Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "The End is the Beginning is the End"

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Welcome back to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table!

Last week's Grey's Anatomy review broke down "The End is the Beginning is the End" in great detail. Now, TV Fanatic staff members Sean McKenna, Christina Tran and Courtney Morrison are back for a Q&A discussion of many of the episode's events. Read their answers below and weigh in with yours!


1. Do you think April and Jackson will rekindle their relationship or do you like him with the intern?

Christina: I'm not an April fan so I actually like Jackson better with the intern. Besides maybe April can find someone outside of the hospital for a change. 

Courtney: Long term, Jackson and April will end up together. But for right now, his little fling with the intern is kind of fun. A little less drama filled than his relationship with April.

Sean: I feel like the show maybe wants April and Jackson together, but there's no way that will happen with the way April acts at this point. I'm curious to see how sleeping with the intern will work out or if he'll dramatically reveal that he's been missing April all along.

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2. Will Alex and Jo's friendship last or will it become something more?

Christina: This is a couple I am definitely rooting for; however, I'm also digging their unusual blossoming friendship. I say let them be friends for just awhile longer 'til they jump that brand new couch.

Courtney: Definitely becoming something more! The past few weeks they have been setting them up to be a girl that Alex can trust. He deserves a relationship and I think Jo may be the one.

Sean: I've got a strong strong feeling it will become something more. I'm kind of secretly hoping Alex would find someone else other than an intern (have all the interns hooked up with the doctors yet?), but I have to say that the episode made me feel more okay with Alex and Jo together. It felt more at ease than overdramatic confrontation. I guess we'll see how it goes.

3. If you received $15 million, what would you do with it?

Christina: I think about this all the time with the lottery and all. Of course I'd do whatever it took to be entirely debt free. Then, there's saving some and donating some even. Most importantly, though, I'd take my friends and family on the best vacation ever... or buy an island and move ASAP!

Courtney: Like Christina said... first thing is to be debt free. Then of course, set up for the future of me and my family. Then it would be time to have some fun!

Sean: Create world peace! This is always a tough one to answer but fun to think about. I'd probably dish out a few dollars to friends and family but I'm bound to get a few niceties for myself too. Fancy sportscar? Waverunner? A boatload of candy?

4. Who is your favorite happy couple and will it last?

Christina: MerDer always. And of course it'll last!

Courtney: No question. Meredith and Derek. They are the core couple of the show and they better live happily ever after. You hear that, Shonda?

Sean: Meredith and Derek. They just work perfectly together even with everything they've been through, it will all work out for them.

5. How will Seattle Grace going bankrupt affect the survivors relationship with the hospital?

Christina: It seems like it'd be too easy to assume that the survivors would save the hospital, but that's actually all I've got. I'm curious to see how creative the writers get with this one.

Courtney: It will make them more of an outcast. They are already the doctors that all the bad things happen to and they are all having relationships with each other. I'm with Christina though, they will end up saving the hospital... it's like their home.

Sean: I want this whole aspect of the show to be riveting and heavy on some real drama, but I'm afraid it will all work out easily and perfectly for everyone. It just feels like the survivors will end up helping the hospital, although the concept of Seattle Grace having to close is an interesting one.

What do you all think of this week's Grey's Anatomy? Share your responses in the comments!

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1) they will end up together eventually it's so obvious 2) not mad about jo and don't think there is a huge amount of chemistry between Jo and Alex? maybe I'm wrong 3) clear debt, buy a house, give to charity and travel! 4) favourite couple will always be Crowen! who are kinda happy right now 5) I think it's to obvious if the survivors donate the money to save the hospital I hope shonda comes up with something better!


I love Callie Torres. That is all I want to say.


1. April and Jackson will probably end up together, but she is annoying. 2. I think Jo and Alex will be very close friends, like brother and sister, that was mentioned as much as girlfriend. This is his transition relationship in which he is growing up, being the big brother without sex as motivation. I think that soon he will be confronted by past demons, perhaps members of his family, a child from one of many one night stands or someone crazy. He thrives in crazy, or at least crazy follows him. 3. After paying debts, build affordable housing. 4. I don't have a favorite couple. Alex is my favorite character. Wherever his story arc goes I will follow. 5. Honestly, they should have seen this coming. Derek wanted the airline to be held accountable and then lawyers shifted it to the hospital. Even if the insurance paid, that is never without consequence. After a claim, premiums go up or it is canceled all together. Really does not make sense because none of them sued the hospital after the shooter. It does make for a lot of conflict which I think will carry out to the end of season nine.


MerDer for ever. I think the Doctors wil donate the money back to the hospital in the names of Mark and Lexie.


1. I like April and Jackson together. I have not been happy with how their story has been written the first half of the season. However, their scene from the last episode was amazing. So much chemistry that Jackson just doesn't have with the intern. There were a few seconds there that I thought he was actually going to kiss her. 2. It's definitely going to become something more. There were way too many "you're like a girlfriend" comments for it not to be so. 3. Pay off debts, buy a nice place, travel, save it for the future. 4. Happy couples? It's just MerDer right now isn't it? Calzona are trying to find their footing and Crowen got a divorce. Never a fan of Meredith, I'd have to go with the semi-happy couple of Crowen. Unhappy couples? I'd choose Jackson and April. 5. I would imagine that they'd be asked to resign or they would be fired.


1. They will probably end up together but Stephanie treats Jackson better, he deserves much better than April. 2. As I've been saying since the beginning on the show, they'll become an item for sure ! 3. I would buy some places in different countries, would start up my own company, would travel around the world and I would give the rest of it to my people and good causes that need it. 4. My favorite happy couple is Calzona but are they really fully happy right now ? I also love MerDer. 5. To garantee the show, survivors can't keep that money otherwise they might leave, and the hospital needs it, so they'll give it to the hospital.

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