EXCLUSIVE: Characters Reveal New Year's Resolutions!

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With the calendar flipping to 2013, TV Fanatic has been on the phone all week with characters from a variety of TV shows.

What have they vowed to do differently in the new year? What changes must they make? Scroll down for exclusive resolutions from some of your favorites...

Emily and Nolan Picture
The Old Elena
Schmidt as Santa

Sheriff Forbes (The Vampire Diaries): Don't die. I'm the last adult standing in Mystic Falls.

Kate Beckett (Castle): One word. One syllable. Four letters. Say it to Castle.  What the heck is my hold up?!? (NOTE: Yes, this is the same as last year.)

Alicia Florrick (The Good Wife):  Either divorce Peter or recommit. This state of limbo is driving me and the viewers crazy.

Emily Thorne (Revenge): Give Nolan an extra pat on the back every now and again?.Maybe even a heartfelt hug? He'd be over the moon and goodness knows he deserves it.

Elena Gilbert (The Vampire Diaries): Pick a Salvatore, stick to it and stop being whiny. Have some fun in 2013.

Schmidt (New Girl): Keep being awesome, win Cece back and surpass last year's total in the Douchebag Jar.

Frank Gallagher (Shameless): Be sober for one episode... oh, who am I kidding?

Rayna James (Nashville): Get Kyle Chandler to guest star… NOW.

All the girls on Girls: Find a guy who doesn't treat my heart like it's monkey meat.

Laurel Lance (Arrow): Get Oliver Queen into my bed.

Spencer (Pretty Little Liars): Open my eyes a little wider and wonder: is there something off about Toby?

Will Schuester (Glee): Hand over New Directions to Finn. It's time.

Nero Padilla (Sons of Anarchy): Keep being the coolest dude on the planet.


It would be pretty funny if Marlowe has Kate tell Castle "love you" as she's heading off somewhere and he says, " love you too" - like they say it all the time but it's the first time the audience has witnessed it. :D


TBBT Amy: get sheldon into bed


Random one...Emma Mercer tell Laurel the truth oh and Felicity Smoak...pay more attention to my love life hey the scion of this company is pretty cute and know I exist..so go on a date with Oliver Queen.


Oliver Queen: create a 'list of targets' FB page.


Come on kate just say it!!!!


Hah. Elena's "Pick a Salvatore"? I see what you did there, Nina. Very funny!
Also I loved Spencer's which indeed will come true this winter, I imagine her finding Toby as A will be mind-blowing and earth-shattering.
And Laurel? Get in line!

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