Castle Review: Father FIgures and Felonies

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Castle aired "Under the Influence” this week, an episode that centered on the death of a young DJ and her accomplices. Let’s discuss...

Death of a DJ. The weekly case focused on the death of DJ Beats, aka Holly Rhodes. She was a girl from the wrong side of the tracks who had gotten mixed up working for a criminal. She would DJ parties and her assistant, a young kid, would steal expensive things from the parties.

Of course, this would lead to the death of the DJ. The bright spot of this case? Getting to watch Esposito take center stage.

Partners on Castle

Javi: Big Brother. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. The character of Esposito has really grown over the past few seasons and has become one of the best on the series. There are layers and issues and it makes him all that more interesting. 

Now we know that he had a really rough childhood and even a record of his own. He just needed someone to help him out which he tried to do in return for Joey. The scenes between Javi and Joey were the most interesting parts of the hour. Jon Huertas has really become a star on this show. He has earned his right to be front and center in some of these installments. Let’s hope that the writers of the show keep up with this. 

Beckett and a Dead Body

Caskett is Comfortable. There weren’t really any exciting moments for the shippers in “Under the Influence,” except for the funny comment about the movie Valentine’s Day. These two have developed into a comfortable and functioning couple. A lot of people were worried, me included, that making these two a couple would hurt the show.

You can’t get them together too soon but if you want too long, you make the viewers angry. Andrew Marlowe had perfect timing, however. It hasn’t ruined the series at all. In fact, I think it adds a new layer to the relationship that makes it more enjoyable. Don't you agree?

Side Notes:

  • Once again, no Captain Gates. Anyone miss her?
  • Seems like there is less screen time for Martha and Alexis than before. Is it working or should they be around more?
  • Did anyone find themselves not really interested in the case of this episode at all?
  • Getting closer to the annual two-parter in February. Can’t wait!

Overall, an enjoyable Castle episode. Not the best, but definitely not the worst. What did you think of “Under the Influence?” Up to Castle standards or did it fall short? Sound off below and let us know what you thought and check out the Castle quotes page for some good lines from the one and only Espo. Also, come back later this week for the Castle Round Table too!

Until next time, Castle Fanatics!


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I enjoyed this episode, only because Espo is one of my favorites! I think there should also be episodes where Laney and Ryan take center stage. Martha and Alexis are always entertaining so I did miss them...maybe they'll be on next week. I did not miss Captain Gates at all.


I happen to think that Javi and Esposito are a highlight on this show, it's like there are all these people and the chemistry is fading fast! I haven't seen an episode where I thought WOW! in a long long time. What's going on here, has this show played itself out?


Overall I thought this episode was boring overall. The only parts that I liked was when Espisoto and his partner were tracking down the killer. I fell asleep towards the tail end! Not a bad ep but not good either. It didn't keep my attention at all.


Just a terrible episode. I found myself falling asleep and when I get really bored I muted the episode and went back to youtube on my iPad to watch eps of the web-series The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. Yes, a webseries held my attention longer then Castle 5x11. Supporting characters have the word "supporting" for a reason - to support the leads. I didn't turn into a show called "Castle" for the Esposito show. The same reason I despised season four's ep centered around Kevin Ryan last year. One of the few occasions I was completely frustrated and uninspired by a Castle episode.


Now if Javi could just learn to start a conversation with something other than "Yo..." he'd be even more interesting as a central character.


This was a first for me -- a completly boring episode of my favoriete show. No spark, no quips, no loft. Fell flat. Just your average procedural cop show. Think I'll go eat some ice cream........


I thought it was a good episode but not to the level of some of the previous episodes. I think for Castle to continue on for a long time like NCIS they do need to develop all of the characters on the show. We need more on Ryan too along with Esposito. It would be great to see Laney have an episode also.


Thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Showed a different side of Esposito. Good to concentrate on characters other than Caskett, occasionally, and the start of the episode was classic, discussing movie choices. Loved that!


I thought it was a nice change of pace, focusing on Esposito rather than Caskett. The scenes with the pickpocket were great and they kept it real and kept me guessing how they were going to get those two to click!
Still, I did miss Alexis and Martha's usual one or two scenes. Ah well, there's always next week.


It was not a extraordinary episode.Recent episodes had been good so i had expected more from this episode but it turned out to be ok episode. The only good part of this episode was Esposito . I loved him.

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