Daniel Gillies Confirmed for The Vampire Diaries Spinoff

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In case you needed another reason to be excited for The Vampire Diaries spinoff...

Multiple sources confirm that fan favorite Daniel Gillies will reprise his beloved role of Elijah on both the April 25 backdoor pilot for The Originals AND the series itself, with Deadline reporting Gillies will be a regular cast member if the show is picked up for the fall.

Daniel Gillies as Elijah

The spinoff will find Klaus back in New Orleans and dealing with his diabolical protege, an uncast vampire named Marcel. Look for Elijah to side with Marcel's enemies in an attempt to keep Klaus in line and maybe even find redemption for his brother.

Phoebe Tonkin has also been confirmed for the series as Hayley, while The CW is casting for Camille, a human psychology student who will take an interest in Klaus as she tries to determine the basis for evil.

So... are now more excited for The Vampire Diaries spinoff? Will you watch it?

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Yaayayayayayayayayay! Now I don't have to watch this crap of a show to see my favourite Original! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


SERIOUS: Can somebody with any kind of access to PLEC get in touch with the woman and tell her that "Hayley" + "Camille" are just horrible ideas? Please. Seriously. If she has a twitter feed or a blog or something that anybody knows about, because I don't think she actually has any kinda link to the audience she's supposed to be writing for, and apparently, no staff to tell her when she's coming up with a BAD idea.


Boy those dish trolls really wanna make me rip my eyes
Out of their sockets


Fuck The Originals spin off. Bring back The Secret Circle!


@HellyJelly Saving Hope will still be on in Canada. It is a shorter season with a different filming schedule then full season CW shows. There is only a few weeks filming overlap, the last few weeks of CW filming and the first few weeks for Saving Hope. At least that is how it was last year.


Good news !!, I was worried it was going to be the Klausshow.....


I could hardly care less about Hayley and CW's obvious obsession with Phoebe Tonkin (????) but I like Daniel Gilles. I also think that the Originals would suck without all the Originals. So, I guess Rebekah and Kol should come along as well. I am curious about how Daniel Gilles as regular cast will play out if the Originals get picked up for the fall considering that he is sort of regular on that less then stellar show called Saving Hope. Is that still on, by the way?


I can bear the thought of a new random character and I love Daniel Gilles but why Hayley? No one cares about her. It would make more sense to have Rebekah and Kol.


FINALLY some good news after all that Hayley-Camille-crap!!



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