Grey's Anatomy Episode Preview: $15 Million?

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Next week on Grey's Anatomy, Meredith, Derek, Cristina and Arizona receive big news regarding the plane crash lawsuit. The figures being thrown around are enormous, but how will it be resolved?

Meanwhile, Derek begins recovery on his hand, Richard avoids Catherine's romantic advances and Jackson takes on one of Mark Sloan's old patients, making for a host of complicated storylines.

As we discussed in our Grey's Anatomy review of last night's "Things We Said Today," the next step is uncertain for a number of characters. Where do you see things headed in the coming weeks?

Check out the promo below for "The End is the Beginning is the End" …

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Arizona's leg 15 million Derek's hand 15 million and Lexie and Mark priceless much love


No one seems to wonder what's gonna happen to the survivors now that they get so much money ! I'm quite sure they won't keep it, something will happen to that money otherwise they won't be doctors anymore etc. I think Owen might have to step down and Richard will get back to his chief position.


Hunt implemented a policy demanded by the board of SGH, the board kept him on as chief when it gave them a way of not paying damages. I think Hunt will be back being the head of trauma very soon. Things are too settled at SGH. A new CoS would stir things up at SGH. It'll be interesting to see the context of what Der said, and to whom it's said. It's only a sound bite to get us interested to watch.


I agree with you 100 percent! Stop blaming him! And for the love of God, Owen needs to stop holding himself responsible! I hate how he just blames himself all the time! IT WASN'T. YOUR. FAULT!
Is it just me or is Shonda on a mission to totally DESTROY his character?! She makes all his colleagues turn their backs on him, she apparently breaks him and Cristina up, she makes his career hit a brick wall AND she makes him this miserable shell-of-a-man just stewing in his own filth. Seriously, Shonda: DON'T YOU DARE TO MESS WITH MY FAVORITE CHARACTER!
I get that MerDer and Arizona attack him like this, but I would have never believed that Cristina and Callie could turn their backs on him so easily. And have they even wondered that 75 million dollars could easily bring the entire hospital crumbling down?
I'm eager to see how this works out, but so far thing aren't looking very good...


Cant wait for this episode.Something is definitely catchy in that 15 million dollars.Oh please stop blaming Owen. Poor guy


just get off owens back.please. in any case lawsuit drama has gone on beyond required.its more annoying than intriguing now.


see 1.5M = happy face, it makes me sick to watch they sued SGMW is for money


Avery's mom doesn't seem to be a very compassionate person,even if there is another time jump in the SL,leave Webber alone.
I don't think it'll just be the hospital that'll pay,the lawyers were suing the plane leasers,the aircraft builders etc.The hospital will have a corporate liabilty insurance that'll pay up. Der's doing his anger thing,but the clips are sometimes misleading in the way they are put together for the promos.Maybe the hospital will go bust,but we know there's an episode next week so,Hunt won't be chief in 9.12?


Can I just say how much I hate Derek Shepherd. I don't understand why he blames Owen for the crash. He didn't force them to go on a plane and he did not crash it. Derek is always blaming for other people.. So NOT McDreamy!
And it sucks the hospital is going down. Hospital is going to lose 75 million dollars! They should have taken the settlement.. SERIOUSLY!


The settlements could cost them their jobs at SGMW. Could be part of the proposal, for them to leave SGMW. This is what happens in the real world so I wouldn't be surprised if that's the next drama for MerDer, Calzona and Cristina.

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