Being Human Review: I Am A Human Being!

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Despite the fact I cannot get the Lemonheads' song out of my mind, I still find it difficult to remember that all Being Human show titles are named after singles.

It's really crazy how well they manage to fit a title to an episode, and "It's a Shame About Ray" was no exception. Well, except that it really isn't a shame about Ray. 

He was kind of a turd and his crusty heart brought back Sally's body in the flesh, so... screw Ray!

Aidan Returns

Oh, how I have missed Sam Huntington on my TV screen. When Being Human Season 2 ended with the ringing of a gunshot in the woods, I never imagined Josh would be cured of his werewolfism (ummm...I don't think that's a word, but I'm running with it). He’s actually human again.

It’s been 15 months since that gunshot, so we don’t know everything that happened, but I'm so damned happy the love between Josh and Nora was strong enough to withstand that shocking turn of events. After all, it was Nora who desperately wanted to be cured, and she was the one left behind. They’re stronger than ever now and all of their energy has been turned to finding Sally and Aidan. You have to check out the Being Human quotes because as a pair, they were on fire.

Aidan was busily talking himself out of dying when he was dug up by a random dude looking for a cure for vampires. Since Aidan was gone, all vampires caught the flu. A human virus killing vampires. I guess that’s kind of ironic, isn’t it? From feeding on the blood of infected humans they were dying at an alarming rate of the flu. Unless I'm wrong, that's a first in the world of vamps in entertainment. Kinda cool that something so simple could do them in. The rumor was Aidan had pure blood and could save them all. Well, not so much. 

As Aidan tried to keep his mental faculties, he turned to his friends to keep him going. Sally and Josh were in the forefront, as humorous as ever, and even Bishop popped in to whine and be annoyed by the three of them and their banter. The best moments are always when the group of them are tossing out the lines left and right. Their natural chemistry plays so well. I thought the first scene with the lobsters was going to be them now, and we'd be looking back on their success at getting there. I liked the writers' take better. 

The hour essentially changed the course of Being Human and set it free from its British predecessor once and for all. While the other show had already taken its own course, comparisons were still rampant. I can safely say nothing we saw in this premiere mirrored what was seen in an episode of the equivalent by the same name. Not even close. This was completely original and extraordinarily clever material.

Josh and Nora were successful in bringing Sally back, and she brought Stevie and Nick (or Stevie Nicks, as Josh originally thought) back with her. They may have been in limbo, but I can't imagine hell being that much worse. They were emotionally exhausted and living a nightmare so many times they lost count. The good news?

Josh and Nora didn't just bring Sally's soul back, but her body as well. The witch who prepared the salve from Ray’s heart said she wouldn't be exactly human, but she’s obviously corporeal. That’s something I would never have dreamed was in her future. 

Were Stevie and Nick brought back inside her body, or did their souls make their way into their own bodies? I thought Sally was saying they were inside her, but Nora wondered if they awoke in their own bodies in their coffins. Wouldn't they need some cream for that? Just a little salve?

It should be interesting to see the story played out, as well as whatever the heck will happen with Ray’s body now that his own witchy heart blood returned to it in the forest. Will he awaken, making Josh a werewolf again? Certainly two of our protagonists can’t be so humanoid... can they? Oooh! Next week should be named after a Stevie Nicks' song. I doubt it will be, but wouldn't that be cute?

Whatever happens, it’s a great start to Being Human Season 3. We never have to worry about Mother again, as she succumbed to flu, and the Dutch seem to be gone as well. A clean slate for the vampires would be welcome. No, it was needed in the worst way. They overdid the vampire lore with Mother and Suren, and someday, if Being Human is resurrected again, I hope they show Aidan as the father of all vampires with an ode to Bishop. Some things are better left unsaid.

"It's A Shame About Ray" was a genuinely refreshing way to breathe new life into the third season of a successful series. After only two seasons, the three of them have managed to do a pretty good job of being human, haven't they?


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assuming they all wake up in sally's body im guessing next episode will be pretty good, i can imagine what will happen when the get up and realise there in sally's body.
nick: grabs chest "what the, breasts" (josh explains their in sallys body)
steve: "oh cool breasts" grabs chest
sally: "guys, stop touching my breasts"


Thank God I'm not the only person who doesn't like Nora. I was starting to feel as though it was just me! I reluctantly admit that she was nice and supportive etc. In this episode, but I'm still not pleased about her becoming a regular. I like them best when its the three of them interacting and bickering like sibling s throwing Nora in the mix just throws off the vibe. I have nothing against the actress buy Nora as a character gets under my skin, and now she'll suck up screentime. I'm thrilled mother is out of the picture, they did in fact overdo the vampire politics. Loved the introduction of witches. I was skeptical about the fifteen month jump but it worked. Loved the episode, I only wish we'd have gotten the three roommates finally reuniting but there's next week. So excited about Sally!


CONTINUED FROM BELOW...Anyway, Sam needs her to counterbalance his regularly scheduled hysterical rants, which seem to happen at least twice a day. Also loved how Aidan's internal psyche values his friends. They're really important to him. Awwwww...and their bickering with the Bishop Survival Mechanism is hysterical. Can't deny it though. He is compelling and sexy. I liked Soup Kitchen Witch. Where have I seen her before? She looks familiar. But not from this series. And, did anyone else catch that BEING HUMAN-themed car commercial? I usually fast forward thru all commercials. But, I'm glad I caught that one. Seems a little funny now that this series may have two of its main protagonists actually being human instead of supernatural.


The following comment is meant in the kindest possible way as a gentle suggestion...Please consider using punctuation when posting comments. It makes it much easier to read. FABULOUS EPISODE! Didn't realize how much I missed our supernatural roommates until I saw them onscreen together. What a nice ironic way to begin the new season considering they are really apart and have been for a long time. I'll be the odd man out and say that I like the new Nora. She's changed from the one in last season's finale. That Nora was clearly desperate and on her last nerve. But, this Nora is determined, purposeful, grounded and level-headed. And, face it, she doesn't have to be. She could have persuaded Sam to let it all go after 6 months. But, she hasn't. She's looking as hard for Sam's friends as he is. Aidan & Sally weren't that close to her. So, it seems like she's doing it all for Sam, and maybe because she doesn't want to be the only supernatural being in the neighborhood. Anyway, Sam needs her to keep him grounded while he flies off on his hysterical rants twice a day.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who don't like Nora... Besides that, the episode was great, I'm digging the new storylines the characters have but my only compliants is that Zoe should have been a series Regular besides Nora because she may have been a little corky, but she's a way better character than Nora and also Josh needs to stop being so whiny all the time... I know he wants to live a normal life but does he have to constantly b*tch about how hard things are? Man up, JOSH!!!


great episode way to staret the season non stop action keep up the good pace


Oh I missed this show so much!! I didn't like Nora much last season but she was ok this episode. I miss Julia. Didn't think I would but I do. She loved Josh so much. And now he's human they could have been together :(. Oh well. Like the Aidan storyline already. Much better than last season so far. Interesting storyline I've never hear of so I'm excited :) can't wait for Henry to make an appearance!!


are you crazy about Nora! she is the worst thing in the show! everything else was excellent yean I loved isoron loved how Ray was here and here is hoping his back from the dead and scratches josh again

Ronald simkins

It really was a great way to bring back a new take on this show. I don't agree that Ray was bad in fact it was Nora believing the evil wolf sister that precipitated the showdown between Sam and Ray. I really hope that Stevie and Nick made it back - but maybe as real ghosts before they were shredded. This new season has a lot of potential!

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