Grey's Anatomy Clips: The Front Lines of Medicine

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In three new clips from tonight's Grey's Anatomy, we see the doctors attempt to save the ER from budgetary elimination. It's all about the numbers. So where will the money come from?

April and Derek have some ideas. Meanwhile, Army veteran Owen tries to impress upon Alana the importance of being first when it comes to saving people who are hanging on by a thread.

Sure enough, he makes his point, and then a patient makes it for him.

Also, we see Cristina planning a risky surgery that doesn't involve blood in order to respect a Jehovah's Witness patient's religious beliefs, while intern Leah can't quite believe it.

Follow this link for the two Grey's Anatomy sneak peeks we posted yesterday, then watch three additional clips from "Bad Blood" below and share your comments with TV Fanatic ...

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Jehovah's Witnesses *blood transfusion confusion*.
In 2013 God's will and scripture has little to do with the Jehovah's Witnesses position on use of blood products.
The JW leadership is foremost concerned what will play out in a secular court of law as to the parent Watchtower being held liable for wrongful deaths.
Most Jehovah's Witnesses rushed to the ER with massive blood loss will cry NO BLOOD right up to their last breath. The shocker is they can now have most of the blood components that will pull them through, but they are so indoctrinated that blood is forbidden that they can't comprehend the loopholes.
The Watchtower has drilled and grilled us that our stand on blood is NON NEGOTIABLE.
The loopholes that allow blood usage is to save the Watchtower corporation money from blood death liability suits.
This is a truly evil organization that would sacrifice tens of thousands of men, women, children for the almighty dollar.
The blood products ban has been in force since 1945 the buzz today about it being a *personal conscience matter* and the hope of new medical advances like artificial blood don't undo all those who have past perished.
The New York city based Watchtower sect is concerned foremost with liability lawsuits for wrongful death.They know that if they repeal the ban on *whole* blood transfusion, that it will open the door for legal examination of all the thousands who have died since 1945.
Cults do get people killed!
50-100 times as many men, women, children have been killed by the Watchtower society ban on *whole* blood transfusions than at Jonestown kool-aid mass murders.
*tell the truth don't be afraid*.
Danny Haszard


It's about time April grew up professionally this constant snivelling is getting on my nerves. If she's not capable of being a full fledged doctor than fire her.

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