Glee Season 5 to Focus on New York City?

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While fans await the return of Glee Season 4 on January 24, Fox Entertainment President Kevin Reilly addressed the long-term future of the show at this week's Television Critics Association winter press tour.

Reilly said he's negotiating right now for a fifth season ("and beyond") with Ryan Murphy and it's possible that 2013-2014 could see the show's focus shift entirely to The Big Apple.

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"I wonder - could it, and should it, naturally move [to New York City]?" Reilly asked, adding that Glee could still follow  a"broad array of characters," if New York becomes the primary location:

"It's like life: You have relationships, you have friends - they go off, their lives go on, and you get together and maybe you maintain a friendship, maybe you lose distance. I think we can do that within this world of people you followed."

Overall, it's unclear what lies ahead, but Reilly seems opportunity to continue to include cast members such as Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Amber Riley and Naya Rivera in some capacity.

"Some of them have moved on to other things or wanted to move on to other things," he said, "but they love the show, and this gives them a chance to come back and do an arc. It would be fun to continue that morphing."

What do YOU think, TV Fanatics? Do you want to see Glee Season 5? And, if so, should it be based on New York, Lima or split between the two?

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The new cast bore me to tears and it's just crazy recycled plots over and over again at Mckinleys so I am really glad if the show can focus on the original cast.


Glee is getting really boring.They need to develope the new characters. It took a while for everyone to warm up to the old characters but they will warm up to the new ones if you start giving them so good story line. Don't get me wrong I liked and still liked the old charcters, but high school ended. Life goes on after you leave high school. Do a spin off of the old characters and go ahead and develope the new cast. Give it some time as people hate to give up the people they like. But give them some meaty storyline and people will grow to like the new charcters just as much.


What Glee essentially is New Directions & McKinley High. So, I don't fucking get why they need to concentrate on NY. Rachel's & Kurt's story is boring as hell and the best episodes this season is when they didn't even show NY in the whole hour. Let the core group have their swan song and happy ever after and keep changing casts every 3-4 seasons or so. If Skins in the UK could do it, why not Glee?


Lea Michele is glee that is why they even have the NY part now. Should scrap he boring newbies who can't hold a candle to any of the originals specially Lea.


they can form new group of glee at NYC in which lea, blain, kurt were members...


I'll wathc it, I only liked the New Yourk story on this season, fuck marley and the others.. all the originals should move into NYC (and finn and all the annoying characters as marley and theis "friends" should be in ohio).. Bring Klain, Rachel, Queen and this would totally work for me..


the reason they would do that is because they three most talented cast members would be there, darren, lea and cris, but if they did that as someone said, it wouln't be glee really


the show should be wherever lea michele's character isn't


I think they should keep the split. I think the split adds a dynamic that Glee needs. I think a total shift to New York will result with the same complaints people had when the show was entirely Lima. The show is called "Glee", if they got rid of the part that made it "Glee" the point of the show would be mute, if they want New York to stay I am perfectly happy with it, but I think Lima should stay and be that solid base of the show. If they want to shift to New York, they should wait till this new batch of characters graduates, it would seem very odd to just drop them, especially since they are a highly talented group of kids.


It's still Lea Michele's show. The show should be wherever her character is!

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