm still thinking about it!

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What was the best episode of television you watched this year?


Sherlock: "The Reichenbach Fall"


I hate comparing episodes from different shows. There's just so much to choose from! I can't pick just one.
My finalists:
Once Upon a Time 1.22, "A Land Without Magic"
Castle 4.23, "Always"
Modern Family 3.24, "Baby on Board"
Last Resort 1.01, "Captain"
Once Upon a Time 2.09, "Queen of Hearts"
Touch 1.01, "Pilot"
Revenge 1.22, "Reckoning"
Person of Interest 2.0?, "'Til Death"
The Middle 3.24, "The Wedding"
Suburgatory 2.02, "The Witch of East Chatswin"


season finale of Amazing race 21!


Nothing beats revenge. I thought that all episodes were amazing but especially episode 12: commitment aka the proposal coz i just love danily so much, episode 15: chaos aka the engagement party with the body on the beach and the season finale but the entire seasons were amazing


I didn't think there was a season finale that would beat Castle's season 3 "Knockout." Then along came "Always." Not just because they got together, the entire episode's structure was so tight and tied in so well with all that had happened, it felt like a movie. I couldn't believe it was like 43 minutes1


Memorial episode of the vampire diaries towards the end of the episode.


For me, it was the Grey's Anatomy episode "Flight" because we saw our favorite doctors fighting for their lives and trying to survive in the outdoors which was a way that we had never seen them do before. Despite the fact that Lexie died and we ended up losing Mark, I still think that was a good episode because it showed a sign of our favorite characters that we had never seen before.

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