CW Renewal Odds: Network President Speaks on Supernatural, Nikita and More

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At the Television Critics Association press tour over the weekend, CW President Mark Pedowitz touched on a number of subjects, from The Vampire Diaries spinoff to the current state of other network programs.

We know TVD is coming back. Same for Arrow.

But those shows may be the only sure things on the 2012-2013 schedule. Here's a look at what Pedowitz said about other series, along with our odds on whether or not they will be renewed...

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Cleaning Up Michael

SUPERNATURAL: "“We are pleased with how Wednesday night completely has worked out with Arrow being a bona fide hit and Supernatural actually gaining viewers back again. I think creatively the show’s in a great place."

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: “We’re very pleased in terms of where it’s going creatively… We believe the show has a very long run in front of it. We’ve made no announcements about a second season. But based on the passion of the fans both on the E! Online and the People’s Choice Awards, we think we have something in this epic love story between Cat and Vincent.”

90210: "I’m a big believer in giving fans, as you can tell by what we did for One Tree Hill and Gossip Girl, of giving fans a very satisfactory conclusion between a retrospective and a satisfactory ending."

HART OF DIXIE: "One of our fun shows. It stands out there on a very tough Tuesday night. It has a very strong DVR presence and VOD, as well as online. Very pleased with the creative direction.”

NIKITA: "When we moved it to 8 o’clock [Fridays], it actually started to perform better … it’s performing on par to our expectation. I’m a fan of the show. Like the show. But again, it’s performing at par.”

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Michael b

I completely agree with you! if you start a petition I will definitely sign it :)


I love 90210 please don't cancel the show or make season 6 it's series finale! Let's do something about it now before its too late like start a petition or something!


Mark Viewers choice is 90210 No Way to 90210 Series Finale I will be very upset if 90210 gets a short season 6 or a series finale


No Way to 90210 Series Finale Renew 90210 for a full season 6


No Series Finale for 90210 favorite shows

Michael b

I love 90210. It is the only show on the CW that I watch. I think season 5 is going in a really good direction. I hope that viewers of The Carrie Diaries will start to watch 90210 and boost up the ratings. If season 6 will be the last, then I sincerely hope that it isn't a short season, but a full one like with Smallville. With that being said, I want 90210 to be on for a few more seasons!!!!! Maybe they should move it to a new night or something.


Happy to hear SPN will be renewed. S8 has disappointed me. Writers - PLEASE no more Amelia. No more Kevin, Mrs Tran or Garth. Make the show scary again, and bring back hunters, ghosts, graves and ghoulies. Bring back the brotherly banter. S8 has plot hole after plot hole - where are the archangels protecting prophets? How did a demon trap an angel? Why did Dean keep Benny a secret from Sam? Why did Sam want to kill Benny? Why didn't Sam care that Dean was gone? Why didn't Crowley kill whiny Kevin so another new prophet could read the tablet? And btw...., whatever happened to Balthazar's weapons?


@Mrs alex o'loughlin: I'm just judging Cult based on it's time slot and having Hart of Dixie as a lead-in.


Am I reading this right? You say Supernatural is the LEAST likely to be renewed of these 5 shows? In my humble opinion, the renewal possibilities look like this: Supernatural -- 100% chance of renewal
Nikita -- 75% chance of renewal
90210 -- 60% chance of renewal
HOD -- 50% chance of renewal
B&TB -- 30% chance of renewal

Sarah silva

We already knew that TVD and Arrow were renewed, which I am so happy about.
I can see them giving 90210 a short season next year and I hope they do. Personally I like the show still and would love it to last a few more seasons.
I am 50/50 on HOD.
It is too early to comment on Cult but I am looking forward to that show!

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