Being Human Review: Living In A Box

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"(Dead) Girls Just Want to Have Fun" was a turning point episode. Not one that broke any new ground in itself, but it set the stage for the rest of Being Human season 3. I think it did a pretty smash up job, manging to entertain my supernatural-starved brain along the way.

How great was it to see Sally in new clothes? Her hug with Aidan was epic. As usual, it brought tears to my eyes. Happily, she did bring Stevie and Nick along on her life raft out of Limbo, but not attached to her in any way. They were able to move on and out her life to find their own happiness.

Nora's Dangerous Foe

Sally just wanted to live. Immediately! But getting a boyfriend her first night back in her body? Not only was that unfair to the rest of the female species, it was ridiculous. I mean, geez, let her live a little, remember what it felt like to be alive. She needed to enjoy her friends and get to know them on a corporeal level. It took until the end of the episode before she really touched Aidan. What girl wouldn’t want to touch Aidan a lot sooner than that?

But even though I was jealous of a reanimated ghost getting more action than me in a nanosecond, the thought of her seeing someone from her past killing them crushed me. That could effectively mean she will be a prisoner in her home again, for fear of running into someone she once loved causing their demise. That would be a pretty heavy burden for anyone to handle, especially someone who had already lived as a ghost and knew the consequences of death. Nick must have gotten a free pass with Zoe since they met after he died. Lucky guy.

Sally, on the other hand, should color her hair or wear a disguise and keep getting out there, but something tells me that won’t be the easy way it goes down. She’ll punish herself for her need to be seen and remembered, for jumping the gun and taking a life, much as her own was taken. Lighthearted Sally is so much better than the alternative. I can only hope I am wrong in my assessment, she’ll give herself a break and try harder the next time.

During the hour we met Liam McLean, the father of the annoying purebred werewolves, Connor and Brynn. The good news is no matter how long or how far Liam searches for Brynn, he’ll most likely not find her alive, as she’s busily fighting a Revolution over on NBC. Thank God. He may find her head on wall, like Connor’s, but that would be best for everyone. Viewers first, Nora second and then Aidan.

Nora knows that Aidan is the one who killed Connor. With Liam’s super doggy senses already catching whiff of her fear in the storage unit, how long until he gets the scent of what she knows as well?

The timing on Being Human is always so perfect. Sally’s reanimation and Nora’s acknowledgement of Josh’s monthly ritual of sitting outside the storage locker waiting for her to turn, protecting her even though there is really nothing he can do for her but wait and listen, was too fortuitous. The one month in a year he didn’t follow his heart and stay by her side and Liam tracked her down, forcing her to change with him so he could discover her true character, as a wolf.

With Aidan badly weakened with the lack of blood supply and Sally pretty much worthless as a reanimated human, there will be nobody to help Josh, already plainly human, to save Nora from the ruthless hands of Liam McLean. I thought we were done with those bratty twins, and then their father hits town. On the other hand, I’ll take him over vampires Mother and Suren any day, so I’ll just smile and enjoy his presence in wake of the alternative.

Now that vampires have essentially been wiped off of the earth and werewolves are the dominate species, it will be interesting to see how Aidan finds a way to stay alive. If the wolves are keeping them from buying baby’s blood, the only truly safe blood on the planet, I don’t know what other options would be available. I can’t remember if drinking animal blood was an option on Being Human as it is on Vampire Diaries and other vamp shows.

After Henry saved Aidan, it seemed finding that someone special could be the key. A friend, love and feeding vessel wouldn’t be all that bad. After all, Henry had Emma and they seemed happy together. What we didn’t know was Emma was locked up in the house because Henry was afraid she would catch something and ruin his supply. There I was thinking it was a sweet love story. Instead, he was compelling her into loving him and being calm and content. What a letdown.

Now, if it were me, the human potato on a couch who would be happy never to leave the house, I might be happy if I had a Hot Henry feeding on me. Maybe.

Henry and Aidan together may be able to find a solution since Aidan let Emma go. After spending a year in a box six feet under, Aidan couldn’t help but compare her situation to his own. Realizing nobody deserved to live that way, he set her free. At least Henry didn’t take him down, still understanding that Aidan was so out of touch with the world they lived in now that he could hardly fault him for not cluing into the great loss suffered at Emma’s freedom.

Questions that remain to play out the season: How will Aidan survive without a blood supply? Will Sally sequester herself in the house again after what happened with Trent, or will she find a way to live in Boston, but remain “unseen” by those she once knew? Will Josh be able to protect Nora without turning back into a werewolf, or might he seek out the very thing he wished to escape to help the woman he loves? Will they ever succeed at being human?


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LOVED this episode, but we need to put the kibbosh on roommate hanky panky. No, no, NO! The reason their chemistry works is because they are FRIENDS out of choice. They stick together and have become a dependable family. You stick romance in there, and the even balanced triangle of friendship will get lopsided with unnecessary UST, mushiness, etc. LOVED the oneliners, especially Josh's reference to Sally's "fugly sweater." In fact, couldn't help but smile watching happy Josh & Nora walk through the park. We don't see that very often, and they're so cute together.


I want Josh and Sally to get together! Josh needs to live a little and Sally looks like fun :) plus they hve such a great friendship I would like to see it turn into a romance :)


I would be aooo excited to see some Sally/Aidan action, yet it would definitelly impact the all three roomies relationship. Im excited to see how it will all play out


For the fan of the BBC original it imply Mitchell and Annie (Aidan and Sally) like each other before they hooked up. They had accidentally kiss and Mitchell felt her. While he high on blood he actually stated he was attracted her. Fans of the original wanted them together and it was bound to happen. They didn't mean to kill them off but actors wanted to go. Aidan Turner who play Mitchell was going to be doing the Hobbit and was going to unavailable for sometime, so he told them to kill him off. The original werewolf got another show and ask for the same fate. As for it being unwatchable I love how they dealt with the casting changes very well. As for this show ending like the original this show is far too different and alot cast departures depicted the storylines there.


I am somewhat ambivalent about Aiden and Sally hooking up, as both have really bad karma with significant others. I think that Josh will probably turn back into a werewolf to be able to track Nora down because he loves her and doesn't want her to be abused by the twins evil dad.
And yeah, I was surprised that Sally was so slutty, too...she never seemed like the type, previously.
I watched the original Being Human on the BBC, and they totally messed the show up by having the vampire go rogue and killing a trainload of people, and having him have a relationship with the ghost girl. Then they killed George, the Werewolf, and had his baby with his Nora be some kind of messiah. It was just awful after the original vampire and werewolves were gone, leaving the ghost girl to raise the baby. The show was unwatchable. I hope that doesn't happen to the American version.


I really love this show, but agree I don't like how fast they tried to get Sally to jump back into the sack with would think she would #1 be a bit hesitant since the last guy KILLED her!! It also made her seem a little too slutty to me. I would enjoy seeing her, as stated above, getting to know her rommies on a more "real" nature before expanding her inner circle outward...besides they still have to be careful, afterall she lives with a vampire and at least ONE werewolf (how will she explain THAT to a regular guy), not to mention oh by-the-way I'm a reanimated corpse too!!


@R Right? Like I don't typically read too much into stuff like that but it felt like they went out of their way to imply this new sense of awkwardness. Especially given Aidens terrible luck with women human and vampire. I don't know if they'll actually go there or if I want them to but I noticed that too.I think now may be the best time for him not to get distracted by a woman as he's known to do.
Oh Sally, I knew that was going to happen the moment she seen the guy but I guess she wouldn't be Sally or help the story any if she didn't go against the warning. I was happy to finally see the reunion I needed to see between the friends.Agree with this completely. Especially about the werewolves. Ugh I was so over them (and mother and suren) last season so their father coming made me sigh. Its been a year.


So are we going to possibly see an Aiden/Sally hook up? There was a moment there when they were holding hands.


i hope josh becomes a werewolf soon again and i hope that liam gets killed soon, what he did to nora felt very rape like

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