Daniel Gillies Talks Vampire Diaries Spinoff, Use of Flashbacks

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Fans can hardly contain themselves: Daniel Gillies will be a lead on The Vampire Diaries spinoff, taking his beloved character of Elijah to New Orleans along with Joseph Morgan's Klaus and Phoebe Tonkin's Hayley.

The only person who may be even more excited about this casting? Gillies himself.

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“Julie Plec has been talking about this for a little while and to be honest with you, I never thought it was going to become a reality,” Gillies told EW this week. “I just thought it was a cool idea she threw around and I did not dare to dream that it would come to fruition. I knew that if it did, we would be a part of it, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself. But I feel very blessed that it is closer to becoming a reality now.”

Gillies, who will appear on the April 25 backdoor pilot of The Originals, also revealed one snippet about the series, assuming it gets picked up by The CW.

It will be set in contemporary New Orleans, but the show will also go back in time often. Or, as Gilles puts it:

"[It] will flash back to show what the f–k happened to us to bring us to this moment."

We can't wait.

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I love Daniel for his performance as Elijah in the Vampire Diaries!!!I can't wait to see him in the spinoff!!!


I love Daniel for his perfermonce as ELIJAH in the Vampire Dairies!!!!I can't wait to see him in SE4!!

David and sabrina 2014

It would be cool if the flashbacks and Elijah involved in the show will soon fix these problems because this show still feels out of wack. ;P =]


Elijah and his suits!! :D :D, can't wait.


'Gillies also joked about the number of times his character Elijah has gotten staked on the show. “Four times I got staked so far,� he said. “I was always like, “What the f–k? Why do you keep staking me? What’s wrong with Elijah? Is it his jackets?� Hopefully in the spinoff there will be no more staking for Elijah.� ' Lol at the EW article ;-).


My bby! Love love love him! The moment ELijah bows out of TVD, so will I!


I can't wait for the Originals spinoff to premier :)I worry a bit for TVD though cos who'll be the new Villain? I hope Damon goes back to being the hot guy we all love to hate...probably when Elena breaks his heart or Stefan can take the role, either way they're both HOT #swoon


With this interview, Daniel had made me even more excited for this spinoff.

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