Year in Review: Saddest Character Death of 2012

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Before we pop the champagne in celebration of the new year, let's take a moment and pour one out for those we lost in 2012.

From plane crashes to lead pipe attacks, a number of beloved characters took their final breath over the past dozen months.

Lex Smiles
Alaric Saltzman Photo
Lori Grimes Picutre

Which death hit you the hardest? Which left an ever-lasting impression? Which made you create a doll of the showrunner in question to burn in effigy as you cried yourself to sleep every night very sad?


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Elena (The Vampire Diaries). She was the main death to come in the season's finale and it was very sad to watch her sacrificing herself for Matt as to redeem her father's sacrifice.


Wow - no one died in any of the shows I watch. That I can recall.


Alaric (The Vampire Diaries)Carol lockwood (the vampire diaries).


Mark, Lexie, and Henry on Grey's. All of them made me cry like a baby.


Mark from Grey's Anatomy