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It's so strange to me that a show can be so good and so...not good at the same time, but sometimes Glee is capable of being just that. Take "Sadie Hawkins."

It was an interesting enough and as-yet undone idea for the series, and certainly part of the high school experiences of many, but this was so poorly written and executed that the whole thing fell flat. And that's without even mentioning the New York scenes.

You're killing me, Glee.

Tina Makes a Pitch

Since tonight was a case of two separate shows in the same hour, let's talk about New York first.

Kurt is at NYADA. As he points out in his monologue, it's just like high school.

Kurt: My first week at NYADA and the most surprising thing about college is it's just like high school. It's all about the cliques. The stage combat majors are the jocks. The classical acting majors are the preps. The ballerinas are the mean girls. And if they're at the top of the social pyramid, then once again I'm at the bottom. | permalink

He wants to join a show choir and Rachel says that's social and career suicide. He's probably going to do it anyway, especially since Adam is so appealing and Rachel is spending all of her time with Brody. Kurt is lonely and looking for his place in this brave new world of his. 

Rachel's indignation when Brody showed up late was bratty. And then to go and ask him to move in? Girl, please. I really hope Kurt puts her in her place when he finds out what she's done. I know this is only her second relationship and she's not the grown up she wants the world to think she is, so some of this immaturity could be purposeful on the part of the writers. But it's annoying.

Adam is an interesting new character, far better already than Sarah Jessica Parker's Isabel. I like the idea that Kurt is doing something he wants to do and not what someone else tells him he has to do or not do. He's a semester behind Rachel and already years ahead of her in terms of maturity. Way to go, Kurt!

And that brings us to McKinley, starting with the worst and moving toward the best. 

Tina has a crush on Blaine who has a crush on Sam who is dating Brittany. Yep. It's as out of nowhere as that. 

I can maybe understand Blaine developing a crush on Sam. Maybe. Sam convinced him to stay at McKinley after Kurt moved to New York. They were running-mates during the class election. Sam has that adorable trouty mouth. I get it. Blaine gets it. 

He understands the futility of having a crush on Sam who will never reciprocate those feelings.

Tina does not get it and this feels like a rehash of Mercedes and Kurt from Glee season 1. She knows Blaine is gay. She asks him out anyway and he, of course, declines. Because he doesn't date girls. But they agree to go to the dance together as friends and they have a good time. Except Blaine's good time and Tina's good time are very different and she thinks there's more going on between them than just being friends, going so far as to call him "the love of her life" at the end of the episode. 

Ridiculous. Completely, utterly ridiculous and I actually threw up my hands in a big old "are you kidding me right now??"

Having Tina develop a crush on someone she used to dislike is one thing. Sure, that happens in high school, as commenters pointed out below. But having her develop a crush on Blaine is another thing entirely because it opens the door for the writers to have her try to change Blaine's sexuality, and that's not okay. Mercedes was at least blind to the fact that Kurt was gay, but Tina doesn't have that excuse. She'll think she can change his orientation and there are so many other paths the writers could have chosen. 

Tina finally gets a story line and it's this? Again, it's ridiculous.

Moving on.

Unique Solo

I have to admit there's part of me that loves the idea of Puck and Kitty, even if it undoes a great deal of his character development over the past three seasons. Maybe it was their interactions, several of which are on the Glee quotes page, that kept me intrigued, but something about the two of them is just fun.

Puck the character is only 18, just a few months out of high school. It's not as unbelievable a relationship as some we're supposed to buy. At the very least, Puck can handle her insults and throw them back. On the dance floor, she seemed genuine, which of course leads me to wonder what game she's running.

But the relationship I'm most invested in is Marley and Jake.

Marley screws up the courage to ask Jake to the dance and I find that I really like these two together. I'm interested to see if Jake can be the guy she's looking for or if he's going to try to seduce her using his Puckerman wiles. I find that I want him to be that guy who stops playing the field because he found a girl he's genuinely interested in and not someone he sees as a conquest. 

Marley's not often very confident, but tonight she was strong enough to tell Jake what she needed and that if he wasn't okay with that then he wasn't the guy for her. I mentally high-fived her and only hope that the writers stay true to that as part of her character. 

Here's a technical complaint: Was it just me or did the sound guys forget to turn up the music during their dance scene? I know that those are filmed with no music, usually, and the actors just dance like there's music playing and then the music is added later. While there was music playing in the background, that dance was awfully silent when they were talking and everyone was flapping around like a school of beached fish. Whatever music they chose wasn't the right tempo and it showed during Jake and Marley's scenes. 

The best part of McKinley tonight goes to Blam. Suddenly the superhero episode fits back into the narrative.

Sam is on a mission to prove that the Warblers cheated at Sectionals. He believes their acrobatics were impossible unless the Warblers were using steroids. (Or Four Loko.) He and Blaine find the proof they need in an ousted Warbler who refused Hunter's drugs and now things are looking up for McKinley. After they prove to the Show Choir Committee that the Warblers cheated, the New Directions will be the de facto winners and will move on to Regionals.

Convenient, yes. Fun to watch Sam prove his point? Also, yes.

What's so bizarre to me about episodes like this is that there are parts that I really, really love and I almost forget what I'm watching and then there are parts that I really, really hate and I want to turn the channel. And those emotions change as rapidly as one scene to the next, which is the only justification I have for rating tonight a 3, solidly in the middle.

It wasn't great. It wasn't terrible. It just was. The Glee music was good though, even if one song in particular is shrouded in controversy.

What did you think of tonight's return of Glee? Are you as flabbergasted by the "relationship" development as I am? What do you think about the Warblers' cheating scandal?


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Pt 2, I think this innuendo(without really showing or saying they did have sex)is to show that Rachel has no connection just casual sex with Brody. Where s3 there was a big to do about Finchel and their first time. Showing their connection after that. Rachel since the start has had abandonment issues( with her mother, Finn, lack of friends s1, latest Finn abandoning her in the middle of the night)so her venting to Brody about being late was valid. But her complete move in thing so quickly, post Brody apology showed she is trying too hard to feel wanted and accepted again. So, IMO, casual sex to Rachel makes her feel relieved and moving on since NY is so fast paced. I know, bunk.


Rachel is like Finn s2. Neither sing to sing about their feelings. Rachel sang her heart out and won in the Winter Spectacular at NYADA. A win after she came to terms and acceptance with Cassie/her nemisis. Finn never sung s2. IMO, a sign that neither are their true selves without the other in their lives. Brody at Thanksgiving didn't want to sing. I think that the writers left an innuendo about Brody/Rachel sex in the last epi.


Is Rachel officially fornicating with Brody?
Though a person's first sex partner constitutes a breakthrough the second is usually more important in a person's development. after the fanfare given to everyone's fist time the interactions here are more pivotal and require attention.


I completely agree with the review and with the comments above. Tina in love with Blaine???!?!?? WTF!!!! This would be a fun list: what are the biggest WTF moments in Glee history? 1) Mr Schu can't speak spanish
2) Tina loves a newly single (and gay) Blaine after reconciling with Mike 2 episodes earlier
3) Quinn wants to frame Shelby, in order to get her baby back
4) Rachel should feel badly for kissing a boy, while Finn had sex with Santana


I agree with your review. This season has been all over the place, mostly weird and "I could care less about this" content. Some of the music was good. I liked NO Scrubs. I really like Bruno Mars but I've got an aversion to Marley and her singing, so there goes my like for the song. Not up to Glee standards IMO. I loved Blam and their antics. Sam was hilarious and so was Becky. I'm not wanting to watch this part of Rachel and her actions. Kurt was finding his place at school, happy for his own story. IMO, NY is in a way getting better.


I just feel bad for Ryder, he liked Marley instantly and did not play any games with her and still Marley is like a love sick puppy all over Jake, who I don't really see as worthy of her but then again its high schoolers and their logic should never be tested. Aside from that I agree that it is ridiculous seeing Tina being out of nowhere into Blaine giving that just a few episodes ago Mike said he wanted to get back together with her....but what is completely weird is that she called him - THE LOVE OF HER LIFE....Come on Tine, we all know its Mike! Not Blaine! Sam and Blaine were awesome this week! Rachel was annoying again! Ugh, what is it with the writers? One week they actually give her good lines and the next she is back to acting like a child? And over what? Brody being late? Nice one Rachel, very mature!


The guy who injected the Warblers looks like Brody...


During the holiday period I reignited my love for Glee and was waiting with baited breath for this episode and I was sorely disappointed unfortunately.
I echo the complaints of most of the other commenters my two main being: the unrealistic and unnecessary crushes (wasn't Blaine just absolutely distraught over loosing Kurt, why wasn't this brought up properly, and the Tina crush was just absolutely mental, even when she asked Blaine why he said no at not one point did he point out the obvious ....) ; the Rachel/Brody storyline - being in love with him! Asking him to move in! They could've built it up a bit it's gone from zero to fifty in like one episode.WHERE ARE THE CHARACTERS WE KNOW AND LOVE?! What I did love was... Becky as always was hilarity; Blam VS Warblers were brilliant; Bieste just having screen time I missed Sue, didnt miss Will and can't wait for Santana next week!

Miranda wicker

@francine--"Baby Got Back." As the story goes, Glee ripped that arrangement off of an indie artist.


What is the song 'shrouded in controversy'???

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