Year in Review: Funniest Show of 2012

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Happy holidays, TV Fanatics, and welcome to another edition of a staff Round Table.

After debating the Best Character of 2012 - along with Best Episode, Best Male Performance, Best Female PerformanceBest Couple, Best Villain, Best Feud and Best New Show - it's time to turn our attention to the sitcoms and answer the following query:

What was the funniest show of 2012?

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Kate Brooks: Happy Endings.

Gabrielle Moss: Bob's Burgers. If you're a fan of classic Simpsons-style wit, or a fan of alternative comedy (everyone from Sarah Silverman to Zach Galifianakis has done a guest voice), there is just no reason to sleep on this gem of a show.

Dan Forcella: It may go downhill without Dan Harmon, but for 2012 Community was the best comedy on television. The funniest and the most thought provoking.

Nick McHatton: Cougar Town.

Jess Needs a Distraction
Penny's Concussion Issue

Christine Orlando: Modern Family. From Jay to Luke, every generation is smart and I truly laugh with every episode.

Lisa Palmer: Girls. There's nothing remotely like it on television. Close second place goes to Parks and Recreation.

Leigh Raines: Happy Endings/New Girl tie. The actors are so underrated and at least New Girl is getting some recognition... but where is the love for Happy Endings?

Jim Garner: The Big Bang Theory. Look no further than this this Big Bang Theory clip for a great example of why this show is so awesome.

Chandel Charles: Psych. Not a single episode goes by that I'm not laughing every few minutes. The writers on that show are genius.

YOUR turn, TV Fanatics: What was the funniest show of 2012?


Definitely Parks & Recreation




My top 10:
10. Ben & Kate
9. Go On
8. Suburgatory
7. The Big Bang Theory
6. Cougar Town
5. Melissa & Joey
4. Last Man Standing
3. The New Normal
2. The Middle
1. Modern Family


Two broke girls by far the most funniest show all year.


I've gotta go with Community and New Girl. On an aside, I stopped watching Big Bang Theory about a season and a half ago. I watched that clip, and I can't believe that's funny to people. An autistic savant giving corporal punishment to a grown woman who's enjoying it?? Okay then.


The Office/30 Rock

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