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I thought this entire season fell apart toward the end, very bad writing, anti-climactic resolutions to most characters, I DID like the resolution of Lana/ Johnny(son of Bloodyface) but other than that, pathetic: Jude-dies of cancer, Kit-dies of cancer (did we really need TWO characters to die of cancer ,let alone one), Grace killed by Alma, Alma dies of seemingly unknown causes at Briarcliff, suicide for both Arden and the Monsignor, weak, weak,weak endings to some evil characters that deserved a lot more punishment. I DO like a happy ending,I thought Kit should have at least got to live out a long happy life with at least ONE of his wives, he was the only completely innocent character. I hope season 3 is better because this whole season was un unsuccesful mix of too many genres and died a lingering, whimpering death rather than a satisfying climax.


I feel as if somebody just **** me up the ###. Seriously. They started with about ten to fifteen villains, and by thirteen episodes in, everybody just falls off a banister/cremate themselves/get cancer/ die from nosebleeds/ get shot by their momma?


I was not happy with the lana being alone but she kina of was always alone kit was good but i think the aliens made him as an expermant and took thoes close to him to make test tube babies because he could not have them because he was not human thats why when he got remarried they dident have kids kiklinf johnny was ok but he never got the love he wanted you think she was carring and going to make up for all the hurt but bam shot in the head love how they use the characters in diffrent roles every year like watching them recartned and how theres spirit lives in a diffrent life cant wait for next year miss the first year but it keeps getting better


I didn't love the ending. It was mostly okay but the alien sl was a major let down.So was it Kit's ability to love and forgive that attracted the aliens' interest? Are they some sort of pacifist spieces that wanted to use Kit's children (and others' i suppose...) to pass on their ideals? I would like to see this idea developed as a sl on its own. Mixed with everything else just fails to make an impact.
I agree that Lana killing Johnny was fitting...but also predictable. I was sort of hoping that Lana's experience with Thredson would have taught her not to make the same mistakes as his mother. The ''no more death'' scene for me was one of the most beautiful of the series and that's why i wanted this sl at least to end in a more hopeful...more ''love beating hatred''...note.
But i did like the series overall.In some aspects it was a lot better that than the ''Murder House''.


It was a fun series with great acting but the finale was a let down. The program is `American Horror Story` so a happy ending didn`t really make sense. The stuff with Aliens seemed like they were just keeping their options open and decided not to pursue that story line.

Hopefully, there will be another series.


Another stellar performance by Jessica Lange . The rest of the cast was also wonderful but somehow I found the finale to be lacking, very unsatisfying. There was no answer to the questions of why. Why did the aliens take such an intrest in Kit? I really thought that was going to be what everything revolved around and once we knew that everything else would fall into place. Why are the kids special? I thought we'd get to see why but no. Don't get me wrong it was good and we did get to see what happened to everyone but I guess after last season I just expected more. A big wow moment or something.


I loved it! I found myself welling up as Jude passed away and was so happy she was able to have such happiness before she went. I did not see Lana turning the tables like that and I am disappointed in myself about that one. the aliens took Kit right? And we likely either will never get resolution to that or that is actually a future ahs anthology down the road where Ryan Murphy convinces Evan Peters to play Kit again? Oh since he got to be the good guy this year and was kind of the tormented bad guy last year...he probably gets to play some sort of fun amoral character next year...Sarah Paulson likely will be my first suspect as a bad guy next year too...I am seeing a brother sister team...

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