Drop Dead Diva Exclusive: 5 Reasons for a 5th Season

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With fans anxiously awaiting word on a renewal for Drop Dead Diva, TV Fanatic checked in this week with creator Josh Berman.

Why should Lifetime and Sony give this drama a fifth season? Berman has come up with five reasons. Let's hope executives are listening...


New Jane vs. Old Jane? “We ended season four on a cliffhanger like we’ve never done before on the show,” said Berman, adding that Jane’s love life will be explored in a fifth season like never before. “There is a love triangle between Jane, Owen and Grayson yet with the added complication of old Jane returning.”

Big Drama! Raw Emotions! Berman explained that the season five “drama will be more heightened, the emotions more raw and the introduction of a woman (old Jane) that we’ve never met into this love triangle will enable me to tell stories in a very fresh and inventive way that hasn’t been done yet on Drop Dead Diva. It feels like everything has been leading up to season five.”

Drop Dead Diva Bride

Passionate Fans Being an alumnus of such buzz-worthy shows as CSI and Bones, Berman knows Drop Dead Diva fans are special: “I’ve never seen anything like the fans for Drop Dead Diva,” he said. "They hang on every word of the show, they’re so excited about a new season.”

Besides recent YouTube videos supporting the show, there is also a "renew DDD" petition on the Web, so fans can let Lifetime know they’re serious about getting their fifth season. Yahoo also ranked DDD as a Top Ten search for TV comedies in 2012, alongside hits like The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family.

Big Names Want to Appear While we’ve seen Paula Abdul, Rosie O’Donnell, Kim Kardashian and Louis Van Amstel pop up on the show, more people than ever want to guest. “Once we were nominated for a Humanitas Award,” Berman explained, “we weren’t just a commercial show but actors started seeing this as a real destination place for them. I think with season five we’re going to have a whole new crew of guest stars who are going to help elevate the show even more.”

Ratings/DVR Numbers Live +3 (live airing rating, plus DVR viewing up to three days after) for Adults 18-49 are strong for the show and DDD even saw a 14% climb last season. DDD also continued to grow in its fourth season, even though it was airing against the Olympics and broadcast’s fall premieres.

Research shows that of 30 cable series that returned last year, only six (The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad, Being Human and – you guessed it – Drop Dead Diva) actually saw growth in their year-to-year numbers. Impressive!

So there you have it, TV Fanatics. Do you want to see Drop Dead Diva Season 5? Make your voice heard!

Jim Halterman is the West Coast Editor of TV Fanatic and the owner of JimHalterman.com. Follow him on Twitter.


OmG I can't believe there might no be a season 5? What? Seriously? I was so ready for the summer for the new season. I totally love DDD since first episode and it gets better by seasons! Love Jane/Deb, the two moms, Parker and Kim. I'm the kind of fan who rushes to buy every season on dvd! Just love it! Bring season 5 and five more seasons!


It will really unfair if there will not be season 5. Because we all want to see ending of this story.... If there are no follow of DDD, I have only one question - What kind of serial ends like that?
There is a need for the end.


What are you thinking? One of the best heartwarming, decent, shows on TV. Please bring back Drop Dead Diva!!


Lifetime can go and do his thing. And allow DDD to move onto another network that can benefit from the views. I love fox shows so they should do it and take the show for a 5th season !!!!!


DDD Is just the best you cannot leave it like this there had to be more I raced home to see it I love the show are there are clearly a lot more people that do too you must make season 5 and find another channel to show it show Sony what they could have had they will soon be sorry!!!


The ONE show that I raced home to watch is dropped!!!!! Why???? This just doesn't make sense since there are soooo many fans. They say the reason was it was too costly to produce. I say cut costs with all the guest stars and keep the program going.


Want to know when it will start season five...😃


I really hope they bring back the show. Ive been hooked since the first episode. Dam I'm so disappointed :(


The show has always been good, but now they cut it when it was getting to a great spot. Jane was staarting to come back and I have been anticipating for months how that was gonna go down. Not to mention Grayson and Jane finally kissed. Been waiting for that for the first 3 seasons. Lifetime needs to rethink their decision. They'll probably fill in the slot with more reality t.v. Where is the comedy, romance...too much drama in the world


I am very angry with Lifetime. Drop Dead Diva is hanging on with a better cliffhanger than Who Shot JR. season 4 was wonderful and I have been anxiously awaiting season 5. The show DanceMoms is showing emotional derangement and I've had it. Those people seem truly disturbed now...a shame...especially if the show is scripted. Does Lifetime think we are idiot viewers? Please rally support for Diva. We need to show Lifetime that becoming FOX is not appreciated. FOX network is notorious for canceling shows too early as evidenced by their cancellations of Firefly, DollHouse and Lie To Me...to name a few.

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