Castle Review: Exes Come and Go

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Welcome back, Castle fans! In what seems like forever (actual time: one month), our favorite detectives returned for a new episode. "Significant Others” focused on worlds colliding and it was not too pretty. Time to discuss!

The Return of the Ex. Castle’s first wife, Meredith, made an appearance to take care of her sick daughter and crash at Rick’s loft. Was this a good idea? Absolutely not. Especially because that of that whole Caskett thing.

Beckett and Castle Reaction

Two thoughts:

  1. For a mother who was there to take care of her sick child, did we even really see them together? Nope.
  2. Kate Beckett is a much more mature woman that I would have ever been.

Seriously, Beckett deserves a medal. Girlfriend stayed at her man’s house where his ex-wife was staying to take care of his teenage daughter? Awkward!

This scenario led to some hilarious one-liners from the Castle cast. Check them out on the Castle quotes page now!

The bigger deal came in the last few minutes of the hour. After a successful dinner with the former Mrs. Castle, Beckett asked her why their marriage didn’t work out. Her response was that Castle knew everything about her but he didn’t share enough back. It became one-sided and that wasn’t fair. Meredith has a point.

She also mentioned how Rick always reacts to not knowing his father and this made Beckett think. Will things get better or worse for the cutest couple on Monday nights? One thing is for sure: these two have really developed into a comfortable couple and it’s awesome. Thank you, Andrew Marlowe, for going the road less taken on prime time dramas.

Speaking of Divorces...

The weekly case dealt with the death of a divorce lawyer. The normal twists and turns took place and kept you guessing who killed Michelle Twohey. Have to be honest, though. I was much more interested in the personal stories than the cast in this episode. What did you think?

Side Notes...

  • Ryan and Espo continue to be the best bromance in quite some time. The two are hilarious and viewers are pumped on the additional screen time they are receiving.
  • Lanie popped up for a quick second. Not that she needs to get back with Espo, but it would be nice for her to have an arc of her own.
  • How much fun were the soon to be exes in the beginning of the hour smashing all types of things? Crazy, for sure, but definitely fun. 
  • Even though the visit from Meredith enhanced and gave more solid ground to Caskett, here is hoping she doesn’t return for quite some time.

Overall, a solid and enjoyable installment. It felt really good to have this group back on our screens after the winter break. What did you think of “Significant Others?” Up to Castle standards or did it fall short? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week.

Until next Monday, TV Fanatics!


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I agree that Kate can't be critical of Rick for not sharing his story more. She tried to keep him at arms length for at least 3 seasons. She didn't even share why she wanted to work on Christmas until he pulled it from her. Hope she realizes she needs to TRY to get to know him better. Enjoyed the episode but thought it made Kate look too "needy" at the start and Rick too "whipped".


I enjoy the chemistry and humour but cannot help but feel that it cannot last. We're in a mid zone where the relationship is out in the open and roots are fighting to be ... um.. rooted. What the next phase is remains to be seen and that will define the success / failure of the storyline. Fun for now though.


Plus in s1 ep 1 Kate saw Ricks full file so she obviously knows her man to some degree.
I'd say it's probably a lazy writers way to bring more angst and get to know castle more into the series..


this shits me because it's not even true. the reason kate knows nothing about castle's life is because she never asks! the only way castle found out anything about kate was because he actually asked her stuff- it's not like she's an open book. As she once asked him what his childhood was like? He's invited her into his life, with alexis and his mother, his poker buddies etc. Do we even know anything about Beckett apart from her mother's murder and the precinct? I hate the writers creating drama that doesn't even make sense. plus it's clear that meredith and castle broke up because the woman's crazy- alexis can't even deal with her 24/7


I didn't get the ending what Kate was trying to project emotion wise, probably some more angst coming up though.
I'm with Kate, Rick should have told that red head to haul her scrawny ass out the door immediately.
If I remember right everyone told Castle, "Bad idea". Letting an X stay over..
Rick character needs an overhaul, grow some balls. Maybe that's coming....


Why am I the only one to ask where the heck was ALEXIS on the issue of mumsy steamrolling her way in???? She seems to really like Beckett and approves of their relationship--AND she's smart enough to recognize what an imposition it was. I also agree that a little more spine on Castles' part would have been welcome. Overall, it calmed down my Castle withdrawal symptoms just fine. Keep 'em coming.


Liked when Beckett told castle "Let's go home"


I wonder how Beckett would react if it were Castle's "the one that got away" GF Kyra Blaine that re entered the scene (Alyssa Milano - A Rose Forever after), instead of Merdith... Now that's real competition...


Welcome back, Castle! I was really thrilled to see the gang back in action, and yes, I am loving the renewed bromance between Espo and Ryan, and thought their talk with Castle about things blowing up between the ex and the current girlfriend was hilarious!
I also felt that Castle shouldn't have been such a wuss about his ex, he should have told her she can't stay, but Beckett was mature enough to make it work, though I wasn't happy about Meredith making her feel insecure about her relationship with Castle at the end.
I also wish we'd seen more of Alexis and Martha. But all in all, it was a good solid episode that opened the season well.


Welcome back Castle.
Meredith is the consumate trouble making ex-wife and trouble maker. Loved the show but would have thrown her out immediately before the first suitcase was in the door. She has now puts doubts in Kate's head which was seen on her face at the close of the episode. It was done I suppose to give substance to the relationship. The cast is super but please no more Meredith please.

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