Castle Review: Exes Come and Go

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Welcome back, Castle fans! In what seems like forever (actual time: one month), our favorite detectives returned for a new episode. "Significant Others” focused on worlds colliding and it was not too pretty. Time to discuss!

The Return of the Ex. Castle’s first wife, Meredith, made an appearance to take care of her sick daughter and crash at Rick’s loft. Was this a good idea? Absolutely not. Especially because that of that whole Caskett thing.

Beckett and Castle Reaction

Two thoughts:

  1. For a mother who was there to take care of her sick child, did we even really see them together? Nope.
  2. Kate Beckett is a much more mature woman that I would have ever been.

Seriously, Beckett deserves a medal. Girlfriend stayed at her man’s house where his ex-wife was staying to take care of his teenage daughter? Awkward!

This scenario led to some hilarious one-liners from the Castle cast. Check them out on the Castle quotes page now!

The bigger deal came in the last few minutes of the hour. After a successful dinner with the former Mrs. Castle, Beckett asked her why their marriage didn’t work out. Her response was that Castle knew everything about her but he didn’t share enough back. It became one-sided and that wasn’t fair. Meredith has a point.

She also mentioned how Rick always reacts to not knowing his father and this made Beckett think. Will things get better or worse for the cutest couple on Monday nights? One thing is for sure: these two have really developed into a comfortable couple and it’s awesome. Thank you, Andrew Marlowe, for going the road less taken on prime time dramas.

Speaking of Divorces...

The weekly case dealt with the death of a divorce lawyer. The normal twists and turns took place and kept you guessing who killed Michelle Twohey. Have to be honest, though. I was much more interested in the personal stories than the cast in this episode. What did you think?

Side Notes...

  • Ryan and Espo continue to be the best bromance in quite some time. The two are hilarious and viewers are pumped on the additional screen time they are receiving.
  • Lanie popped up for a quick second. Not that she needs to get back with Espo, but it would be nice for her to have an arc of her own.
  • How much fun were the soon to be exes in the beginning of the hour smashing all types of things? Crazy, for sure, but definitely fun. 
  • Even though the visit from Meredith enhanced and gave more solid ground to Caskett, here is hoping she doesn’t return for quite some time.

Overall, a solid and enjoyable installment. It felt really good to have this group back on our screens after the winter break. What did you think of “Significant Others?” Up to Castle standards or did it fall short? Sound off in the comments and don’t forget to check back for the Castle Round Table later this week.

Until next Monday, TV Fanatics!


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Hmmm . . . I seem to be the only one who thought Kate was kind of a spoiled brat in this episode. When the whole awkward situation at the loft happened, I thought, well, Rick, you've got plenty of money, why not just take Beckett to a hotel? So when he offers her the Four Seasons (with strawberries and champagne, yet), she isn't appreciative at all and just blames him for letting his daughter's mother stay with her (granted, she wasn't much of a mother, but still). I would have grabbed some lingerie and headed for the hotel immediately!


I don't like Meredith either, and am so glad that she's not a regular..and it seems that she was always twisting things around to make her look good..Her little story at the end to Beckett sounded a little made up.. Did Castle tell Beckett that Meredith cheated on him and "was bored" so she left? was a overall good chapter.. LOVE Ryan and Espo telling Castle he's bascially toast..


Was good to see Nancy Grahn. Very appropriate scene.


Castle has spent the last four years or so trying to figure Kate out, whereas she has simply made asumptions based on his public image. Now it's her turn to do the same and actually invest the time to finally get to know who he really is, as opposed to who she assumes he is.


I think she just realized she needs to ask him more about his past, because she isn't a Deep Fried Twinkie..she is more they are more, but there is work to be done. I too hope they grow and not get angsty and break up and get back etc. Real couples fight but work through problems together. They should too....I would like to see jealous CAstle it wouldn't hurt to let him feel a little of what they throw at Beckett constantly...exes, other women,him mentioning his past know give him a "small bit' of his own medicine no break up or affair just a bit of oh get away from my woman!


Liked the episode very much, but the last scene with Beckett once again staring off in wonder...I would dare to say she knows a heck of a lot more about Castle, or as much, as anyone in any kind of relationship.
Let's see...he has been there for her for years, saved her life, listen to her troubles, great with his family, stays true to Kate in spite of the many times she has pushed him away. What exactly does she need to know? This season has been great, but they never seem to let us just enjoy an episode without some hint of doom and gloom to come. But then, maybe that's just good writing.


Think Kate had an awakening that she doesn't know alot about Castle and his inner feelings. She looked like she felt sad about that and maybe even a bit self-centered because it is always about her. Hope this encourages her to starting delving into Castle and his innermost feelings.


Great episode! Did anyone not just LOVE the fact that Beckett called Castle's house her "home"!


I enjoyed the episode, but part of that was probably just because it's been a month since we had something new. Part of that was getting to see Mark Deklin (I really miss GCB!) - although they could have found a reason to have him take his shirt off - and the other great guest stars. It was a fun episode - the one liners, Castle being all nervous about Meredith and Beckett's dinner, the references to the Twinkie and Kate calling him "Kitten". Ryan and Espo giving Castle relationship advice is always funny. I loved that we got to see some of these people together in scenes that weren't just about the case. It was a classic Castle episode - twisty case with good personal stuff mixed in and quite humerous. Yes, Meredith is over-the-top and I'm glad she's not a regular on the show, but I didn't mind the idea that she would want to check up on Rick's new gal. Also, to whomever mentioned about their divorce being because she had an affair - that doesn't make her a liar. If she was feeling that disconnected from Rick, that may be why she pursued the affair. So, the affair might have been the reason for the divorce, but the disconnect was the reason the marriage didn't work. I think Castle and Beckett know as much about each other as we know about them. Each case has revealed bits of personality and spending that much time together, they know the important traits that they each find attractive in the other. In a TV show, it's just going to be boring if all they do is sit around and talk to each other about themselves. I think back to the first season and the Nanny episode when Kate finds out about Rick raising Alexis. Each episode, they learn a little bit about each other like don't take 4 seasons to get together without getting to know each other! The example of the nutmeg in this episode is something fairly trivial that you probably wouldn't get to know without living together. I think this episode pushed toward that idea - should they live together? The other question I have after this ep is - how many bedrooms are in Castle's place?!


Actually, I didn't like this episode so much. As soon as Meredith showed up and pushed her way in, I felt it was unrealistic. Meredith is obvious, so why does everyone walk on shells when she is around. She's not a great person or mother for that matter. Walking around in her underwear? Come on who does that? Did she forget Becket has a gun :-). Anyway, she did not have good intentions as she would have us believe at the end. Just wanted to meet the woman that Castle was really serious about. Why? Anyway, the other story was good. Lainey and the boys are always great. Becket kind of passive for a hard boiled detective, she didn't stand up for herself and Castle didn't stand up for her either. Geez, I took all that kind of serious huh!!! It's just TV.

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