Dallas Review: A Mean Martini

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"Venomous Creatures" had so much to love about it, mostly due to JR Ewing. He's the king of identifying enemies and allies and swapping them at will.  Never underestimate JR.

Dallas Season 2 Scene

There were certainly plenty of allies in this episode, but if you missed the set up of the first hour, check out our review of the Dallas season 2 premiere now. 

Christopher and Elena. Dallas' supposed new super couple was still together. Am I the only one hoping that they fail?

Elena's got a good heart but it still had to be difficult to watch the man she loved prepare for the babies he's having with another woman, even if he now claims to hate her. Add to it that Elena was stuck playing second fiddle to the big boys at Ewing Energies with her measly 10 percent and I questioned how long she'd be happy as Christopher's girlfriend and business sidekick.

But Elena's not one to wait for things to happen. The girl's got brains, business sense and enough guts to make something happen. That's why Christopher and Bobby agreed to up her shares in the company. And why John Ross took it a step further.

I loved that John Ross was the one to up the offer to make her an equal partner. He handed her what she really wanted and it's something that Christopher didn't give her. Unfortunately, while John Ross was offering it with one hand, he planned to steal it back with the other.  

 Love, hate, jealousy. Mix them up and they make a mean martini. | permalink

And this episode had so many highly entertaining Dallas quotes that you really should check them out.

Will John Ross go through with that plan? JR was right. Every time John Ross sees Christopher with his hands on Elena, it "makes you want to punch something, doesn't it?" But if he ever had the chance to win her back, I'm not sure he wouldn't take it, despite the fact that as JR put it, she carved his heart out with a spoon then licked it clean.

John Ross and Rebecca. Well, this was a fun. John Ross in bed with a Barnes, literally. What could go wrong?

Rebecca wanted controlling shares of Ewing Energies so she could hand them over to Cliff. John Ross was willing to give her Christopher's methane technology for those same shares. Those shares look like they're going to be the hot potato of the season.

Rebecca wasn't quite as smart as she thought she was. Stepping over Frank to get what she wanted was a rookie mistake. Even JR smelled the blood in the water when he asked the man how it felt to be a poodle. I'm hoping JR has a plan to use that to his advantage.

But JR's goals were clear. He wanted Pamela Rebecca Barnes gone. For good. 

JR: You're not the first Pam to fox her way into the hen house. I'm one for one on flushing out Pamelas and I plan on being two for two. | permalink

I love it when this show mines its rich history. JR used everything he had to get rid of the original Pamela Barnes Ewing and he won't hold back in trying to get rid of this one either.  Because JR may not hold a share of Ewing Energies, but he's a Ewing. And since Christopher isn't a Ewing by blood I doubt those unborn twins will factor into the equation, unless he's able to find a way to use them to his advantage.

There were many wonderful moments in this episode. All of the scenes between JR and John Ross popped off the screen. This father and son team have some serious chemistry when they're working together.  

When the two ran to Sue Ellen's rescue, I loved them all the more. This family will do whatever it takes to save one of it's own.  

JR and Sue Ellen. Some bonds can not be broken. This is one of them.

They've loved. They've hated. They've dragged one another to Hell and back so many times I've lost count but when the chips were down, somehow they could still count on one another.  

JR not only unwittingly saved Sue Ellen from diving back down into a bottle, he used his evil talents to keep her out of jail. That earned him a smile and and a cup of tea.  Surprisingly, he seemed happy with his prize.

Bobby, Annie, and Emma. One of the things I've grown to love about Dallas is how fast the stories fly by. Finding out what happened to Emma Ryland didn't take weeks.  We only had to wait one episode. 

For the great couple that Bobby and Annie appear to be, they seem to keep a lot of secrets from one another. I know Bobby was only trying to protect Annie until she was strong enough to hear the truth but it's bound to come back to bite him in the end.

The fact that Harris kidnapped his own daughter didn't surprise me. The man's an evil bastard. One day he will pay and I'll enjoy watching. 

In the meantime, Annie's going to have her hands full trying to unravel the lies her daughter's been told over the course of a lifetime.

I love that there are no angels on Dallas, only shades of devils. So let your evil smile out and enjoy a whole new season.


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Watching this new version of DALLAS is a hoot! I love it. It also makes me respect Patrick Duffy a LOT. Playing the "good" character, Bobby, all these years so he doesn't come off as a judgmental goody-two-shoes, yet still remains interesting to the audience is quite a feat. Christopher really suffers in comparison because he does come off as an entitled, selfish rich kid no matter what John Ross does to him. Bobby always had a compassionate streak and a love of family (including J.R.) that superceded any business deal. I don't feel any of that in Christopher. He never mentions family, or Southfork, or any of the things that are important to his dad that one thinks Bobby would have taught him. In a way, having Elena in the middle of J.Ross & Chris cheapens their rivalry. That's one thing J.R. & Bobby never fought over - a woman. They had so many other things to compete for & their relationship was still very deep & complex without that little entanglement.


I don't think Rebecca's pregnant anymore either, she should be sowing if she was. Enough time went by for Ewing energies to be built but no baby bump.


Rebecca is not acting like she is pregnant. So I am sure that she may no longer be pregnant. I bet that she took care of them when she disappeared. I like John Ross and Rebecca. I don't like Elena's character. Maybe the part needs to be recasted. JR and Sue Ellen are magical together. Larry Hagman will always be missed. :(


First RIP L.H That JR/Rebeca elevator scene was so hot. I'm actually liking this paring and I hope they will develop feelings because I would root for them. Since we're talking about a Barnes and a Ewing it won't be easy for them and that makes them an interesting couple for me. Second episode and Chris/Elena are still boring but I was happy for her shares.
Am I the only one who absolutely hated the way Jesse acted that scene with Becky? Grinning like that while trying to prove that her brother is probably dead. I'm not saying he doesn't have a good reason to be upset with her but still that scene was hard to watch for me because of the bad acting choice.


Through every delicious scene with JR, I was thinking, Man alive, I'm going to miss Larry Hagman! JR forever!


Even though so far the show has given us very little reason to care about Elena, I think she and Christopher are a much better match than her and JR. I think JR will continue to be far more compelling as a badass, womanizer than as Elena's other half. And he was pretty awful to her last season, he lied to her nonstop and slept with that crazy Marta! I actually thought the chemistry between JR and Rebecca was pretty intense but then I remembered she's pregnant with twins and I'm sure that will end badly.


Loved both episodes from top to bottom. Including the promos for the season (Gary sighting!!!) I had to admit, I had a little lump in my throat as I realized that soon we will not be having the delicious J.R. Ewing on our screens anymore as I was watching him. I hope the show continue to ride the wave after he's gone. RIP L.H.

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