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We really don't need 4 judges. Three people who can communicate would be great.


The judging panel change worked last year but the discord and personalities don't work this year. This is not the bitchy housewives of some county, this is a sininging competition. It is not amusing and not cool to make fun of everyone and make up names and talk in accents. Not a fan anymore.


I can't stand nikki minjai. She to Ghetto for American Idol She doesn't know what manners are and it very obvious in her rude behavior all the time. I don't think she know how to shut her mouth up. She very unprofessional for this type a show and shows no class of any kind. I always like randy jackson. I like Keith Urban, and Mariah Carey I liked until I seen all this petty bickering. I think Mariak Cariay can be classier if she drops fighting with Nikki. Mariah why ruin years of people loving you ' trying to prove a point with this woman. GET RID OF NIKKIMINJAI SHE RUINING MY FAVORITE SHOW.


Hate the cast this season. Time to cancel this train wreck!


@Terrie--it is too early, but sometimes you just get a feeling about some people. Phillip Phillips was that for me last year. Angela Miller was fantastic, so she's on my list of people to keep an eye on!


I don't like Nikki Minaj and she shouldn't be on this show.......I'm only watching for Keith Urban.......

It's only the it's entirely too early to be picking stand outs......but if you insist.....I'd say Angela Miller

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