EXCLUSIVE Vampire Diaries Promo: Tyler's Revenge?

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Based on the following promo, it's no wonder Klaus may soon star in a Vampire Diaries spinoff set in New Orleans: life in Mystic Falls is about to get rather dangerous for this Original Hybrid.

Jeremy doesn't want to take his advice. Rebekah is back in the picture. And Tyler? In response to the murder of his mother, this werewolf looks to be turning - literally - into Klaus' worst nightmare.

The CW has supplied TV Fanatic with an EXCLUSIVE extended trailer for Thursday's return episode of The Vampire Diaries, as new footage depicts a Rebekah/Tyler alliance; Jeremy in training; and Elena breaking Stefan's heart with an admission about sex with Damon.

Watch now:

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LOL! I just found it, too, and came here to link the YouTube video XD. Sorry for steering you in the wrong direction with the Black Keys - but their style is so alike!


I feel so much better lol... TVD always has the best songs in their promos!!


Found it!!!
Robin Loxley & Jay Hawke -- Crop Won't Ever Come


I know! I tried as well, but I'm on mobile, so it may not be as effective :-P.


@CL I've been searching for 30 min, still no luck :(


@Melanie; I am so sure it is the Black Keys, but I can't narrow down the song. Try listening to the video and Google the lyrics you hear, maybe with 'The Black Keys' in the search. :-)


I like Tyler, I do, and his anger at klaus is more than justified, but TVD has set klaus up as this indestructible character and it's hard to imagine this confrontation ending in anything but poor Tyler's death. I would very much like to see a showdown between them but Tyler would have t find some way of evening the playing field first and I'm not sure how he would go about that.


Cont... Oh before I forget, Stefan was not puppy love and Damon mature love because Elena still 'has feelings for Stefan' according to what she told Caroline. Just before she 'died' she was still in love with Stefan and chose him over Damon in the most painful way possible (letting Damon die alone while rushing to be by Stefan's side while he breathe his last). How did that change in a couple of episodes after she changes into a vampire episode please? To be honest, if Plec is true to the story and not to vocal fans then Delena cannot last cos it's obvious Elena the vampire started seeking out Damon for help and allowed her feelings for him to grow instead of doing the right thing by quashing them AFTER she was sired. Think about it.


I really don't like Elena anymore either. I loved her in season one and she was still cool in 2 and 3 but now she is aweful. Not sure why anyone is saying that she stands up for what she wants now that she is a vampire. She has always done what she wanted always. This is the girl who had Jeremy's memories erased, had lied to Stefan to talk to Kat, had Stefan snap Damon's neck to talk to the original witch and told Elijah of their plan to get rid of Klaus. Plus the whole sire bond kinda means she is actually not doing what she wants, "illusions of free will". The way she has treated her friends and Stefan this season make her awful. And who ever said that Paul was not as good as Ian needs glasses. The only two scenes that made me genuinely upset both included Paul. Paul and Joseph Morgan are the most amazing actors on that show. The emotion they show even through small scenes is amazing. I enjoy any scene they are in.


@Nelly You just took me to the good old days #sigh. I also had tears in my eyes in that episode and Pauls acting chops was displayed brilliantly. In my opinion Ian has been getting better material than Paul for a while and Paul has been doing the best he can with acting hurt, pensive and incessantly wanting to do right by Elena #deathbyboredom. If only Plec would give Paul better material you'll see that Ian is a lesser actor than Paul. Ian has limited range and seems to have a semi permanent smirk even when he is acting a movie (see his clip on twitter) or granting an interview. Also, the fact that Ian is 3 years older than Paul doesn't make him more experienced, a quick search on google will reveal that Paul has had more acting gigs than Ian thus is the more experienced of the two. Finally, chemistry doesn't come with acting per se but with connection between actors. Nina is clearly conflicted and leaning more towards acting love/sex scenes with her man. Oh before I forget, Stefan was not puppy love and Damon mature love because Elena still 'has feelings for Stefan' according to what she told Caroline, it's just that she allowed her feelings for Damon to grow instead of doing the right thing by quashing them.

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Damon [to Jeremy]: I'm updated our relationship status to: It's Complicated.

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Rebekah: I wasn't being literal, darling.