Alex Kingston Cast in Key Arrow Role

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Alex Kingston has been cast on Arrow Season 1. In a key upcoming role.

The former ER and Doctor Who star will come on board this spring as Laurel's mother, Dinah Lance. Also the ex-wife of Detective Quentin, of course, the character returns to Starling City in order to make amends with the family she abandoned following the death of her other daughter on board Oliver's yacht.

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In the comic version of Arrow, Dinah is the original Black Canary and she passes along her superhero identity to her daughter.

We'll soon see if this storyline is kept, changed or forgotten about entirely on the television version, which returned from hiatus last week to improved ratings. It airs a new episode tomorrow night on The CW.

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Well so far Alex has managed to help ruin Doctor Who. But of course MOST of the blame falls on Steven Moffats shoulders for created THEE worst character in Dr Who history. to be Fair, The Character started out so promising and then quickly devolved. Nothing to do with the fact that her character is being seen backwards. Her brain-dead psychotic fans feel compelled to "Inform" people who don't like her that we aren't meeting her in "order". RME
Yeah, her fans are known for their intelligence nor their decent morals.
But Alex hasn't helped her character any. Her character IS NOT "badass" she is bullsh*t! She is a joke! There is nothing badass about her. Alex just isn't convincing in this role. Plus her characters ENTIRE life revolves around the Doctor's. (Yes, that IS the Writers fault)
but her campy laughable portrayal of the character hasn't helped the character either.
Making her into a shallow psychotic joke who prances around like an idiot acting like she's "So sexy" when she's obviously not.
The character is all but ruined.
I however have a plan to save her but it will only be in fanfic. Moffat is too big of a Narcissistic moron to realize how much damage both he and her character have done to the show.
LOL! And while both of their clueless, classless fans babble about "How high the ratings are" the TRUTH is that the ratings have been steadily declining since season 6.
Of course the way they get the ratings as high as they are, Is by combining the first airing on BBC 1 and the Second Airing on BBC 3 and then the Iplayer downloads. I call this cheating but they call it business as usual.
So as many as 1 million fans could be counted 3 times and the BBC would never know it because they do NOT eliminate someone after they've been counted. RME


Good choice of casting!

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