90210 Review: The One That Could Have Been

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With a healthy dose of anesthesia after Annie took a bullet for Liam, she discovered that, hey, "We're Not in Kansas Anymore"!

Well, really, she went all George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life, dreaming about what life would've been like for her friends if she had never moved to Beverly Hills.

Turns out if Annie never moved, things would have been kinda hilarious and just as messed up! Plus, we got to see two former cast members from The Secret Circle instead of just one!

Annie's Alternate Reality

I thought if I never moved here, I'd never be able to screw up any of your lives. | permalink

Annie, you saved Liam from getting shot. News flash! Seriously, that girl obviously went through a lot of trauma in the ER to not recognize that simple fact. However, I was glad to take this entertaining journey anyway.

The first thing I want to discuss about Annie's alternate reality is Navid and Dixon's clothes. I...just...can't. There simply aren't enough words. Navid was wearing an actual crew neck sweatshirt with a decal of a chain and Dixon had a grill in his mouth. 

I know the alternate Naomi wasn't a bitch, just a gold digger, but she at least had some fashion sense. I guess she wasn't close enough to tell either of the boys that they looked like tools. Actually, all of the boys looked like tools. Liam just walked out of a Brooks Brothers ad in a pair of Khakis my dad probably owns and Teddy's closeted stress was obviously causing him to flat-iron his hair. 

Could you imagine if Naomi really was Teddy's beard? She's probably be great at it for a few years until her horny ass got caught by the tabloids. And of course, by the tabloids, I mean alternate Silver. She was a dark, dark version of her former self. I almost completely forgot about Silver's Perez Hilton ways from 90210 Season 1.

I'm so glad that Annie had a whacked out dream under anesthesia to make Silver realize that forging Teddy's signature was a totally bad move. She probably could've gotten away with it until the kid came out with a shock of blonde hair and grew up looking exactly like Teddy!

All joking aside, I really am happy that Annie's dream had an effect on Silver. I'm also glad Annie was able to knock some sense into her brother. Dixon was treating Adrianna like complete crap. Ade warned Ashley thinking she was Liam's legitimate bodyguard. How did she know that Ashley was going to end up more dangerous than Vanessa in the end? There was no way for her to know that. Good thing Dixon apologized in the end. Even Navid knew Dixon needed to chill.

So if all the people in the alternative dream headed towards their destiny anyway, does that mean Naomi and Max could work it out? Same with Dixon and Megan? Liam and Annie?

Max lied about Iceland and now Naomi knows. Marriage doesn't mean just picking up and hiding out at your parents' house because you're fighting with your wife. Come on, Max. He's been pissing me off for a little while now. I said just last week how I think Naomi fights really hard for her marriage. 

Next week things look like they're going to get really heated. This was a fun little joyride to the land that could have been, a cliched but still entertaining standby on a lot of television shows. What did you think of alternative 90210? Hit the comments!


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I know silver realized it was a mistake before actually going through with it. That's why I'm saying I'm glad they didn't actually drag it out and have her get pregnant under those circumstances.


this episode is pointless.

Sarah silva

I know when lots of people saw the preview for this they were mad and thought it was going to be a filler hour. I did not feel that way and I actually really really liked it. Shows have done this before, One Tree Hill did it and 90210 followed suit. I really liked it, the purpose was to show that even if their lives are not the best all the time that they truly are better off they way they on than the way things could have been.
I too have been mad at Max for awhile, he needs to grow up!
I am looking forward to next week.

Michael b

This episode was obviously dedicated to the long time fans of the show. I loved it! It was great to hear all of the references to old seasons. I really liked the alternate Silver's style. It reminded me of her dark side, which I actually like. It was awesome that they brought back Chris Zylka to play Jason, as well as Adam Gregory to play Ty. Of course this episode didn't do much to bring new viewers in, but it did a lot to thank the fans and keep them happy. The promo for next week looks really good, and dramatic. I think it is a smart moves to make the promos dramatic, rather than comedic, because that will bring in new viewers.


@Amy Lynn: Silver went back to the clinic to retrieve the papers and tear them up. She realized it was a mistake and that going about it that way would have been wrong. So though Teddy won't believe that and it'd be hard for her to redeem herself, she did go back before it was too late. So really, she did do the right thing in the end even though it was a stupid move to begin with.


Naomi was better off in the dream.


Well only ten minutes of this episode is all there really is worth commenting on. What if episodes are just a waste of time. And certainly won't help their ratings at all. I'm totally on team silver here, but I'm glad teddy found out before it was too late and she already had the baby. The situation would have been much worse for her then. And as for max and Naomi, don't even get me started. It's obvious they're gonna break up or split for a while since Robbie jones is coming on to play her love interest. Which is also pointless. I'd rather see her relationship with Liam rekindled if its really necessary to ruin her and Max, not some random guy. Dixon has every right to feel the way he does about Ade. Yes he overreacted in the hospital, but his sister just got shot… I imagine it would be hard to think clearly at the moment. But all his other feelings are justified. Guess that about sums up the ten minutes of actual show.




I was seriously just waiting for the Liam and Annie hook-up at the end, but alas, nothing! I was so disappointed, however, I am glad that nothing did happen seeing as Liam still has issues to work through AND Annie is with Riley... Who wasn't present at her side at all...
The episode as a whole really didn't show anything aside from what COULD have POSSIBLY been, but doesn't mean it would have been set in stone, seeing as Annie's choices would have been different if THAT Annie was there to begin with.
As for the other ACTUAL storylines, it was just ANY moment that Silver was going to be busted. Poor girl is going to go down hard and fast now.
No comment on Dixon. He's more annoying than Navid. Adrianna does deserve better even if the writers did hint towards the end that something more could happen again.
As for Max? Dog move. Seriously, Naomi's been fighting tooth and nail and he's shacked up at his parents house? How did someone of that maturity have a business company to begin with?

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