Grey's Anatomy Review: Finding Ways To Recover

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Grey’s Anatomy was all about "Bad Blood" tonight, an episode which focused on the changes the hospital is now facing since the lawsuit, plus some totally brutal cases. Time to talk Seattle Grace...

Good Cop/Bad Cop. Callie and Arizona kept their entertaining parenting going with a typical parental argument over dressing their daughter. Lucky for us, this carried over into dealing with a 13-year old gymnast who had her hips replaced. 

My heart broke for this girl. Not that at age 13, I knew what I wanted to do in life. But for these people that are lucky enough to know and then have it taken from them... it’s brutal. 

Richard Glares

There Will Be Blood. Yang and intern Leah worked on a patient who happened to be a Jehovah’s Witness. This meant that although he was a cardiac patient, he could not have a blood transfusion. Of course as a doctor, you want to save your patient. So what do you do when you can’t take the measures that are the best option? For Leah? You try and go behind everyone’s back.

Looks like we have a new generation Izzie on our hands. The new cameras placed around the hospital kept her from doing the deed, but she definitely tried. Yang kicked her off of her service and rightfully so. You can’t go against a patient’s wishes.

Efficiency? Cahill continued her path through Seattle Grace to make things more “efficient.” This included having cameras installed around the hospital (hello Big Brother!) and the cutting of the ER. 

April and Derek came up with a plan to save the ER, which had Derek in a bullying position and April admitting people don’t like her. Who else still loves when these two work together?

Owen worked his magic by having Cahill stay in on a surgery with him. Once she got her hands dirty, she definitely recognized the importance of the ER. But it didn’t matter. Girlfriend is setting SG up to be sold. I instantly hate her. 

Working on Her Technique

Flutter. Meredith let her guard down with her fears of being pregnant, just long enough to thing something was wrong. Turns out, she was feeling her baby kick for the first time. Shonda, I am warning you. If something goes wrong with this pregnancy, you will be on my list! 

Side Notes:

  • How hilarious was Bailey in the hernia competition? Especially when she threw out the Hunger Games reference. 
  • Anyone else think Bob the Camera is a little creepy? Although, as long as Yang keeps talking to it, I’m in.
  • Leah got center stage as the intern for the night. Enjoyable or not at all? To be honest, I had to look up her name again...
  • How adorable was Derek and Meredith at the end feeling the kicking? Love them!
Overall, an average episode for the veteran series. Not one of the best, but definitely not one of the worst. There is only so much drama you can fit in an hour, but without a lot of it, us Grey’s fans aren’t really sure what to do!
What did you think of “Bad Blood?” Was it up to par or just a mediocre installment? Check out the Grey’s Anatomy quotes page for some funny one liners from Yang & Co. and hit up the comments section and sound off with your thoughts.
Also, don’t forget to check out the Grey’s Anatomy Round Table later in the week! For now, here's the promo for next week's episode:


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Maybe mere, Derek, christina, and Arizona will buy the hospital.


I cried multiple times as this episode ended. The Jehovah's Witness storyline was rough. His friend saying he doesn't think he's really one of them because he never talked about it. It sucked that the poor guy never got the chance to choose for himself whether he wanted blood or not. The whole time I was thinking he had broken off his alert necklace himself (remember? they found it at the last second because it was broken off.) because he wasn't willing to die for it. I think he would have rather lived with a blood transfusion. Made the tears flow.


I like that there is less drama.. i feel like she is setting the series up to go out on a high note.. and that it should be. As someone who like many im sure have watched since the first episode.. i want a somewhat happy ending with less death and i dont want to be left wondering what happened to everyone.. i also do not want it to go past its prime.. its still a top show after 9 seasons.. thats huge. Please end it on the 10th will its still by choice and top ranked.. dont have be a show that gets cancled. Its bitter sweet i dont want the show to end.. but everything ends at some point and i want the show to end right.


Hernia Instructor is from Weeds


I'm confused: they still haven't figured out that the reason the hospital is going bankrupt is their insurance? Really?
As for the episode, it was fine, and I absolutely loved the Hunger Games references - laughed my ass off :D For those who don't know, it was the "Tributes, may the odds be ever in your favour" line and the "girl on fire" one :) It's hard to explain; if you're not familiar with the story, it's really worth reading. Especially the first part. Or you could just watch the movie, I guess... Anyway, with Meredith I keep thinking of how every other pregnancy on the show ended up in need of medical attention. The best medical attention. Which since season 3 has required a certain individual to fly in from California every single time... If you catch my drift ;)


Good episode. My favourite scene was Meredith finding out the fluttering in her womb was the baby kicking...awwwww. Still cannot warm up to the intern on Yangs service, she annoys the living daylights out of me.


Sorry I didn't watch nor read the Hunger Games - what was the reference?


a cute if slightly messy episode! loved LOVED avery's rant in the OR ! and owens expressions trying to shut him up!..and also the parking space negotiation! last scene of owen shutting off the ER lights was heartbreaking!!


Whyis this show not important anymore. Three other doctor shows on TV


I really enjoyed this episode. Even though they are facing the most scary possibility of having to close the ER and possibly losing the hospital, still the comedic primes was outstanding. I have been waiting for an episode like this for a long time. I laughed so hard. Especially, at Bailey's lines and Arizona what an awakening, handled very well. Kudos Shonda for a job well done. But we kind of know where this is all going. We just don't know how you will put all the pieces together. I have the sneaky suspicion that the Doctors will be the buyer that Dr. Cahill is preparing the hospital for, only they don't know it yet... :)

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