Elementary Review: The Suspended Consultant

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"The Red List" was a mind-boggling Elementary episode that centered around conspiracies and conspiracy theorists.

I'm not normally the kind of person to believe in such things, but tonight made me extremely curious. First, we had extremely suspicious deaths linked to what Sherlock was unraveling - and then more suspicious people followed. It had me anxious to see what happened at the end.

Investigating a Hit & Run

It was very entertaining to watch Sherlock weasel his way into the case on which he definitely wasn't consulting. As Detective Bell and Captain Gregson repeatedly said, he was a suspended Consultant.

You know, I'll never doubt Holmes' confidence in himself because we know that he's great and so does he. I'm smarter than everyone else I meet is a great example of just how confident Sherlock is. His ego was what the episode centered around.

Captain Gregson is obviously hurt and rightfully so. I don't disagree with Gregson when he said that Sherlock wasn't sorry about what he did. Though, I do believe that Sherlock is somewhat sorry for breaking Captain's trust, yet is too prideful to admit so. The final scene between the two of them and his reaction afterwards showed how he's at least a tad bit bothered by it.

Nice punch, Captain. The tension between those two is something I look forward to watching. I didn't expect the writers to throw such a wrench between them and I can't wait to seeing how this plays out.

It was funny to watch Detective Bell keep Sherlock informed. The scene with Sherlock texting him information about the crime scene was killing me! I want to know what person is sending Holmes all of the crime scene information. He has someone on the inside; now they'll never be able to suspend him.

Another part that I enjoyed was the scene with Watson and her therapist. We don't get into the psyche of Joan very often, except for these visits. I was glad to learn that she was trying to figure out or justify her reasoning for staying with Sherlock. I'm not convinced that Sherlock would be angry if he found out Watson lied to him. That kind of reveal could go either way. I feel as if Holmes would keep the fact that he knew from her for awhile before confronting her with the issue.

Not saying that it will BE an issue.

Watson came in handy again tonight when she diagnosed the man who had a seizure. Her knowledge and Sherlock's EXTREME knowledge make them such a great team. Honestly, these two as partners are unique. Unique like Castle and Beckett... but without all of the sexual tension.

Elsewhere, when it came to the case, I didn't guess the identity of the killer. I was too caught up trying to keep up with the tangle of information that was thrown our way. Honestly, though, what kind of trained operative pulls out a gun so obviously in public? That was your problem, man, get it together. The episode kind of lost my attention at this moment.

I snapped back when we finally got a moment where Sherlock guessed. However,, he guessed properly and solved the case, but it was nice to see him somewhat unsure.

Oh, Clyde. How I am disgusted that Sherlock wanted to put you in a soup and eat you. I was relieved to find out that he didn't.


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I like it. It's polished now. I expected Sherlock eating turtle soup but I like that Clyde will be recurring.


I think this show is finally hitting its stride. It started at the end of that one episode when Sherlock sat with Joan and really became something by the Moriarty episode. Their partnership finally feels organic and real and equal. You finally sense that they are fond of and like being aroundeach other even though both of them avoid saying as much or rationalize it away. I'm really loving that and Lee and Liu have a great chemistry. They play them beautifully without relying on the typical sexual tension on most shows. I love the development with Sherlock and the captain. It wont be swept under the rug or forgotten and I love that losing that trust really bothers Sherlock. Underlying daddy issues manifesting in that projection onto his boss. I think Sherlock already knows about Joan. Don't forded it being an issue. Loved Clyde! :)


Wait a minute, Gregson needs to get off his high horse after Sherlock saved his bacon on the case when the serial killer was convicted with planted evidence. Gregson didn't know but certainly suspected his partner. I agree that Sherlock needed some consequences to his actions. I love this show, the writing and acting are fabulous.


I didn't find this episode at all compelling as the previous episodes, however, I will say that I did enjoy the conflict between the Captain and Sherlock. I'm glad it isn't a "thing" they'll just get over, but something we'll see continue on as the shows goes on.


My theory is that Sherlock hired Watson and not his father.


I don't think Sherlock ever really intended to make soup of Clyde. He just wanted to get a rise out of Watson. I don't blame the Captain for suspending him. Sherlock is just lucky that was all the Captain did. I think Sherlock regrets losing the Captain's trust. And I think he is pretending it doesn't matter, as much as it really does and he knows it. Which doesn't sit well with his ego. Both realities can not exist in the same sphere. It'll be interesting to see how Sherlock resolves it. Will Watson lose Sherlock's trust when he finds out his dad isn't paying her? How embarrassing to him it would be if Sherlock didn't already know, however. I think Sherlock likes having her around too much to be angry. My favourite part of the episode? The exchanges between Bell and Sherlock. My those two have come a long ways.

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The police want all of the evidence in my possession whether they admit it or not.


Sherlock: Has anyone heard the theory that the CIA created crack cocaine?
Joan: I have
Sherlock: I started that.