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It would have been nice to see Dr. Bailey play ping pong against McDreamy. Would she have kicked his butt? I think so!
Really enjoyed the episode. Catherine, please stay away from Richard. He is mourning Adele and feels guilty about being with you while she was alive. Back off lady. He's too good for you anyway.
So glad Meredith finally told everyone that she is pregnant. Can't wait for next week!


Hmmmm...That was a good episode. I really enjoyed watching how everyone's lives were they were moving on. The cases were...interesting. And i guess the survivors just won't take the money...that simple.
As to the relationships part. Richard and Katherine were the sweetest...i loved their last scene together. Jo and Alex are majorly growing on me. I am very happy that the writers didn't go the traditional way with them and first made them buddies. I love it when that happens...When you are completely negative towards a couple, but then the development totally proves you wrong. I still hate Jackson and Stephanie. And it is not because i like him with April (which i do)... but because Stephanie's attidude changed abruptly in a course of two episodes. They gave me no reason to warm up to the pairing...sorry.


This is not the McDreamy show, its an ensemble cast, they should all get their say. He'll be back in form in the next few weeks I'm sure.

I totally buy Alex and Joe as a couple. They are kindered spirits, she sees him for the ass and douch he is and calls him on it. He sees that even thought crap happened to her, she isn't damaged or messed up, she picked herself up and moved on.


@ Delphnick: The writing is not stinking. It wont be like the days when Georgey (your avatar) was there but its not bad at all. The stories are being handled well. The lawsuit was a bit rushed, but it's far from over at this point.
I liked this episode and as Callie said it best, they have moved on, they miss Mark and Lexie but they need to move forward. I just feel sorry that they might not see that money at all. It was a nice twist to have the insurance company find that loophole. It isn't far fetched, I deal with insurers and those people and that rule is absolutely logical. Attendings hold more sway and are expensive so if the insurers would have to have loopholes in the contract. Its normal. The writers and producers research everything and its true.


I'm guessing the doctors won't see a penny of that money. This show is about doctors working hard and struggling, not about doctors becoming multi-millionnaires...

Personnally I don't buy the loophole. Is that even a thing that you can't insure 3 attendings on a plane?


Shonda: Can you not give McDreamy better writing and scenes. His scenes were very repetitious. He deserves better.

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