Dallas Review: Love Is For Pussies

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Dallas is back for season two and it's better than ever, as the "Battle Lines" are drawn for an epic fight. Can the Ewings hold off Barnes Global when one of their own is in bed with a Barnes?

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Pamela Rebecca Barnes returns.  My first question: where was Cliff? I couldn't believe he wouldn't want to be around to see the Ewings' reaction to this big reveal. He'd revel in it. I could hear his evil little laugh in my head so his absence seemed like quite the missed opportunity.

Or perhaps it was intentional in order to prove that Rebecca could fight this battle on her own...well, with her father's money and power at her disposal.

Was Christopher's reaction all bravado or did he really believe he could beat Rebecca Barnes at this game because that's naive? Rebecca's the mother of his unborn twins. With Barnes wealth on her side, he'll have quite a fight on his hands because this family has no problem fighting dirty. And neither does Rebecca's new partner.

The Ewing Bad Boy He's so good when he's being bad. Ten minutes into this episode and I was already rooting for John Ross to pull the rug out from under Christopher. In the feud between JR and Bobby on the original Dallas, I'd always enjoyed both characters, but Christopher just comes off as arrogant and entitled. It made me want to see John Ross crush him.

John Ross bedding Cartwell's daughter to get a trucking fleet was definitely something straight out of JR's playbook. As John Ross told his Daddy in one of many great Dallas quotes

 If all of your dirty little tricks are as much fun as that one then it won't be long until the student is surpassing the master. | permalink

But even with John Ross spouting lines like "Love is for pussies," he obviously still had feelings for Elena and she for him. I'm not a fan of Christopher and Elena. I think she and John Ross make the more interesting couple and I'm hoping they find their way back to one another over the course of this season.

Harris Should Be Dropped Down an Oil Well At least that's what I'd like to see. I'm sure he'll get what's coming to him eventually and it should be oh so satisfying when it comes.  

My heart broke for Annie. I could almost understand why she never told Bobby about her daughter. It would be near impossible to move on with your life after such an incident. Perhaps she just never wanted to speak of it again.  

I was thrilled she finally told Bobby and his anger and hurt over Annie keeping such huge part of her life secret was believable. I think he was even more upset that she rushed forward and didn't let him help fix things. Men like to be able to fix things, especially Bobby.

Now what did Harris tell Emma about her mother? That was one cold look in her eyes when she sent Annie away but if the girl was abducted at 18 months she'd have no memory of what happened to her. Harris could have told her anything. Or she could simply not want to believe the people who raised her could do anything so heinous. Whatever her story I'm sure we'll find out soon.

Counting Your Chickens There's a reason why they tell you not to do that. Did the doctor's very public confession mean that Sue Ellen's hopes for becoming governor were over? Could JR help her find a way to turn this around with only a day left until the election?

This is Dallas. Anything is possible. 


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I completely agree with everything you said about Christopher. I'm rooting for John Ross 100%! Christopher isn't as appealing as Bobby was as the good one of the Original series. NO ONE can or will ever measure up to J.R., but the way Josh plays John Ross you can't help but root for him with everything he's been through. I liked JR. better with Elena too, but I am looking forward to see what sort of trouble he & Rebecca will stir up.


I know Chris is suppose to be the good guy, the new Bobby but I can't stand him, he acts so moral superior but I feel everything he does is only to beat Jon Ross, nothing more.... maybe it's the actor who I think can't act but I find myself rooting for Jon Ross even though his intentions are not so honorable. Also there is nothing special about Chris/Elena paring, they are so boring for me. Again I find Ross and Rebeca more interesting, maybe they'll develop actual feelings for each other.

Leon alexis

I like this show!
Pamela and John? Hm,it's gonna be interesting.
I don't believe Elena loves truly.


Second that about Elena and John Ross being the more interesting couple. The problem with Elena/Christopher is that they are both goody two-shoes (by Dallas standards). Certainly, they both see themselves as morally superior to people like John Ross and his father. And let's face it, from a dramatic perspective, good people are kind of boring -- and two "good" people as a couple? Zzzz .. Plus, have you noticed that John Ross and Elena sort of dress alike? At least in the first season. Both are updated "urban cowboy" -- touches of the west, but more body-conscious and fashionable. Their style of dress linked them to both Dallas and one another. Christopher and Rebecca's clothes didn't link them to the locale; they looked good, but could have been from anywhere.


The run for governer is not Over. Rebecca would ruin sue ellen's channels becoming a governor.

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Dallas Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Love is for pussies.

John Ross

You know how they say men make up for their manhood by buying fast cars? Well, that goes double for diamonds.

John Ross