Chicago Fire Review: Admit and Aftermath

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When we last visited Chicago Fire, Shay and Dawson were left battered and bruised in their ambulance when a flatbed truck ran into them. In "God Has Spoken," viewers once again relied on the strength of the cast and the writing to propel the story forward.

In many ways, Chicago Fire actually reminds me of NBC’s other great drama, Parenthood. Both shows try to stay rooted in reality and the commonalities we all go through and share, rather than trying to shock and awe us with layers of soapy intrigue (not that there’s anything wrong with that). 

That general theme isn’t always followed perfectly in either show, it’s television after all, but “God Has Spoken” didn’t focus on much flash and bang in the aftermath. Instead, we were left with mostly quiet introspection for the men and women in the station.

What Will Severide Do?

As I was hoping for in “Merry Christmas etc,” the accident became the catalyst Kelly needed to wake up from his drug addiction, but his seeking out of help came from the unlikeliest of people: Dawson. Kelly just needed a third party like Dawson to acknowledge his spiral because that message just wasn’t going through with the people closest to him.

Most of all, I’m happy we can begin putting aside Kelly’s cover-up story. Kelly's small, tearful plea for help to Dawson was rather humbling for him. Here's a man who rescues people for a living, battles fires, and tries to keep everything together for as long as he can, yet he's been beaten by small, round painkillers. 

So far my wishers for Chicago Fire Season 1 are coming true.

Casey’s life, on the other hand, is growing increasingly complicated as he begins to deal with him mother’s parole hearing; he’s on a completely different page (and upcoming testimonial) from his sister. It’s a tough call to make and I don’t envy being on either side of this because they both make good points: Casey believes his mother was at least justified in killing their father after all the abuse he put her through, but his sister brings up the just as good “but it’s still murder” argument.

At least Casey’s mom wasn’t a fan of Hallie either.

And, since Casey’s week is going so smoothly already, he got to listen to Cruz’s increasingly guilty conscience. I was almost sure that Cruz was going to commit suicide with the party of one solo trips to bridges and train tracks leading up to his chat with Casey. 

Again, Cruz’s story just isn’t very compelling. Leon doesn’t seem to really care if he’s in a gang, and his discovery of Cruz letting Flacko burn to death rang false. Leon’s life seems full of questionable choices already, and there’s plenty of doubt to be had if he thinks this is a secret they’re going to the grave with.

Yet, even knowing about Cruz’s decision, Casey was still willing to look the other way by giving him a day to think it over before they shake hands and say hello or take a drive to the police station.

Casey’s patience seems near infinite, but it's beginning to make me wonder if his mother, pending on whether she gets parole or not, might run his patience dry.

Or maybe Casey’s patience will draw thin as he competes for Dawson’s heart? I’m fully committed to the Dawson and Casey ship, but even I’m willing to admit that the lifeboat looks a little tempting when Dawson and Mills have such great chemistry together. Plus, this development really opens up Dawson as well, as she's been mostly interacting with Shay and pining for Casey. It'll be fun to see someone else reciprocating her affection, and it further sets up Casey to fight for her. 

One final thought before turning it over. We need to talk about Hermann. I’m so mixed on his story and it has everything to do with the fact that he turned down the sleazy businessman. Don’t get me wrong, let’s throw out a disclaimer here, I’m fully supportive of how honest and committed Hermann is; no, I just wish Hermann took the businessman’s offer so I could come up with names for his limousine service every week.

Tonight would have been Hermann’s Booty Service.

What did you think of Chicago Fire’s first new episode of the year? Let us know in the comments, along with potential names for Hermann’s Limousine Service!


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I like this show but it seems that Casey is getting more than his share of gloom and doom scenarios. So far, they have had him go through not one but two emotional break-ups with his girlfriend because she didn't want kids. Then we learn his mother is in prison for killing his father. Next his sister basically tells him she wants nothing to do with him because of his decision to speak in favor of his mother's parole. Now Dawson, who has been so crazy about Casey from the beginning, and who he obviously has feelings for too, now wrongfully thinks that he's still carrying a torch for his former girlfriend. So she's started sleeping with the new young guy at the fire station. What's next? Are they going to have Casey come down with a terminal illness and be told (mercifully) that he only has 6 months to live? Good grief! Give this poor guy a break and have something go right in his life for a change. It's really starting to get depressing.

Leon alexis

Still interesting.
Severide has to forget about drugs,just drop it!!!


★★★☆☆TV @Leesa, Good Questions. Casey stopping Cruz from confessing was smart writing. Considering Voight, was also a guy in uniform trying to save someone. Although slightly different circumstances, but not much. Letting Cruz know it's on him, was good character accuracy. Cruz is someone I just don't get. You don't make the choice to wear a FF uniform ; to play JJE or Dredd if you like. The sooner HE is gone the better. Severide Finally, but why is Renee (Sarah Shahi) leaving. NO! Hermann This man can't catch a break. Better episode but the pacing was slow.


LOVED this Episode (& Show)!!
I can see where Dawson is coming from, she pined for so long, got her chance and he shot her down!! Move on....she is done pining!
I don't think the Cruz / Leon story will be so easily solved as a Handshake.
Whatever happened with Mouch? (first episode, Casey told him he can't keep covering for him - covering what?!)
What happened to the DR that Dawson took to the Bar B Q?

Sarah silva

I feel bad for Casey, he does not have any family! His mom is in jail and now any progress he and his sister made was squashed at the end when she uninvited him for dinner!
Looking forward to next week.

Sarah silva

I thought this was a fantastic episode!
Mills and Dawson have crazy chemistry! I really hope she does not run to Casey now, I love Casey but not with Dawson.
I loved how Casey handled the Cruz situation. However Cruz is dealing with what happend by drinking and blacking out and not knowing where he is when he comes too! I am sure they have seen some pretty awful accidents due to drunk drivers and he should know better!
I loved the Shay and Severide scene at the end it was super sweet! I am glad Severide decided to finally get help. Almost losing Shay and then Renee saying she was leaving I think also had something to do with him finally coming forward and then Dawson knowing something was up was the final straw.
I love Hermann and his wife! He is trying so hard to make money to buy them a house but he is a good guy that does not want to run a shady buisness! I had tears in my eyes when his wife said they would rent a house and make it their dream home!
I feel bad for Casey, he does not have any family! His mom is in jail and now any progress he and his sister made was squashed at the end when she uninvited him for dinner!
Looking forward til next week.


I thought Dawson going for Mills at the end of this episode was great! It was the realistic choice - a woman who's been through all the crap she's been through this season, only wanting to be loved by this man who she can't seem to get, she must've been so frustrated, and Mills being there and just taking the chance was perfect. Makes total sense to me. I'm very glad that Kelly is EVENTUALLY starting to take steps to get his shoulder fixed, that story-line was becoming a little unbelievable. I'm glad Shay is back with him, too, those two are funny together. I wonder where the Sarah Shahi story-line is going though, did she just appear for three episodes and then she "moves away for a job"? It'd be kinda pointless if that was all there was to her showing up. She didn't do or change anything. Hm.


I loved it!!!in the beginning I was team casey/dawson now am all for peter mills,their chemistry is off the charts!!casey comes off as a guy with too much baggage
I love taylor kinney when he told dawson he needed help,I cried.kelly is growing so much..if I was hermen I would have gotten the 30 grand,I could careless about who my money lender sleeps with.


just dont buy the Dawon/Mills storyline. Dawson was pining for Casey so long and now she cant wait just a little bit until he gets his things sorted out ?? Seems like lazy writing to prolong the inevitable. Only now we have an innocent bystander who will get hurt.

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Chicago Fire Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Dawson: Are you high?
Severide: What?
Dawson: You've got pinpoint pupils.

I 'm so damn proud of you Kelly, and if I were straight I'd throw the biggest hump into you right now.