Beauty and the Beast Review: There's Always a Catch

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The love triangle took a dramatic turn in "On Thin Ice," as Cat recognized and admitted her feelings, while Vincent struggled with his desires to be the man he once was. While I felt for them both, only one had the benefit of counseling - and that person was making the most sense by the end of the episode.

It felt really unfair that Vincent was still showing up at Cat's window to help her out and check up on her, especially since that apology never quite made it out as eloquently as I had hoped. Cat, however, needs Vincent in her life, and is willing to take him however she can get him. If he didn't have a big secret and monstrous qualities, it would probably be a lot easier for her to walk away.

The facts remain that Vincent is hot, most girls like a guy that is difficult to get and her history with him and his involvement in her life over the last 10 years - starting with her mother's death - will tie them together. Most likely forever.

For those very compelling reasons, Vincent will be given a very long rope in his dealings with Cat. Cat would rather be in pain than lose those ties that bind. Not surprisingly, the same goes for us.

Vincent & Alex

I had absolutely no idea what was going on with Alex taking items from the hospital, but didn't it make perfect sense that she would make herself even more attractive by doing something like keeping an undercover free clinic in the back of a tiny inner city shop? As much as Cat knew Vincent wanted to be involved, what she offers to him requires him to remain in the shadows. What Alex does IS in the shadows, and nobody is going to rat them out because they need the care. Score one for Alex.

Vincent does things with Alex that put everyone at risk. In his quest to quench his romantic desires with her, he almost got arrested. Cat had to rescue him, lie to a fellow police officer and subsequently (somehow) erase squad car video tapes to protect his identity. All because they broke into an ice rink to relive old times. His trips down memory lane could destroy everything he has spent years protecting and the fragile relationships he has managed to forge in the process.

Did the scenes with Evan and J.T. make anyone feel any differently about Evan? If we believe what he said to J.T., he genuinely wonders whether the creature has feelings, morals and a sense of justice because it only targets criminals. He doesn't want to capture it, but wants to question it, and ask whether it wants to retain it's evolved abilities or choose to be cured. He went to far as to say curing it would be a most extraordinary challenge. Was Evan just winding Evan up to find out what he knows, or does he really believe what he said?

I believe him, especially once he mentioned bringing in his boss. And we learned Claire is working for Meerfield. That proves he's not out for some personal vendetta, but it also tosses a wrench into the plan for him to be in the know without a lot of complications. J.T. is going to have to work the reasoning behind why he wants to find Vincent, and Cat is going to have to look into Claire, once her red flag is raised. Nothing is ever easy. At least we know Evan and Heather aren't an item.

It was really great seeing Tess on screen again, but with Cat being technically off the force, it was difficult to get involved with the case. When Cat and Tess aren't working together and bantering about boys and booze, the police work seems so superficial and unnecessary. I know I missed a link between the case and our Cat/Vincent/Alex triangle due to my inability to give a crap, because the last speech by the wife could have been about the three of them. On the plus side, I liked the counselor Cat was seeing and it would be kind of cool if they struck up a friendship.

He was able to pull out of Cat that she couldn't even tell him she loved the man she kept talking about, so why did she expect her fella to understand how she felt? When she finally said it out loud, I breathed a short-lived sigh of relief. She told Vincent and will never have to worry that she didn't put it out there.

Vincent, on the other hand, wants to change his life and leave with Alex, to be the man he used to be. The catch? He doesn't want to tell Alex his secret. Cat knows that means everything he says is merely a fantasy. She'll have that on her side while he fights his hunger to walk away from the pain and into his old life, something she knows he can never do.

Next week we'll delve deeper in Beauty and the Beast Season 1. Might Meerfield finally rear its ugly head again?


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(continued)"Cures" do not work out (see XMen 3 and other films/TV shows with people who are more than human). That now makes him suspect, in my book. His intentions may be noble--giving the 'beast' a chance at human happiness or whatever--but his boss will mention it to the wrong person, and the military will move in, and that will be trouble that Evan didn't plan on.


LOL geez, Vincent was madly in love with Alex, back in the day, and they didn't split up--they were blissfully happy. Then, he disappeared. How hard would it be to imagine that those old feelings would be stoked, after seeing each other again? He has to test the relationship--and it will fail the test. He will not subject Alex to the danger that comes with loving him or, she will accidently find out what's going on with him, and back away slowly. Either way, the relationship will play out, and Alex will bow out. As to Vincent and Cat--again--she sees his hope for the relationship with Alex. When you love something, YOU SET IT FREE...that's what Cat is trying to do. If Vincent and Cat are fated to be, it will happen. If not, then she did the right thing. No one should be tying another person to them, out of the fear of losing that person. Evan--as soon as he said the word CURE, my antenna went up. "Cures" do not work out (see XMen 3 and other films/TV shows with people who are more than human). That now makes him suspect, in my book. His intentions may be noble--giving the 'beast' a chance at human happiness or whatever--but his boss will mention it to the wrong person, and the military will move in, and that will be trouble that Evan didn't plan on.


I seriously can't help but feel like Vincent is treating Cat like crap. I love how strong she was in this episode,She wasn't crying and feeling bad for herself, she made her feelings known and put herself out there in a mature and great way but it sucks that Vincent basically tells Cat that Alex is his choice. Really harsh. On a bright side I loved the shrink. He was very charming, hope he sticks around for a couple episodes and wouldn't really mind a relationship between him and Cat, friendship or otherwise.


I'm finding it hard to be sympathetic to Vincent because all the while he's living in his fantasy of his, he's trampling all over Catherine's heart and being a big jerk about it. I'm not liking this new Vincent, he's pretty careless, inconsiderate, and selfish...all traits that seemed to just happen overnight. And the Ex is starting to sound sound just as delusional as Vincent is. Both of them feel like they can just go back to how it was 10 years ago and we will soon find out it won't be the case. Vincent's character is already tarnished for me, it's one thing for him to have unresolved and torn feelings about his's another when he's a complete jerk to Catherine in the process of it. And Marshmalla, sorry but I don't agree that it's all Catherine's fault they aren't together. She has her issues in getting close to people, but so does Vincent. And really, up until the midseason was Catherine being the one who was being aggressive in trying to start a relationship with Vincent. Up until then, Vincent was very hesitant and afraid until he started to take the lead a bit in that episode. And in this current episode, Catherine finally tells him how feels and what does she get for that? For Vincent to say his choice is not clear...good luck getting Catherine to pour out her heart again. It will be a while until she opens up again after Vincent rejected her...and for good reason.


I have to admit, like everyone else, I'm no longer feeling Vincent. He pursued Cath because he wanted to feel normal. Now that his fiancee's back he wants to pursue his old love to feel even more normal. But, I don't like how he changes his feelings at the drop of a hat. He ignores a woman he knew his entire life once he returned to the states. But, when he finally sees her again, he decides to ignore the woman who helped him recover. I like Alex, but I believe both she and Cath deserve better. If only she'd leave Vincent, not for his beastly dealings, but for his shady treatment of herself and C.


Great review about the episode. Although the case was weak, I liked that Tess got a chance to show her investigative chops. When are we going to find out how deep she and Joe are? I predict a pregnancy soon haha! I agree that Vince is acting like a buttcheek but understandably so. Red needs to get hurt or get scared before he snaps out of the fantasy and realizes the past is the past. But Cat is the reason he's doing this. If she had been more open they would already be a couple. I found the Evan/JT alliance the most interesting. Evan knows JT is the one who broke into the lab (Tess's sketch). Hope JT figures it out that he's being played. Evan knows what Cat is hiding. Can't wait to see this played out... Evan friend or foe? Muifield finally back. I lost the sense of big bad Muirfield after they killed the cell. Can't wait for next week!


Vincent down. Claire is with Muirfield?! Did not see that one coming. Didn't like that Catherine said she would "fight for Vincent" at the end in the warehouse. Now he can take his sweet time living in "la la land" with Alex! But I think he knows he can't have a normal life in "the past" because he ISN'T normal anymore. We'll se how "perfect" Alex is when she sees him in his "beast state"! Let's hope she runs "heading for the hills"!!


I don't know why they said Vincent & Alex have great chemistry. I don't see it!! I think he is going to "beast out" next week in front of her at that cabin get away trip. If she doesn't see him & he just tells her about his DNA, it won't be as effective. LOVED that Cathrine told Vincent off when he got arrested, put him in his place, which we know HE knew as well!! At the end in the warehouse, I was surprised Catherine said she would fight for him even though she is in "2nd place" right now! She knows & so does Vincent that he CAN'T go back to the way it was, but has to realize that on his own. I don't want Alex to get "killed off" because then he'll only go back to Catherine because he doesn't have to choose anymore. I was happy to see that JT was siding with Catherine alittle & feel he is smart enough to NOT fall for Evan's "beast hunt". I saw a glimmer of hope in JT's eyes when he thought Evan wanted to help treat the beast, but then is bringing in his boss to hunt him down. Who nows what would happen to Vincent if he is confined, more killings I suppose. Total shocker that Evan's girlfriend is with Muirfield! Did not see that one coming at all! Been wondering when they were coming back in the picture. Guess this is the "wake up" call for Alex to see why he is in hiding. I do think if Vincent & Catherine DO get back together, you can bet she's not letting him ride the "roller coaster for free"!! I give her "props" for acting like she isn't hurt by this whole decision making process & he has to realize that Catherine is his "true love". I think he knows, he just doesn't want to let go of his past.


I really appreciate your reviews of BatB - best one on the web. I, too, am utterly disappointed about Vincent's renewed interest in Alex, but I don't think we can be that angry. When he danced with Catherine, and when he visited her at the hospital, he WAS feeling deeply for her, but Alex hadn't yet come crashing back into his life. She's not perfect, she's just basically good. We shouldn't be surprised, since Vincent has good taste. Catherine is the proof of that! The main thing motivating Vincent right now is his desire for a simple, happy, non-threatened life. However, he will very soon (I hope!) realize that he can't go back, that life is what it is in the present, and Catherine is by far his best ally and supporter. Don't worry, Alex's true worth (or lack of it) will become apparent very soon! Hang in there Beasties - Vincent and Catherine will be together. Note, it's "Muirfield", not Meerfield, though that's how Vincent always seems to pronounce it.


I think that it is easy to feel like Vincent is an idiot after the way he treated Catherine, but at the same time, we all know that Alex isn't there for the long run and that he will end up with Catherine. I mean Jay Ryan even said they'd kiss sooner rather than later. I think we just need to be patient.

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Beauty and the Beast Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Vincent: You and Catherine, you risk so much to keep me safe.
J.T.: And you don't want Alex to take the same risks.
Vincent: No.

Cat: You don't need to explain. She was your fiancée. You were planning a life together for years.
Vincent: Six years and an entire childhood.